Excite Me

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Chapter 5

We got our nails painted, drove two hours both ways to get this dairy-free ice cream that Melissa had been dying for, stopped at a farm on our way home so Serena could take pictures with five little ducklings, and then almost got into a car accident because Melissa phone was buzzing in her lap while she was driving.

It was almost two in the morning when we got home, and both Serena and Melissa were hyped up tonight. They were lying on the bed, kicking their legs back and forth and gossiping. I laid on the couch and stared up at the ceiling, starting to think that maybe a weekend was too long.

“Victor is sooo good! He literally makes me cum every time,” Melissa said, fanning herself. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath

“Damian is just the same way!” Serena said, eyes wide with excitement. “He does this thing with his tongue and, oh my god, I can’t handle it!”

I had been listening to them talk nonstop about their boyfriends for the past ten hours. Which one was better in bed. Which one had a bigger dick. Which one ate pussy better. It was getting damn annoying because Mason, my lovely boyfriend was shit.

“Must be nice,” I said, chiming in for the first time tonight.

“Oh, come on,” Melissa said, sitting up and throwing a pillow at me. “Mason can’t be that bad.”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “We’ve been together for five years and he’s made me cum like five times,” I said, annoyance in my voice. It wasn’t that I cared all about the sex… but I just wanted some effort.

“Are you serious?” Serena asked in disbelief. “I thought you said he always ate you out.”

“He does, but that doesn’t mean he’s good at it.” I rubbed a hand over my face. “I have to fake an orgasm just to get him to stop because it’s so bad.”

Mason wasn’t completely terrible. Sometimes he would hit a spot on my clit and I’d moan.

“You could always find yourself a new man who’ll do you right. What about Victor’s older brother?” Melissa winked at me. “He’s hot.” She fanned herself. “I’ve thought about him way too many times.”

I shook my head in her direction. I didn’t need her trying to set me up with anyone. I needed Mason. He had been with me through all the heartbreak, through Mom’s accident, when Dad left. All of it.

Someone knocked on Melissa’s door. “Yeah?”

The door opened, and Mr. Bryne stuck his head into the room, giving her a pointed look. “It’s almost two in the morning.” He glanced at me, and I tore my gaze away from him and stared at the ceiling. Don’t think about earlier, Mia. Don’t get yourself into more trouble. You have Mason. What happened earlier couldn’t happen again. Ever again.

“Sorry, Daddy. We’ll be quiet,” Melissa said.

After he left the room, they turned back to me. “So, should I call Victor’s brother and talk to him for you? Or do you just want me to give you his number and you can do it yourself?”

I bit my lip, making it seem like I was contemplating. “I’ll pass for now, but I’ll keep that in mind,” I said. I wasn’t going to keep that in mind, but I knew if I didn’t tell her, she’d keep bothering me about it.

“Oh, okay,” she said.

They turned back to each other and started back up with the constant my boyfriend is better, no mine, no mine battle they were having. “I’m going to go get something to drink. Do you want me to get you anything?” I asked.

They shook their heads at me and continued to talk about their boyfriends. Mine’s better. No, mine’s better. Well, mine does--

I walked out of Melissa’s room and down the hall toward the kitchen. Mr. Byrne was sitting at the table and holding a drink in his hand. I innocently smiled at him and walked over to the cupboard.

I said I wasn’t going to do anything tonight with him, and I wasn’t going to. I just needed some water. That’s all.

I stood on my toes to reach for a glass on the top shelf. My shorts rode up my legs as I stretched out. My fingers just barely grazed against it. I sighed and reach for it again.

Mr. Byrne placed his hand on my lower back, and I jumped. “I’ll get it for you,” he said. Goosebumps darted across my skin at his touch, remembering the way he touched me earlier. His hardness brushed up against my backside as he reached for the cup.

I closed my eyes and clenched. He pushed himself against me harder and finally grabbed the cup. When he placed it on the counter in front of me, he brushed his fingers against mine.

“Thanks,” I breathed out.

“Not a problem,” he said. I could just feel his lips on my ear, his cock slowly pressing itself into my tight pussy, clenching around him. He walked back over to his seat, and I took a deep breath--hoping to regain control of myself. I walked to the sink, swaying my hips just enough to keep his attention, and filled the glass. He sighed. “Mia, we have to stop playing this game.”

I shut off the sink and looked at him. “What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about,” he said. When I pursed my lips in his direction, he closed his eyes and placed his hand under the table.

I shook my head and smirked. “No, I don’t actually.”

He swore under his breath as his eyes travelled down my body, lingering on my curves. His gaze met mine once more, then he walked over to me. “Let me show you then.” He took the glass out of my hand and placed it on the counter next to us. My heart raced as he roughly pushed me up against the counter and lifted me, so I sat on it. He pushed himself between my legs and rubbed his hardness against my throbbing core.

I placed a hand on his chest, feeling the muscle underneath his shirt, and clenched. “Mr. Byrne, I have a boyfriend.” But that didn’t stop me before… and as bad as it was it wasn’t going to stop me again.

He grabbed the glass of water I had poured, his finger tracing the edge of it. “A boyfriend who can’t make you cum,” he said. My cheeks flushed. He must’ve heard the conversation we were having earlier. He pushed his hips closer to mine. “A boyfriend that doesn’t excite you anymore.” He took one of his hands off of the glass and rubbed it against my shorts like he had this morning. “I bet your boyfriend doesn’t make you this wet anymore,” he murmured against my ear. I gently squeezed my legs as his fingers brushed against my clit. “You need a man, Mia, not a boy.”

My nipples hardened from underneath my shirt as the pressure built in my core. I reached up and pinched them lightly letting myself enjoy the moment. He kissed below my jaw, and I whimpered.

“I can excite you, Mia,” he breathed, placing another kiss on my neck. His fingers toying with my pussy.

“Excite me, then, Mr. Bryne.”

“Whatever you say.” He smirked, then brought the glass of water to his lips and sipped it. I raised an eyebrow at him as he watched me. He licked his lips and moved the glass to my lips, wanting me to take one as well.

This wasn’t what I was expecting when he said he was going to excite me. I furrowed my brows. His smirk widened as he pushed the glass closer to my lips. I guess I would go along with it?

I parted my lips and moved them closer to the cup. He tilted the glass, letting the water spill out of it. He purposely missed my mouth and the coldness of the water ran down the front of my thin white tank top, making it see through.

“Opps,” he said, gazing down at my chest with hungry grey eyes. “Sorry.” The shirt was plastered up against my hard nipples. His fingers crawled up my body, and he took my nipples gently between his fingers and pulled on them.

I gripped the edge of the counter and threw my head back as heat rushed to my core.

“I’ve been waiting to see these for so long,” he murmured. He dipped his head and grazed his teeth against my wet shirt while he snaked his hands under my shirt to grope my breasts.

He pressed his lips to mine. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and pulled him closer to me, loving the feeling of his hardness against my shorts. “I need you,” I said against him. I didn’t want to fucking wait anymore. I didn’t want to be disappointed night after night after night. I grasped his thick hair in my hand and pulled back just enough to look him in the eyes. “Fuck me, please.”

He undid the button on his pants, unzipped them, and pulled them down just enough to take out his dick. I pushed down my shorts and underwear. He positioned himself at me entrance, rubbed his cock against my wet pussy, and groaned.

And, within a moment, he had thrusted into me. My pussy wrapped around his cock, like it had never felt anything so big inside of me, and clenched on him each time he pumped into me.

His gaze traveled from my swollen clit to my wet t-shirt, and he watched my tits bounce as he fucked me. “Harder,” I begged. He wrapped his arms around my knees as he pounded harder inside of me.

I bit my lip to muffle my moans. My legs began trembling in his hands. He tugged on both of my nipples, harshly, and my back arched. I threw my head back and moaned.

“Mia! How long does it take you to get a glass of water?” Melissa yelled from her room. My eyes widened, and I tightened around Mr. Byrne’s hardness.

He covered my mouth with his hand as he continued to thrust into me. Pressure was building in my core again. A few moments later, I heard footsteps down the hall.

I tried to stop Mr. Byrne, but he stayed inside of me. He wrapped my legs around his waist as he picked me up off of the counter, bringing us to the next room--the living room. There wasn’t a door, only a doorway. He kept the light off and placed me down gently behind the couch. Even though the room was dark, I could still see the smirk on his face.

He knelt, lifted my legs in the air, and placed them on his shoulders. My eyes widened. “What are you doing?” I whisper-yelled at him.

“Giving you a damn good time,” he said. He shoved himself into me harder than before and I arched my back, trying to hold back my moans.

“Mia! Where are you?” Melissa’s footsteps patted around the kitchen. Mr. Byrne pressed his hand to my mouth as he fucked me harder. I moaned into it and gripped the rug underneath me. His fingers teased my nipple through my wet shirt, and I tightened around him.

“Mia?” Melissa called out through the doorway to the living room. Fuck, she was going to find us. Mr. Byrne thrusted harder inside of me, his hand trailing down my body to my swollen clit. His fingers massaged circles around it. I bit down hard on my lip, desperately trying to keep quiet.

“Mia?” she said again.

My legs shook as the pressure between my legs became unbearable. She walked out of the kitchen, and I threw my head back and moaned into Mr. Byrne’s hand.

My lips parted. Oh, my God. Wave after wave after wave of pleasure pumped out of me. He smirked down at me and pulled himself out.

When I had finally come down from my orgasm, he laid down next to me, pulled me on top of him--placing my pussy near his face--wrapped his hand in my hair, and forced my head onto his cock.

I swirled my tongue around his cock, tasting my juices, and slowly took him all the way down my throat. He pressed my head down further for me to take more of his huge dick. I bobbed my head up and down on his length and he began thrusting his cock into my mouth.

“Mia!” Serena yelled.

“Mia! Where’d you go?” Melissa called.

My eyes widened, and I stopped sucking.

“Don’t fucking stop,” Mr. Byrne mumbled against my pussy. He flicked my clit with his tongue and forced me back down onto him. “I wanna see your tits bounce as you suck my cock.”

He bobbed my head up and down on his cock, harder than before.

Their footsteps approached the kitchen.

I gagged on him as he hit the back of my throat. He brushed one of his hands against my breasts, took my nipple between his fingers and twisted. Holy--

“Mia!” Serena yelled.

I sucked harder on his cock as he continued pleasuring my clit and nipple. His tongue made quicker circles on my clit, and I knotted my eyebrows together, unsure if I would be able to hold myself together.

“Do you think she left?” Melissa asked from the kitchen.

“Why would she leave without telling us?” Serena answered.

They quieted down and then their footsteps approached the living room. “Did you check in here?” Serena asked.

My eyes widened but I continued sucking on Mr. Byrne’s cock like he wanted me to. I forced him deep down my throat and gagged quietly on it. His hand pushed my head down further on him and forced me to stay there.

I tried to breath out of my nose and gagged once more. I needed to breathe.

The light turned on, and I froze. Fear and excitement stirred within me at the thought of getting caught. As long as I kept quiet, we wouldn’t be.

“I already checked in there,” Melissa said.

Mr. Byrne’s tongue massaged my clit faster as his fingers thrusted hard and deep inside of me. The sound of my wet pussy being thrusted inside of me over and over overwhelmed me. There’s no doubt that they couldn’t hear it.

He continued thrusting inside of me with his fingers and his tongue lightly flicked the top of my clit. I clenched and released myself onto him. I forced him deeper down my throat, hoping that his cock would muffle my moans.

“Did you hear that?” Serena asked.

“Hear what?” Melissa said back as she walked back into the kitchen. It was quiet for a moment and I forced my lips harder on his cock, so I wouldn’t make a noise. The pleasure continued to course out of me.

His warm cum hit the back of my throat and slid down it. I almost gagged. He smirked against my pussy.

She turned off the light. “Nothing. I must be hearing things.”

Their footsteps retreated out of the kitchen, and I gasped for air and moaned at the same time. I slid off of him and onto the ground. He pulled me closer to him and smirked.

“You ready for more?” he asked.

My eyes widened at him. “How can you ask that?! We almost got caught, twice, by your daughter and my best friend!”

“Only two more times, and I would have made you cum the same amount of times in one night that your boyfriend has in four years.”

I closed my eyes, considering his words, and then sighed. I climbed back on top of him. “Excite me, Mr. Byrne.”

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