Excite Me

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Chapter 4

I yawned and turned onto my side. The sunlight filed in through the window. I blinked my eyes open, smelling the bitter scent of coffee drifting into the room. Melissa and Serena were gone, the bedroom door ajar. I pushed the blankets off of me and padded out into the hallway, following the sweet scent of breakfast.

“It’s about time,” Melissa said from the kitchen table. Her and Serena were chatting over a box of donuts. Mr. Bryne was leaning against the counter with a coffee mug in his hand and a pair of tight grey sweatpants around his hips.

He gazed over at me, lips curled into the smallest of smirks. I gulped and avoided eye contact with him, my heart racing in my chest. Something about that damn gaze of his made me think that he really did watch me from the deck last night and that he enjoyed it.

I hurried around the granite kitchen table and sat in a chair, snatching a donut. I yawned again, tiredness washing over me. “What time is it?”

“Almost eleven.” Melissa broke a jelly donut over a napkin and stuffed it into her mouth. “You were up late.”

My eyes widened, hoping that she wouldn’t ask what I was doing. I snuck a glance at Mr. Bryne who was licking cream from his Boston Cream donut of his lips. He raised a brow at me. “I heard you out by the pool, Mia. What were you up to?”

I narrowed my eyes at him for a moment, watching his brow arch ever so slightly. If he heard me, then he knew what happened. I pressed my legs together, feeling heat pool between them.

“Were you texting Mason?” Serena asked, gazing down at her phone, then staring up at me and waiting for my answer.

“Uhm… yeah.” I bit into my donut. “He wanted to talk last night.”

“Did you two get into a fight?” Mr. Bryne asked, taking another sip of his coffee. “You were being awfully loud.”

My heart raced. Was Mr. Bryne flirting with me… right in front of his daughter?

I clenched at the thought. The nerve this man had excited me, more than it should have. He didn’t care who saw or who heard. “I… we…” I didn’t know how to respond with Melissa and Serena sitting right at the table with me. And, hell, I didn’t know what kind of response he expected from me. Did he want me to flirt back?

I glanced at Serena and Melissa who were both too occupied with their phones, especially Melissa. “Yes, we did.” Lie. I sat up in my seat, pressed my breasts softly against the table, and gazed over at him. “Was I too loud for you, Mr. Bryne?”

His lips curled into a smirk, eye growing wide and playful again. For a moment, his gaze dropped to my nipples pressing against the table, then he looked back up at me. “No,” he said, dropping his hand so his coffee mug covered the bulge forming in his sweatpants. “I wanted you to be louder.”

My pussy clenched hard, and I glanced at Serena and Melissa who seemed to be in their own little worlds. My cheeks flushed, my nipples aching. God, he really was flirting with me.

I leaned back in my seat, the pressure rising in my core. Just like last night, I had the urge to rub one out… but I couldn’t do it now. Not here. Not when Melissa and Serena were sitting at the table with me.

All I wanted was for him to move that coffee mug, so I could see what I have been aching to see for a long time now. I furrowed my brows, watching him smirk at me and bring the coffee mug to his lips to sip.

I clenched even harder, my pussy pulsing. God, it was so fucking big. I wanted it inside of me, trying to thrust it into my tight, little hole. Filling me all the way up. Stuffing me full. Making me cum over and over again.

Control, Mia. Control yourself.

Melissa placed her phone face down on the table and stuffed another piece of her donut into her mouth. “What do you guys want to do today?”

Your father.

She finished chewing. “I scheduled a matching mani-pedi for twelve, then the pool?”

Serena agreed, and I just nodded my head along with her. Hell, I didn’t care what we did as long as we came back here. I wanted Mr. Bryne, and I wanted him bad. I hadn’t wanted anyone like I wanted him in a long time… like since Mason and I had started dating.

Melissa hopped up from her seat. “I’m going to take a shower.” She finished her coffee and put her mug into the dishwasher.

Serena sighed and stood, pressing her phone to her ear. “Damien, what do you want? I said it was a girls’ weekend.” She walked right out of the room and left me to stew in front of Mr. Bryne.

After a couple moments, he placed his mug down on the counter and walked over to me. Every step he took, I pressed my knees closer and closer together. His blue eyes were locked onto mine, his lips curled into a smirk.

My pussy was clenched hard when he reached me, my nipples pressing against my top. “Can I help you?” I asked, staring at my bare thighs.

He reached for my chin. “Look at me when you talk,” he said. I stared up at him, my heart pounding in my chest. With one hand grasping onto my chin, he reached his other hand lower, drawing his fingers up the inside of my thigh.

Almost instinctively, I parted my legs for him. I curled my feet around the legs of the chair and hoped that he would feel how wet I was for him. It was beyond wrong. I knew that, but I did it anyway.

Inch by inch, his fingers moved higher up my thigh, and then they hovered right over my wetness. I gulped, my pussy aching, and stared up at him. I parted my lips and tried to get out the word “please,” but nothing would come out. I could feel the heat radiating from his fingers.

Please. Please. Please. It was one simple word.

Then, almost as if he wanted to hold himself back, he released my chin and pulled his fingers away from my pussy. I swallowed hard, all those dirty little fantasies escaping me.

“Did you sleep well last night, Mia?”

I leaned forward a couple inches, letting my breasts graze against his bulge. “Is that really what you wanted to ask?”

He chuckled, regaining his composure. “No.” He brushed his fingertips against my inner thigh again, this time rubbing them back and forth in soothing circles, and then… he pressed them hard against my shorts. “I wanted to ask how wet you were for me.” Pushing my shorts to the side, he slipped his fingers under them and rubbed my clit through my underwear. “But I thought it was inappropriate.”

My eyes widened, and I stared up at him. The pressure rose in my core. I grasped the sides of the seat, fingers digging into the wood. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. He started to rub my pussy, his fingers moving fast against the fabric.

“So I thought I’d see for myself.”

His gaze drifted from my pussy to my tits to my eyes, rubbing me faster. This was wrong. This was so wrong. I clenched, wishing he’d slip a finger under my panties and push it right inside of me.

“Is this what you did last night?” he asked lowly, fingers moving faster. “Touched your wet little pussy out by the pool when I left?”

I gulped and licked my lips, brushing two fingers against my nipples. “You watched me, didn’t you?” I asked.

He chuckled, his lips curling into a smile. “It’s not like you didn’t want me to.” He drew a finger around my nipple, then grasped it between his fingers, and tugged on it, shaking my breast up and down. Pleasure rushed through me, and he leaned down, brushing his lips against my ear. “I bet you were thinking about me.” He continued to rub my pussy harder, making the pressure rise in my core. “I bet all you could think about was my cock thrusting inside of you instead of your fingers.”

My gaze dropped to the bulge in his pants, and I furrowed my brows. It was so fucking big. All I wanted was to--

“Go ahead, Mia.” He chuckled lowly into my ear. “Touch it.”

The pressure drove me higher and higher. I reached out, brushing my hand against the front of his pants, and as soon as I did… I came hard.

“Mia!” Melissa yelled. I sighed through my nose, trying to keep quiet and to stop my legs from shaking.

“I’m coming, Melissa.” And I really was.

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