Contract with an Architect

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After a painful breakup with his 5 years boyfriend, Ashley started to go out with a random guy she met on social media. An Architect, tall guy with long wavy hair, named Ivan Martin Aston. Ivan is an independent, well educated man who is really in love with his career. After 1 month of dating, Ashley decided to live together with Ivan and he immediately agreed since Ivan is living alone in his house. What will happen to the two of them rushing in love?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Kisses My skin

I started to be independent and live alone in a condominium when my parents left and lived overseas with my older brother.

At first, being independent is like an unlimited freedom. I'm free to do everything I want. I didn't feel alone because of my boyfriend Justin. He is kind, smart and very handsome. He even loves to cook my favorite food for me.

It's been 5 years that we're together. And he was perfect. That's why I asked myself “Am I not good enough for him to stay?” he left me no explanation. He just sent an email saying I'm sorry and he never replied and called me again.

It's very painful.

I'm confused.

I don't know how to make myself stable.

It's been a 1 weeks since he left me. I requested a vacation leave in my work for 10 days but I just wasted 7 days spending my whole day crying in my room alone.

One day I got a call from my college friend Daisy. “Ash, did you see? Justin's posted a photo on his Instagram account. How are you? Are you ok? Ash? Hey answer…” I dropped the call and immediately checked his post.

Justin posted a photo of him together with another girl, it was his best friend. And the caption is “Finally”

My tears dropped heavily. How can he?

Those 5 years means nothing to him?

I swipe my curtains to enlighten my dark room and open the balcony, I'm wearing my nightgown and almost naked and a strong cold wind breeze to my hair and kisses my skin. The view from the 27th floor is nerve wrecking and the pain caused by Justin is too strong. I can hear voices saying I had enough, I have to rest, I need to jump off my balcony.

But a beep from my phone that I'm holding in my right hand distracted me. A random guy named “BlacksmithIvan” sent a direct message on my Instagram.

It was a short message that distracted me and saved my whole life.

He sent me a “Hi Ashley.”

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