Dream Bitten (Darkest Dreams 1)

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ON PATREON! Two Incubus, one troubled teenage girl and a forbidden love. Lily Emerson is new to town. She was hoping for your everyday life, but what she got is far from ordinary after arriving at her private school, Crestshire Academy. She catches the eye of a man who is none other than her teacher. He has one major secret he keeps from all his students and it's not as simple as sleeping with them. That secret is, he's an Incubus, a being who feeds off sexual energy. The starving Incubus known as Leviticus Cain will do anything to get his hands on Lily, to taste her overflowing amount of energy that he has never seen before in the many years he has been alive but he isn't her only problem. Valis Emerson, a senior has already set his eyes on her. He too is keeping many secrets and one of them is he is turning into something he truly despises. He is a half-blooded Incubus, and he can't help but hunger for Lily, whom is his cousin. Whether it be through visions, dreams, or reality she finds herself drawn to the irresistible figures. Will this attraction turn into something deadly?

Romance / Horror
Dolly Nightmare
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Prologue: A Great Escape

When people are in pain, might it be physical or mental they look for a great escape. Mine were his lips, him,the intoxicating and beautiful Leviticus Cain.

He was my heaven, my reprieve from reality. I would forget even who I was everytime we were close. I wasn’t that forgotten bullied girl anymore. He saw me, and it made me feel bigger than I was each and every time.

I was a woman in his eyes.

Those blue eyes...the silky glossy hair, body lean with muscle, young and admirable. He had everyone’s attention, a teacher of any schoolgirls fantasy including mine but I felt things were different every time we locked eyes. I felt special.

But special is a dangerous word. Even devils use the word if they desire your soul; however, many men are devils, although not many grow horns.

Though Leviticus Cain wasn’t just in my daydreams, he was in my reality too. The small trail of warmth from his touches were real, and the way his eyes saw right through me, and how every time we parted the desk I sat on felt a little colder.

Like many things, Leviticus Cain was a master of seduction.

In times like this, I also think of him, another escape of mine although he was different. Valis… was a man, almost but not not quite. He wanted to be seen as one. We were similar in this manner, both of us wanting to grow up fast.

He was a little older than me and also taller. He was a senior at the school we attended. And he was Intimidating to any grade below him or anyone at all to which stood in his path.

Like many in highschool, he wanted to prove himself and he did. Though he did not go about it the right way, he targeted those beneath him, including me at times.

A bully he was but most girls which weren’t being humiliated by him, were simply arm candy. They were just another kiss on the lips and all that was left behind from their love was a stain on their bedsheets and he’d be gone the next morning.

But as there is with every bully, beneath is a child, a small one to which wants to be seen. There were many times I felt this when I was in his embrace because we were secretly the same. Despite my denial we had a bond like no other, we also shared blood.

Valis Emerson is my cousin.

Both my loves were forbidden, no matter how guilty I’d become I would continue to lose myself, over and over until my harsh reality was no more and all I had room for was them.

I fell into the arms of two devils who would refuse to let me go and I would face the consequences for that and my actions, but for now, I should start from the beginning, my first day of school or perhaps even before then, this all started when I moved to this town.

In all honesty I am just a dull and ordinary girl. I am far from special- it was just what I thought I was to them.

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