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The Lycan's Maid - His Maid #4

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DJ has left a painful past behind and was determined to never look back. As a loner, she knows the risks of staying in the human world but working as a bartender she makes ends meet. Finally deciding that it’s time to face her past, she buys a plane ticket back home. Only, she ends up on the wrong plane! And somehow ends up in Moscow, Russia! With everything she owns lost, she reluctantly accepts the job offer from the tall, dark, and sexy Russian she has been seeing around her club lately. He needs a bodyguard for his adopted daughter and seeing that she was just offered the best possible way to avoid facing her past for another year or two, she accepts. She just needs to ignore the insane attraction she has to him. And the way her wolf and blood pines for him. And the way he stars in every wet dream she has… And the fact that he likes to call her HIS MAID…

Romance / Fantasy
Tamar Leo
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8 years ago

Dina’s POV

“I’m going out,” DJ said sticking her head into the kitchen. I turned to her and grinned when she scrunched up her nose at the black pot of stew I’d been trying to make.

Yeah, I still couldn’t cook – sue me for not being perfect!

She walked over, looking over my shoulder, and sighed, probably grateful that she wasn’t eating at home tonight.

“You’re going out in that?” I asked, eyeing her up and down. She was obviously dressed to go on a date and the way she innocently smirked, was her way of saying she wasn’t about to confirm or deny that.

I smile back and shook my head.


“Make sure to wear a cote so your father doesn’t see you,” I replied. I didn’t bother trying to convince her to dress differently. She was her own person and had her own style and thankfully, she wasn’t flashy or trashy. Her father, however, wanted her wrapped in bubble wrap and wearing a poncho at all times, covering every inch of her skin!

Donna Jane was the spunky twin, once they finally grew out of their shell. She was social and full of fun and life. Her werewolf side seemed to be most dominant with her since she loved to shift and be out in the woods. Her caring personality always had her bring home wounded and hurt animals, turning our basement into a zoo most of the time, while she nursed them back to health. However, this never seemed to influence her ability to hunt and eat said animals…


Landon was in his room studying for once since he spent most of his time in Sin City. He loved everything that had to do with science and medicine, and he was proving to be impressively good at it. He’d already made Stone Pharmaceuticals millions and he seemed to be insatiable with his appetite for knowledge. His vampire side seemed to be the most dominant with him and I knew that Levi was more or less expecting him to take over as Master of Sin City once he came of age.

Not that we’d ever pressure him to it or anything.

Since I hadn’t heard from LJ and Luka in a while, I suspected them to be up to no good – again! Goddess, if my hair turns gray by the time, I’m 40, it will be because of those two! They were good kids – what mother didn’t think that about their children? – but they were also the troublemakers in the family! The last stunt they pulled they’d gotten Landon drunk as a goat, but to this day, I didn’t know where they’d gotten the alcohol from! I suspected that their father knew since I heard him scolding them in private, but everything I asked, Levi always found a way to avoid the question…

Sneaky bastard!

“Thanks, mom,” DJ chimed in, kissing me on the cheek, before diving for the door. “I love you!”

“Love you too, sweetheart,” I called after her. “Take care! And call me if…”

The door closed and I shook my head with a smile on my face. My little, shy cocooned little girl had blossomed into a beautiful butterfly.

My beautiful children…

A wave of longing washed over me but pushed it down. After conceiving LJ with the drug that the Vampire King had injected me with, Levi and I hadn’t been able to get pregnant again. At first, I didn’t think too much about it. But as time went by, I wanted to have more children and we decided to give it a shot.

But nothing happened…

The doctor then explained that the injection – whatever it was! – seemed to have left me sterile after its use. It was really a coin-toss at this point if I could get pregnant with another injection or if it would kill me! So we decided to wait until my heat came…

That’s when I realized, that in all these years, I’d never had my heat!

A heat was something only mated females got, and was more or less nature's way to ensure that we reproduced. Every spring all mated females would go into heat for two to three days.

But it never happened to me!

I’d felt so depressed at that time, I almost forgot the joys I already had in my life. Luckily, Luka came into our lives then and I was finally able to see all the blessings I had, instead of sulking over everything I didn’t have. I had four wonderful, precious kids who all in their unique way enriched our lives. No matter if they were our blood or not, they were a blessing…

A set of strong arms wrapped around my waist, and my wolf purred when she scented her mate. I didn’t fight it but leaned back into Levi’s strong arms as he buried his face in the crook of my neck and shoulder.

“You’re home early,” I mused, feeling shivers of pleasure tingle my spine and making my core quiver.

“I missed you,” he murmured, gently sucking on my mark. When he did that my wolf howled in appreciation and my legs turned to jelly. Want heated my core and my panties became damp with lust…

“I’ve sent the boys over to Aunt Sally to eat,” he continued. I hummed my reply. It was probably for the best since nobody but Levi could eat my food…

“So?” I replied, moving my head further to the side and giving him better access to my exposed skin. “It’s just me and you, ha?”

He hummed his response and I grinned. So that’s why he’d let DJ out on a date!


I squealed when he swiped me off my feet and in long strides took me to our bedroom. He closed the door and locked it, before devouring me in the best way he knew how. I didn’t have the body of an adolescent anymore. I had stretchmarks and some of the stubborn baby weight never came off again. Yet every time Levi looked at me, he made me feel sexy and beautiful. The way he loved me and made love to me, always made me feel like I was a goddess. I didn’t need to worry about him looking at other women because I knew that the way he looked at me…

He didn’t even see them!

We were lying in bed, naked and sated. Levi traced the tattoo that I now was displaying proudly. Willa had lifted the invisible spell and now it could be seen by everyone. LJ had a matching one, but unlike mine, his was nothing more than for show.

I sighed, leaning closer to my mate.

I was happy…


I jumped up. DJ’s voice screamed in my mind and the fear that coursed through the link was enough to make me sick.

My baby…!


The link went dead!

I turned to Levi, but he was already out of the bed. Fury was a living thing coming off him in thick waves.

Somebody was hurting our baby girl!

Trackers were sent out to find her and soon, there was a full-scale manhunt. Despite being ordered to remain behind, my boys were among the men looking for her. My wolf was whining, growling, and wanting to kill anyone who hurt her!

After two days, we finally found her!


They had her chained with silver and--- and a second later…

All hell broke loose…

Luka’s red wolf crashed into the man holding her. His jaw locked around his throat and coated our girl and the ground red with blood. His eyes were red, and I knew he was lost to his wolf. Levi and the others charged in, helping Luka kill off the hunters.

I rushed to my baby girl, but Landon reached her before I did. He whined and licked his sister’s neck, despite the silver hurting her as badly as it did her. I shifted and got the chains off her. She threw her arms around me and cried.

“It’s my fault,” she sobbed over and over again.

I held her.

There was nothing else I could do…

We had problems with Hunters for a long while after that. A lot of people died, but what really cut me the deepest was watching the beautiful light in my daughter’s eyes go out…

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