My Savior ~ Book 1

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Ash (the main character) finds herself in her house surrounded by fire. She would have died if not for the wolf that saved her life. - From Author: I will be changing this summary, but for now this will have to do. This story is 18+ and is not suitable for younger ages. This is NOT a harem, and doesn't have any explicit scenes until later in the story.

Romance / Fantasy
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Moving Day

Hi! Author here- Just wanted to say that this is my first book, and I apologize for all the mistakes in my writing, as I suck at spelling and punctuation. I’ve been writing and brainstorming books since I was in 4th grade... I used my kindle notes as a type of google docs. You can’t IMAGINE the pain to accidentally pressing the delete button instead of the save button, and losing WEEKS of works! Anyways- Carry on!

“Are we there yet?”


I groaned, resting my head back on my hands. We’ve been in the car for 6 hours (with breaks, of course), and I was getting incredibly bored. By we, I mean me and my Aunt. She technically acts like my mom, as she took me in after... after...


Fire everywhere. I could barely see through all of the smoke. I was coughing, my body trying to extract the smoke from my lungs. My parents stopped screaming a while ago. I felt the moment my body gave up. I curled up in a ball, wishing for the pain to stop. The flames licked at me, and the tips of my hair started smoking. The heat dried up my tears, and I could only cough out my cries. I couldn’t stop thinking about my parents. Were they ok? What started the fire? Is it my fault? Then I heard it. Things being pushed over, plates crashing, wood splintering. A huge shape loomed over me, and I felt air breathing down my neck. I looked up and was face to face with a wolf. I couldn’t move. The fact that my house was on fire must have short-circuited my brain. I forgot how to scream. The wolf dragged my through the house, and out the back door, where it laid me on the grass. I felt the pain of the wolf letting go of my neck. I took a deep breath of air, and was about to scream, when it suddenly ran off. The last thing I saw was the wolf disappearing into the woods...

“Ash, you ok back there?” Auntie Sue asked.

“Sorry. It’s just... I can’t stop thinking about...about...” My voice faded. Sue tried making eye contact with me. “Ash... You’ve got to stop thinking about the past... That’s why we left. Everyone, including the therapist, said that the sooner we leave, the better.” I snorted. “Yah, cause’ the faster they got rid of me, the better.” Sue made a noise of disagreement, but said nothing. I rubbed the scar on my neck. It was the one thing that kept me from thinking I was insane. It was proof that a wolf did save me that day. Everyone said that I must have crawled out of the house and hit my head in the backyard. They called my delusional, and people avoided me at school. That’s why we moved here. To the small town called Silverbane. It’s known for their lack of silver in the 1800′s, and being known for not being known. It’s a quiet, independent town, which is why Sue and I are going to live there.

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