The Return of Chaos

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Seeing and talking to everyone back home makes me wish I would have at least stayed in contact with them. Seeing my family, Clyde and Bonnie, and Vinny made my heart lighter. When I came back, I expected all my progress to come crashing down with memories of what the Titans did to me; however, it was the exact opposite. I felt happier, I felt loved. I was surrounded by people who cared about me.

Don’t get me wrong, I had had flings across the country, and I had two boyfriends, but neither could handle me. The baggage, my dominance that I had to have.

After my time with the Titans, I had to always have control. Always be dominant in situations. I didn’t and don’t like being under anybody—in bed and in life. I have spent eight years trying to gain control of everything—my career, my mind, my body, my friends, boyfriends—so being out of control for the first time here is unnerving and freeing at the same time.

It feels nice to take a weight off of my shoulders but I don’t like knowing everything and being in control. If I was anywhere else, I wouldn’t be able to handle it, but because I’m surrounded by people I love and trust, I feel…okay.

While talking to Slasher, a man who was a couple of years older than Ares, I let my eyes roam across the room. When I scan the corner across from me, my eyes meet Vinny’s. They seem to twinkle under the dim lights in the clubhouse. I raise my beer and send him I big smile which he returns.

Slasher followed my gaze and chuckled, “He was a mess when you left, Princess. He threw himself into work and when he wasn’t working, he was drinking. It was a never-ending cycle which I’m hoping you’ll be able to break.” He sighs before looking at his empty bottle, “Alright, sweetie. I’m going to get another, I’ll see you around.” He kisses my forehead before walking off.

Soon after, Slasher’s position were replaced Clyde. “Hey baby, let’s catch up.” He slings an arm around my shoulder and directs me to an empty booth. Seconds later my father, Ares, and Vinny all slide in with us. I chuckle lowly, the happiness flowing through my body is an indescribable feeling. “So, Chaos, fill us in on your eight years of independence.”

“Not much to say, actually. Spent the first two years in therapy, I was either angry or sad all the time. I started going to the gym every day to relieve some of that anger. Mostly boxing. One day, a manager came in, noticed my skills, told me to call him. I did and there I was. Top of the boxing industry. It was fun. It made me happy. I felt invincible. And now I have enough money to last me two simple lifetimes.

“I got the call that Ares was finally becoming Veep so I sold my penthouse, packed all my shit, Honey, and Cerberus and bought a house a couple of miles from here,” I explained, with a small smile on my face.

“That’s great, Cha-Wait, wait, wait! You bought a house here!” Vinny yelled.

The clubhouse went silent so I stood on the table and made jazz hands with a sheepish smile, “Surprise…”

Clyde picked me up and placed me on his shoulders, “She’s back! Permanently!” He spun us around while the whole clubhouse went up in cheers and smiles. Right in this moment is the happiest I’ve ever felt in a long time. I look back to our table and my eyes drift to Vinny. He looks so happy and vulnerable that it makes me think I should have come back sooner.


My father picks her up off the table and somehow manages to throw her body on top of his shoulders in a sitting position, “She’s back! Permanently!” He starts to jump and spin around and the whole club cheers and yells along with my father. She eventually turns her head to me and we lock eyes. I can feel my breath get knocked out of me.

How can one person be so godly? So beautiful? She is quite literally the most beautiful woman I’ve ever set my eyes on. It’s otherworldly. It’s almost unfair. Part of me wishes she would have never left; we could have been together. But the other part of me is happy she got help and made it big: her dream.

Clyde sets her down in the seat next to me and she’s still laughing. I can’t help the soft smile that appears on my face when I look over at her.

The moment is broken when Ares speaks, “Before someone else tells you, E, we want to. They went in to hiding after you left. They still do deals and shady shit but we have no clue where their base and people are in the state.” Her smile slowly fades and is replaced with an expressionless gaze but when you look in her eyes, can you see the unfiltered fury that is quickly building. She closes her eyes and folds her hands together on the table. Her knuckles were turning white from how tightly she was holding them. She opens her eyes, unfolds her hands, and takes a deep breath.

“Okay,” she finally says.

“Okay?” I ask, bewildered. After everything they did to her, that’s all she has to say?

“Yes, okay. If they want to be pussies and hide out, then they’ll be pussies. If they come back, we’ll be ready. I’ll be ready. If they want war, they will get war and I will personally kill every last one of the fuckers who ever touched me.” Once she finishes her speech, she gets up and goes to the bar.

“Well fuck. She got scary, man,” Ares says, after staring at her for a few minutes.

“No shit.”

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