Excite Me

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Chapter 6

I straddled Mr. Bryne’s waist, placed my hands on his chest, and closed my eyes, letting him thrust into me over and over. My shirt clung to my tits as they bounced with every thrust. His gaze flickered from my eyes to my lips to my breasts, and he lifted his head. Through my wet shirt, he latched his teeth onto my nipple and sucked. His tongue moved around it in circles, flicking the sensitive bud every so often.

The pressure rose in my core, and I dug my fingernails into his chest, a wave of pleasure shooting through me. “Harder, Mr. Bryne… please.”

He thrust harder up into me and bit down on my nipple only slightly. But it was enough for me to tip over the edge. My pussy pulsed over and over on his cock, the pleasure coursing through every single one of my veins and getting me high.

“Did you just cum?” he asked, brows arched, teeth biting down softly onto my nipple again. I whispered out softly and collapsed onto him until my breasts were pressed against his chest.

God, I didn’t know what it was about this man… but this was more than I ever fantasised.

He rolled me onto my side, turned me over so my back was against his chest, and pulled one of my legs high up in the air, slipping his cock back into me again. It slid in with ease, his size just creating more pressure in my core. He slipped his arm around my waist and rubbed my clit as he thrust into me. “Tell me, Mia…” he said into my ear. “Tell me everything that you think about when you touch your sensitive, little pussy.”

I pressed my lips together, bucking my hips back and forth and meeting his. I didn’t want to admit it aloud. I didn’t want to tell him that I had been thinking about fucking him for years now.

“Do you think about me?” he asked, slowly down his thrusts. When I clenched hard on him, he chuckled. “You do.” He paused for a moment, his fingers moving faster against my clit. “I bet you think about me when Mason fucks you.” My pussy clenched even harder, the pressure rising too quickly in my core for me to stop it.

“Mr. Bryne…”

“I think about you,” he said, and it was enough for me to tip over the edge for a second time. “I’ve been thinking about what I’d feel like inside of you for longer than I should admit.”

Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through me. “I think about you,” I said breathlessly. “Every night… every fucking night.” Pleasure coursed through my veins, my legs and arms tingling. “Every night when Mason goes to bed, I rub my pussy and imagine you inside of me, thrusting hard.” He thrusted harder into me, lifting my leg and giving him better access. “I imagine you sucking on my tits, your hands roaming all over my body. I think about… about…”

“About what, Mia?”

“About you cumming inside me.”

Mr. Bryne tensed behind me, groaning loudly into my ear. He pulled his cock out of me, pushed me onto my chest, and pressed his cock against my ass. When I felt his warm cum squirt out on me, I curled my toes. God, this couldn’t be real.

After a few moments, his body relaxed behind me, but he didn’t fall asleep like Mason always did. Instead, he brushed his fingers against my hip bone in small smoothing circles and breathed deeply into my ear.

Something about it was so calming, even though it really shouldn’t be.

He grasped my hip, fingers digging into it lightly, and hopped up, grabbing a paper towel from the kitchen and wiping his cum off my ass, then throwing it away.

When he came back into the room, swinging my shorts around in his hand, I stood up and pulled my underwear up my thighs. “Well…” I started. The moonlight flooded in through the window, hitting his face almost perfectly. I could see almost every sharp feature of his face, from his jaw to his piercing blue eyes. I readjusted myself and looked at him. “Uhm… thank you?”

Those were the only damn words that came out of my mouth. Because… well… what was I supposed to say to my best friend’s father after he had given me the best sex of my entire life?

“You shouldn’t have to thank a man for pleasing you,” he said, handing me my shorts. Though I expected to see a lightness in his eyes, there was nothing but pure seriousness.

I gazed at the ground, taking a deep breath, then looked back up at him. Part of me wanted to ask him to bring me back to Mason’s apartment. I didn’t want to see Mason after that… my guilt conscious hadn’t set in yet… but I couldn’t go back into Melissa’s room without an excuse, without her asking me a million and one questions about where I had been.

“So, you can lie in his bed feeling satisfied for once?” He laughed lifelessly. “No.”

“I can’t go back into Melissa’s room,” I said, voice hushed. “She’s going to ask what I was doing and why I ignored her. What am I supposed to tell her? That I just slept with her father?”

He smirked at me, his eyes playful again. “You could.”

“No.” I sucked my lips between my teeth. “Please…”

“It’s almost three in the morning,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest. “You either go back into my daughter’s room and act like I didn’t just fuck your pussy raw or you come lie down in my room and I’ll do it again.”

My eyes widened, and I swallowed hard. Again? He wanted to do it again? I wanted to do it again too… but I couldn’t. I couldn’t allow myself to do it again, no matter how much I wanted it.

“Goodnight,” I said to him, hurrying toward Melissa’s room before I changed my mind. I quietly opened the door, hoping that she wouldn’t wasn’t awake and that she wouldn’t wake up.

“Mia,” Melissa said from her bed, her voice sleepy. I shut the door quietly behind me and clenched my jaw. Damn it.

“Mia!” Melissa whisper-yelled. The moonlight flooded in through the curtains, hitting her face. Serena was in the bed with her, eyes closed, lips parted every so slightly. “Where were you?”

I padded into the room, my heart pounding against my chest. What the hell do I say to her? That every part of my body had been craving her father’s touch since the moment I had laid eyes on him yesterday evening and that tonight it had finally happened? That Mr. Bryne fucked me hard and fast and--

“Mia?” Melissa sat up. “Are you okay?”

“I… uhm… wasn’t feeling too good.” I climbed onto the couch and laid down on my side, facing away from the bed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I had a stomach ache.” I curled my knees to my chest and rolled my eyes. “I needed some fresh air.”

“Are you okay?” she asked.

I took a deep breath, so I wouldn’t flip out on her, and closed my eyes. “Yes, Melissa.”

The bed shifted, and she laid back down. I sank into the couch, feeling more satisfied than I ever had in my entire life. But then… then it really settled in. I had sex with Mr. Bryne. I had sex with my best friend’s father. I had Mason.

My mind had been fogged with so much lust that I… I… cheated. My heart ached, and I held myself tighter, wishing that I could be in the arms of someone who could comfort me. But like it didn’t happen the other night with Mason, it wouldn’t happen tonight with Mr. Bryne.

No matter how hard I tried to think that I’d do things differently if I had the chance, I knew that I wouldn’t. Mr. Bryne actually wanted to please me tonight. He made sure I came over and over and over again, didn’t stop until I laid on top of him, my chest heaving up and down, my lips parted in delight, completely and utterly satisfied.

And that only made the guilt even more unbearable. I had done the one thing that I swore I’d never do. I had become just like my father.

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