The Return of Chaos

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I’m woken by the sound of my brother’s ringtone calling my phone. I decide that I’m still tired and I don’t want to get out of my comfortable position so I end up letting it ring out; that is, until he decides to call again.

I grumble and violently push the accept button, “What?”

I can hear his obnoxious laugh through the phone, “Well, good morning to you, too, E. Good to know you still aren’t a morning person.”

“Get on with it, why’d you call?”

“I called to let you know the exact time to show up! The whole shebang starts at 3; however, I want you to stay hidden until afterwards so I can call you up to the deck with me and dad, so you should stay in my room until I give you the signal, you’ll be able to watch the whole thing through the window.”

“Ah, brings back old times: the finger guns,” I say, with a smile that takes up half of my face.

The finger guns!” He says in a voice that mimics the sales rep down at the local auto sales.

We talk a little bit more before I eventually hang up to get ready because it’s already one in the afternoon. Ares also said that I can bring Cerberus to the clubhouse because he’s trained and friendly and all the guys love animals.

“Chaos, pull over! Look!” I pull over to the side of the road and look to where Vinny’s finger is pointing. It’s a stray dog that looked like death; his ribs were extremely noticeable, patches of fur were gone, he was bloody, and he looked scared. “Turn the car off, I don’t want to scare it off.” I do as he says and Vinny exits the vehicle.

“Vinny, be careful,” I say with worry clear in my voice.

“Always am, doll.” I sigh with a shake of my head and watch from the truck as he approaches the frightened dog. “Come on, doggy, we just want to help.” Vinny gently pats his thighs and whistles lightly. The dog wearily approaches Vinny and Mayhem sticks his hand out for the dog to sniff. Once the dog deems Vinny safe enough he rubs himself on Vinny’s leg.

Vinny reaches down and picks the frail dog up while I jog around the truck to open the back door for the dog. I lay a towel down and make sure nothing chewable is back there before moving out of the way for Vinny and the dog. To my surprise Vinny get in the backseat with the dog on his lap.

It looks like a German Shepard and only about a year old as well. It makes me sad to think about what has happened to the poor pup. I gently shut the door and move around to the driver’s door and start the engine up again.

“What are you going to name him?” I ask quietly, not wanting to scare the dog further.

“Hades, I think. I like the whole Greek Mythology names so I’m going to make it stick. I think I’m going to keep him.”

“Good, he looks like he needs a good home. And nice name,” I saw with a wink. He laughs and shrugs but his ears are tinted pink. “Awe is the big bad biker blushing.” He glares at me and I can’t help but laugh at him.

God, that day was wonderful. I had just turned 16 and Vinny and I were sent to get groceries. Thank the higher powers that we did or who knows what would have happened to poor Hades. I wonder if he’s still living strong. He took a liking to me and I loved him just as much.

I shake my head, ridding myself of these memories so I can get ready. I connect my phone to the Bluetooth speaker in my shower and blast “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult while shampooing and conditioning my hair and washing my body. Once I get out, I wrap my air in a t-shirt and walk to my suitcase that has an already set out outfit on it. It consists of a red matching bra and panty set, faded black ripped jeans, a Harley Davidson shirt and a leather jacket with my signature heeled combat boots.

I take the t-shirt off my head and brush through my curls before applying the products to guarantee that my curls stay looking pretty. I head to kitchen when I’m finished and put some dog food in a bowl for Cerberus before whistling for him. Moments later I can hear the pitter-patter of his paws coming towards the kitchen. I set the bowl down and he starts to eat so I head back to my new bedroom and grab my phone.

It’s just hitting two o’clock now so I decide to make a quick sandwich and wait for the clock to signal 2:45.

I’m sitting outside the compound at 2:55 waiting for my brother to let me through the gates so I can go to his room. All of the club is out back standing and waiting for the promotion to begin.

When I see my brother, my eyes start to well with tears. I jump out of the car and sprint towards him. He looks confused for a second before he starts placing the facts together; I look a lot different than I did eight years ago and I never let the news have pictures so it will be quite a shock for everyone. I let my hair grow out to the point where my curls almost reach my waist, I have a killer body, and I had a growth spurt.

“War!” I yell as soon as I’m in his arms. “I’ve missed you so much.” I discreetly wipe my tears because I’m not one for crying.

“E! God, you look so different! I mean, holy shit, dude. I didn’t even recognize you. I mean, you look like a boxer and a goddess all in one, what are they feeding you?”

I laugh at his comment and squeeze him tighter. “Okay, E, let me breathe,” I let him go and smile sheepishly, “Jesus, you’re like freaking Hercules or something. Alright let’s go and I’ll let you know when to come down.”

He lets me in his room that hasn’t changed a bit since I’ve left, it feels nice for familiarity. “Haven’t changed, huh?”

He smiles and shakes his head, “Nah, I like it. Could use a cleaning, though.” He looks at me with an eyebrow raised.

I smirked and said, “Well you better get on that, huh?” I watched his face fall, “Now, shoo! We’ll catch up later.” He laughed and hugged my one last time and strode out of his room. I took a deep breath and opened his curtains.

The first thing that caught my eyes was Vinny. He’s taller, and bigger. Way bigger. Who is this guy? The Hulk? Damn. He has tattoos lining his fingers to his neck and I’m sure they decorate his whole body as well. I lick my lips, he’s even hotter if at all possible. I shake my head, that’s not why you’re here, get you’re head out of the gutter.

The ceremony starts and Vinny stands at the front with Ares’ kutte in hand. It looks the same but with a different position patch on the front. I feel pride role through me when Vinny puts the vest on my brother. He looks up at the window and gives me discreet finger guns, if you weren’t looking, you wouldn’t have seen it.

I start my journey downstairs and pause at the door, waiting for my brother’s voice to be heard.

“Thank you, Mayhem, and thank you, Cronos. I won’t let you or Hell’s Angels down,” he pauses for a moment. “But now, I have a surprise for everyone. I know you all will love it.” He cups his hands around his mouth and looks directly at the door…

“The Return of Chaos!”


I slip the kutte on my best friend’s body and I feel happy that we got to make this journey together. I would be happier if his sister was here on the deck with us though.

“Thank you, Mayhem, and thank you, Cronos. I won’t let you or the Hell’s Angels down,” he pauses and I worry about what he’ll say next. “But now, I have a surprise for everyone. I know you all will love it.” He cups his hands around his mouth to amplify his voice and looks beyond everyone at the door.

“The Return of Chaos!”

No. He can’t possibly mean my chaos, my little spitfire. I look to the door and almost don’t recognize her if not for her hair, though it is much longer. She strides through the door with an aura that screams dominance. She’s much taller, taller than some men here. She’s got legs for days and a body that quite literally looks like it was made my the heavens themselves. I’m sure I have drool in the corners of my mouth right now. If I thought she was a queen before she left, she’s a whole goddess right now.

Everyone turns around from where they are standing and some of the men that were closer with her start tearing up. We didn’t think she was ever going to return, most people wouldn’t after what was done to her, but here she is, better than ever. Stronger than ever.

She looks at her dad and starts running and pulls him into a spine-crushing hug; I’m surprised he can breathe. Although, he’s hugging her back just as tight. When she pulls away she scans the crowd and when they land on me, she pulls away from Cronos and jumps into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. But then I realize we are falling and she spins us around so she would get the brunt of the fall.

I’m amazed, turned on, and guilty all at the same time. My guilt lessens when she starts to laugh and I can’t help but grin widely as I pick us up with her still in my arms. I can feel tears burning my eyes and I let a few fall before she wiggles to let me know she wants down.

She smacks my arm, “Jesus, you’re huge! Are you using steroids?” She looks me up and down and smiles.

I smirk because she just let a huge opportunity to arise, “That’s not the only thing that’s huge, doll.”

She scoffs and smirks, “Last time I saw, it was as small as my pinky.” She holds up her pinky to prove it and I hear obnoxious laughter around us making my face fall. I playfully glare at her and she smirks right back.

“No, but seriously. I’m huge but look at you!” I gesture my hand up and down her body, “I’m 6’6 and you’re up to nose in those shoes! And look, you’re like a fucking goddess from up above.”

“Well duh, my name is Eris. It was about time I started honoring my name correctly.” I was about to reply when my father sweeps her off feet and starts spinning her around. She squeals and looks at my father before spinning around his body to where she is on his shoulders.

“Now, what in God’s name have you been doin’ since you left for you to be able to do that?” He asks her with a look of awe on his face.

“I’m a boxer now, Clyde. Ever watch the news? I used my club name, Chaos.” She takes her jacket off and flexes her arms. Fuck, I thought, those tattoos are hot. She had full sleeves on both her arms and her arms are pure muscle.

“Well I’ll be damned, sweetheart. You made it big, followed your dreams. You look absolutely gorgeous as well, baby.”

“Awe shucks, Clyde, you’re gonna make me blush,” she says in a heavy southern accent while tucking a piece of golden locks behind her ear. Everyone starts laughing and I can actually say that the club already seems different with her here; brighter, happier, more lively.

She goes around greeting everyone while I watch her from the deck sipping a beer. I don’t even notice War walk up to me. “You like the surprise?”

“I think it’s the best goddamn thing that’s happened in eight years, brother.” I look over at him and he seems deep in thought and I know he’s thinking about when we found her. “Hey, stop thinking about it. It’s over, she’s back and better than ever. Look at her. She’s thriving.”

“Yeah, she is. It makes me happy to see her this way, I didn’t ever think she was going to get better,” he says with a sigh. “But here she is, and apparently she’s got news.”

“You don’t know what it is?” I ask with confusion.

“Nope, I don’t.”

“Hm, okay.”

I look at her again and I catch her eye. She smiles at me, teeth and all, and I think that maybe, I have a shot at doing what I should have done since she could talk.

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