Excite Me

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Chapter 3

Melissa rolled onto her stomach, typing about a million miles an hour on her phone with her lips curled into a small smile. It was almost three in the morning, and Serena was passed out on the couch in Melissa’s room and I was trying to sleep.

Her phone brightness must’ve been turned all the way up because I could see it through my damn closed eyes. I opened one eye, squinting so I didn’t go blind, and stared at the door. Maybe if I got something to drink or went to the bathroom or told her I couldn’t sleep, she’d get the hint and turn it off.

The hallway light suddenly turned on, and I opened my other eye, listening to Mr. Bryne’s footsteps out in the hallway. Control yourself, Mia. You don’t have to go out there. Just tell Melissa that you’re tired and hope that she’d turn off her phone.

“Jeez, Victor is still awake?” I asked.

Melissa’s blue eyes widened, and she dimmed her phone screen. “Sorry. Yeah, that boy can drink until sunrise.”

I gave her a half-hearted smile and turned onto my side, gazing at my phone that had zero and I mean zero messages from Mason. I texted him earlier--quite a few times--only to be ignored every single one of them. After sighing to myself, I gazed back out at the light blaring under the door from the hallway.

Relax, Mia.

Melissa continued typing away, her blue manicured nails clacking against the screen. “I’m going to the bathroom,” I said, scrambling out of bed and sneaking into the hallway. I closed the door and wandered down the hallway, past the bathroom, and over to the living room sliding glass door.

I walked out onto the deck and sat on one of the plush blue patio seats. A slight breeze blew through the woods, giving me goosebumps on my exposed legs. I rested into the seat and gazed down by the pool where Mr. Bryne sitting by the fireplace. His back was turned toward me, his muscles rippling against his white t-shirt.

“God,” I whispered, taking a deep breath. What was I even doing out here? It was late.

So damn late.

With his phone pressed to his ear, I listened to him sigh softly. My heart pounded against my chest, all those dirty little fantasies coming to my mind. I closed my eyes. Control, Mia. Remember what we were talking about earlier?

For the first time tonight, I listened to him speak to the person on the other end, his voice deep and gruff. I squeezed my knees together and rubbed my palm against my thigh. Don’t think about it.

I grinded my thighs together, hoping for some kind of friction. He paused for a few moments, said a couple more words, then stood up. “Fuck,” I whispered under my breath, bucking my hips against the patio chair. “Fuck me.”

He walked around the pool, the moonlight bouncing off his tan skin. I stared down at him, slipping a hand between my legs. This was the one and the only time I’d touch myself at his house. It wouldn’t happen again. I was just really, really stressed and horny and… God, he looked so damn good in those sweatpants.

I rubbed myself through my shorts. I’d only do it for a few moments. Not any longer. Not… my fingers brushed against my clit… fucking… a wave of pleasure shot through me… longer…

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and rubbed my fingers even faster against my core. The pressure was rising inside of me, and all I could imagine were his rough hands all over my body, his soft lips brushing against mine as he told me all the things he had been wanting to do to me. I stifled a moan, so close to cumming.

When I reopened my eyes to gaze at him--knowing it would tip me over the edge--he had turned in my direction, but he hadn’t looked up. At least, I hope he hadn’t.

Though I wanted to stop myself so he couldn’t have a chance to catch me, I continued. My pussy was pulsing, aching for a sweet release because I hadn’t felt this good in so long. But when Mr. Bryne glanced up at the deck, and I froze. Quickly, he gazed back down at the pool, watching the moonlight glimmer off of it, and I rubbed my pussy faster, hoping I could cum in the .02 seconds when he looked away. Maybe he didn’t see me.

But… he clicked the phone off and looked back up. “Mia,” he said, staring up at the deck. “What’re you doing up? It’s almost three in the morning.”

I leaned forward, trying not to make it obvious that I was indeed touching myself to him out here. “I… uhm…” I stood up, my nipples pressed hard against my crop top. I leaned over the edge of the deck, resting my forearms on the ledge. A slight wind blew again, my loose orange crop top blowing with it. “I couldn’t sleep.”

He paused for a moment, his jaw clenching so slightly. He stood directly below, looking up at me. And there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he could see right up my shirt. My pussy clenched even harder at the thought of Mr. Bryne seeing me naked and actually enjoying the view.

“Neither could you, huh?” I asked, trying to ease the tension.

He paused for a moment. “Come down here,” he said.

“Me?” I asked stupidly, my cheeks flaming. “I don’t kno--Melissa will probably come looking for me.”

“Come down here,” he said again without giving me room to argue.

I hurried back inside, leaving the deck sliding door ajar, and walked down the stairs to the pool. Mr. Bryne met me at the bottom and handed me a glass of wine. I grabbed it from him, brushing my fingers against his. The mere feeling of his fingers on mine drove me wild, and I scurried to the patio to sit across from him.

My gaze landed on the pool as I sipped my wine and tried to stop my cheeks from flushing. When I glanced over at him, his gaze flickered to my tits. His jaw clenched, and he looked away, taking a deep breath.

Was Mr. Bryne… checking me out? I shifted in my seat, trying to suppress the ache between my legs, but with every moment that ache was intensifying. Maybe he was just wondering why I wasn’t wearing a bra or how I must be so damn cold out here.

His phone buzzed on the chair next to him. He gazed down at it and sipped his wine, sighing through his nose. “You should get that,” I said quietly.

He turned his phone over and shut it off. “I can’t talk to her again.”

“Her?” I asked.

“Melissa’s mother,” he said, rubbing his forehead. Melissa spent tons of time over her mother’s house, but she never brought me and she never told me what had happened between them years ago. All I knew was that one night Mr. Bryne and Melissa’s mother got into a huge fight, and Melissa came over to my house crying.

I frowned and sipped my wine, pressing my knees together. His gaze dropped to my legs, and my breath caught in the back of my throat. I took another gulp of my wine, bucking my hips. It happened almost instinctively, and my pussy clenched even harder.

Mr. Bryne pressed his lips together, sipped his drink, and stared at the ground near my legs. I moved my hips against the chair again, grinding them back and forth, not being about to stop myself. It was three in the morning, this wine was strong as hell, and I was horny.

“Mia,” he said, quietly.

“Yes, Mr. Bryne,” I said, grasping the sides of the chair.

His gaze drifted to my tits again and to the way my nipples pressed hard against the material. He clenched his jaw and rubbed his leg with his hand. “You should probably go to bed,” he said quietly.

I stared at him with wide eyes, my cheeks flushing. My lips parted, then I pressed them back together. “But…”

“But?” he asked, struggling to keep eye contact with me.

“But I’m not tired,” I said before I could stop myself. His jaw twitched, his eyes hardening. The way he was trying not to stare only made me more excited. I couldn’t resist moving my hips harder against the seat.

“Well…” He swallowed hard, placed his glass on the table, and stood. “I’m going to head up.” He walked over to me, squeezed my shoulder from behind--his touch inviting--then said, “Don’t worry about staying quiet out here.”

I tensed and stared down at my thighs. What did he mean by that? Wh--

“Goodnight, Mia.” He opened the sliding glass door, then disappeared behind it. My eyes stayed glued to my thighs, brows drawn together. When I knew he was out of sight, I pushed my hand down my pants and rubbed my aching clit.

The pressure had built so high in my core that I didn’t need much to get me going. What… did Mr. Bryne… Fuck, I was so close to letting him watch me touch myself, so close to letting him touch me.

He was tempted. He was staring. He wanted it. And all I wanted was for him to come over. My pussy clenched harder. For him to strip off his pants. The pressure rose in my core. For him to fuck me senseless. I arched my back lightly, my legs starting to tremble.

I bit my lip hard, trying to be as quiet as I could. I slipped my hand under my shirt and pinched one of my nipples, a loud moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. I slapped a hand over my mouth, threw my head back, and rode out my orgasm.

And when I had finally come down from it, I listened to the sliding glass door on the deck close and watched Mr. Bryne walk deeper into the dark house.

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