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Chapter 44

Michael sat wide-eyed across from me, a million emotions crossing his face. My heart skipped a beat, and I wanted to take it all back. It was probably too much. “Sorry if it’s too soon,” I said, rubbing my palms on my dress. “I just know how I feel and--”

Before I could speak another word, he gently grabbed my face and pressed his lips back to mine, in a heated open-mouthed kiss. “Oh, Mia,” he said against me. “I love you so much more. I’ve been waiting for you to say it. I didn’t know if it was the right time.”

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach, and I smiled so widely.

Michael loved me too.

He pulled out his wallet, grabbed a few bills, and threw them onto the table. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back of the restaurant. “God, I can’t wait to have you.” Without even checking, he pushed open the bathroom door, his lips all over my neck from behind. His hands were roaming my body, touching every part of me that he could.

He kicked the door closed with his foot and locked it. My heart was pounding against my chest at the thought of being caught, but I didn’t want to stop now. I wanted him here.

The bathroom was cleaner than any other public bathroom I had been in with granite countertops, porcelain sinks, large mirror with dimmed accent lights. He pushed me against the counter and plunged his fingers under my dress and into my panties. I stared into the mirror, watching his dark eyes devour every inch of my body. In and out and in and out, his fingers moved so fucking fast that I had to clutch onto the sink for support.

His palm brushed against my clit, and I closed my eyes, letting the heat build in my core. I moved my hips ever so slowly against his fingers, riding them. He sucked on the skin just below my ear and groaned against me. “You’re so wet, baby.” He slammed his fingers up into me, thumb rubbing against my clit.

I moved my hips back and forth, the pressure rising in my core. The friction against my clit was driving me crazy. I needed this man and I needed him now. “Please, Michael,” I whimpered. He curled his hand around my neck and pulled me to him, undoing my dress zipper at the same time.

Without him asking, I pulled the top of my dress off my shoulders and unclipped my bra, letting my breasts fall out of it. I couldn’t wait any longer to have his hands on them. He groped one of my breasts in his hand and rolled my nipple against his palm, making me clench.

I bit my lip and moaned softly. He tugged on my nipple, his fingers slamming up into me, and heat warmed my core. The pressure was enough to send me right over the edge, until I had doubled over on the countertop, my fingers digging into the smooth granite.

My body seized back and forth, the pleasure rolling out of me in waves. He turned on the sink, splashed some water on my tits to make them wet and glisten, and pressed his hardness against me from behind. “Fuck, Mia.” He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and stuck them into my mouth, watching me intently. “You drive me wild.”

My body shuttered against him, my mind foggy with pleasure. He picked me up and placed me on the countertop, stood between my legs and pulled off my panties, stuffing them into my mouth. He pulled me to the edge and crouched between my legs. He massaged my clit with his tongue, moving it in small, torturous circles.

I laced my fingers in his hair, pulling him closer to me, and moaned as loudly as I could with my panties stuffed into my mouth. His tongue was doing wonders, his fingers playing with my entrance again. He took my chin and forced me to watch him please me. I clenched around his fingers, my legs shaking. But this time, he didn’t let me cum again.

Instead, he spit on my clit and rubbed the spit all over my pussy, getting it wet and ready for him. After pulling me off the counter, he turned me around and forced me to spread my legs from behind. He pulled my panties out of my mouth and threw them onto the counter next to us, then he took his cock in his hand, rubbed it against my wetness, and made it glisten with my juices.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and slammed hard into me from behind. I let out a loud moan, and he pulled my body against his, starting to pound into me and watching my tits bounce in the mirror. I stared at him, my pussy clenching. “Michael,” I whispered.

He wrapped his arms around my torso, groping my tits, and then sucked on my neck. I curled my toes, another moan escaping my lips. A wave of pleasure rolled through me.

“Please, Michael. More.”

He continued to suck me as he pumped in and out of me harder and faster until I could barely hold myself up. I threw my head back, giving him better access, and he tugged on my nipples.

“Keep tightening your pussy on me,” he said into my ear. I clenched harder on him, the pressure building in my core. He groaned and let go of my nipples, letting my tits bounce in his hands. The pressure shot through me, and I arched my back, another orgasm cutting through me. He continued to thrust into me until I felt his warm cum pumping out of my pussy. And when he finally pulled out of me, he placed his lips on my bare shoulder. “I love you so fucking much, Mia.”

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