The Return of Chaos

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It’s the day before my best friend, Ares, becomes the Vice President of my club, the Hell’s Angels. We are out celebrating at our bar before the “ceremony” tomorrow. He’s practically been the VP for awhile now but we are just making it official tomorrow.

It’s the happiest I’ve seen my best friend in awhile and I can’t help but think that it’s something else other than his promotion. “What’s got you so chipper lately, man?”

He shakes his head with a huge grin and I know my suspicions are confirmed, “It’s nothing man, it’s a surprise. You’ll find out tomorrow afternoon. You’ll love it, everyone will.” If at all possible his smile widens even more while his eyes daze off as if in a memory.

I smile softly, happy that my club brother is happy, “Whatever you say, brother.” I glance at my phone and notice it’s midnight so we should probably head back to get to bed early for the promotion ceremony tomorrow. “Alright man, time to go. We’re going to need sleep for tomorrow.”

While walking out the bar, I catch sight of an old picture from before she left. I faltered in my step and paused, staring at the picture. More specifically, her. She was my first love from the time she could talk, and if I’m being honest, I probably would still love her. When she left eight years ago, I threw myself into the club. Going on every run, working out paperwork, helping my father. I couldn’t handle the feeling that her leaving brought along, I hated it. But I understood why she felt she had to leave. What she went through was enough to make any grown adult want to die, but from what I see on the internet, she made it big in boxing although there are no pictures. I understand that as well though, she doesn’t want anyone tracking her, especially The Titans.

Ares catches what I’m staring at and gives me a soft smile and a low chuckle, “I think she’s closer than we think, brother.” He gives me a wink before walking towards our bikes. I’m still trying to make sense of what he said when we ride off towards the clubhouse.


When I finally arrive in my home town, it’s midnight and the streets are empty except for a few stragglers. While driving towards my new home, I can hear the faint rumble of motorcycle engines and I smile to myself knowing that it is most likely my family.

I’m excited but nervous to see them again. It’s been eight years, what if they don’t want anymore? Will I still be welcome? What about Clyde? And Bonnie? Vinny? It’s been eight years and I still think about him daily. He was my first love, I don’t think he’ll ever get out of my head. I frown thinking about my Vinny. I wonder if he’s the same. Is he taller? Did he grow his hair out? Does he have a beard? I shut myself up telling myself that I’ll find all of the answers tomorrow.

I pull into the driveway of my new house, shining my headlights on the front yard. It’s big, with lots of trees and big garage. The house itself has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. It came furnished so I don’t have to worry about any of that. I turn my car off and stretch my legs before going to unlock the front door. Cerberus rushes past my feet and runs in to the house sniffing all of my boxes of clothes that are littered throughout the living room.

I’m too tired to do anything other than slip my shoes and pants off and fall into sleep filled with dreams of Vinny and my family.

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