Beauty And The Criminal

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“You’re not safe here. My lifestyle is dangerous” he says and I shake my head. “No, you can’t mess with my emotions Antonio! One minute you’re the most loving guy and the next you’re pushing me away. I’m not ready to say goodbye!” I yell back, my voice shaking. “Look, I’m sorry but this was a mistake. I wasn’t meant to be your hero” he sighs running a hand through his hair. “So this is it then? Fine, then I’ll go find a man who’s not scared of his own feelings” I yell, pushing past him. Suddenly he grabs my arm and looks me dead in the eye. “I’m selfish Elle, no other man will touch you” Elle grew up in a loving home, that was until tragedy struck when she was 17. Trying to cope was hard but she managed and now she’s a wedding planner with her own business. Everyday she’s trying to get through, will things get easier or harder when she meets Antonio De Rosa? Antonio knew he was going to have to prove himself to become the next boss of the De Rosa Italian mafia but it comes sudden when his parents are killed and he has to take over at 19. Now at 27 he’s known in the business world, both legal and illegal. He’s feared by everyone yet Elle was different. He tried to push down feelings but he can’t hide the truth, will he uncover her dark past while trying to keep her out of his dark lifestyle? Or will time run out for beauty and her criminal?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1: Mr Hot

Elle Alexander

“What do you mean you can’t make it?!” I yell at the DJ who was meant to be here for the wedding tomorrow. “The wedding is Tomorrow, the bride and groom are right outside my office now for final touches know what fine, I’ll work it out” I sigh and end the call. Being a wedding planner is so stressful at times. Time to break the news to the couple.

“You can come in” I say to the couple with a small smile as I hold the door open for them to enter. They sit down on the opposite side of my desk and I close the door.

“So, don’t stress but the DJ has canceled last minute. Luckily I know a guy who DJs with short notice and he’s really good” I say and Bridget, the bride, looks worried.

“I can assure you, he’s amazing and cheaper” I wink and they let out a sigh of relief,

“Will he be able to play the songs we want?” Damon asks and I nod. “Definitely, trust me I’ll have it all sorted by today. Now, get home and make sure you’re all sorted and get a good nights sleep tonight ready for your big, magical day” I smile and they nod, thanking me as they leave glowing with happiness.


I sit at my desk and go over some paper work. “Elle, your next appointment is here” Madison, my assistant says peaking her head into my office.

“Send them in and please call Alex and tell him I need him tomorrow for a wedding. If he’s not free call Stiles” I tell her and she nods before leaving again to call in my next appointment. I kept my head down as I wrote down notes of what I wanted when I get married. I do this in my spare time, you know, the spare time I don’t actually have and I could be doing so many more productive things that don’t involve my none existent love life.

Ciao” I hear a mans voice and I jump in my seat as a good looking man around 6’3 with dark brown hair like mine and deep, rich brown eyes that anyone could get mesmerised in walks through the door. Although he seemed to have a friendly aura his tall and muscular appearance said other wise.

“Sorry to startle you, Tesoro. I’m Nixon” he says, walking closer, shutting the office door. I closed my note book and welcomed him in, confused to where his partner was.

“If you’re wondering, my fiancé was meant to be here and I’m honestly just as confused as you to why he’s not” Nixon said and my eyes widen.

“He?” I ask and he chuckles while sitting down. “Yes, he. You have a problem with that? Cause if you do tesoro I can walk right back out that door” he says with a shrug and I shake my head.

“No, no, I’m honestly happy for you. I rarely get gay couples and you’re handsome so I can’t imagine what you’d look like on you’re wedding day” I compliment while in-visioning it and he winks at me while doing a full scan of my seated body.

“If I were straight tesoro, it would be you and I who were getting married. Looking at your beautiful viso (face) is giving me shivers. I love your curly hair, I would kill to have that hair” he huffs and I laugh.

“You say that until you have curly hair, it’s hard to work with which is why I’m a wedding planner and not a hairdresser” I joke and he laughs.

“Trust me Tesoro, I would think you were a model if I saw you in the street. It does look like my fiancé isn’t going to show but I like you so we’re hiring you. Can we book our next appointment to start with preparations? Hopefully my man will be here next time” he says passive aggressively and I nod with a smile.

“Definitely, I’m free next Thursday at 2?” I say glancing at my calendar and he nods. “That’ll be go—-

He was interrupted by his phone ringing. He sighs and picks up. “sì?”

Whoever was on the other end responded quickly and Nixon sighed cursing under his breath.

Ok, vengo a dire a Carson che lo picchierò per non essersi fatto vedere” (Okay, I’m coming and tell Carson I’m going to beat his arse for not showing) he said before hanging up.

“Well work calls, it was nice talking to you bellissima. We’ll both be here next week” he says getting up and I do too, shaking his hand and he looks me up and down.

“You’re short” he laughs and I roll my eyes. “I’m 5’ I’m not that short you’re just tall” I huff and he smirks.

“Whatever you say, bellissima” he says before walking out and I glare at him with a smile. I have a feeling we’ll get along just fine.

“Elle, I’m just leaving now. You good here?” Madison asks and I nod. “Yes thank you, Have a goodnight” I reply giving her a warm smile. I always treat my employees like friends and I rarely lose my temper yet I’m stern. There’s a couple planners that work for me but they’re usually travelling all around Manhattan and I stay here with Madison at my actual shop.

She thanks me and heads out. I sigh looking at my clock. 9pm. God, time really does fly by.

I go back to writing down my dream wedding when my phone rings. I answer without looking to see who it was as I kept doodling in the note book.

“Elle speaking”

“Elle, is that the way you greet your mother?” My mother, Zoe said and I stop what I’m doing.

“Hello mum, how are you?” I ask, starting to pack up papers and folders. “Well your father and I are great but we’d like to know when that daughter of ours is coming to visit...maybe there’s a man you’d like to introduce us to” she adds and I shake my head.

“Well, I’d love to come over for dinner one night but there will be no man” I say and I can literally picture her rolling her eyes.

“When will you find a nice man Elle? You’re 24 and not getting any younger. You’ve got the career, got the money, the house and the car so wheres your dream boy?” She rants. I swear, my parents have an obsession with wanting me to get married, we have normal conversations and then it always comes back to marriage. And it always ends the same way, me telling her I’m happy being single.

That being said I’ve dated guys before but none of them stuck, only 3 ever got to meet my family and I only loved two.

“Mother, I don’t need a guy right now. If it happens it happens. Just because you had me when you were young doesn’t mean I need to get married and have kids young” I sigh, turning off my computer, grabbing my purse and putting my notepad in there.

“Elle, I’m just trying to make sure you’re not lonely. You really should start looking because time will run out” she responds and I roll my eyes.

“I’ll think about it, I gotta go close the shop now mum. I’ll call you when I can and we’ll arrange that dinner” I say, avoiding the topic. “Fine, try and find a nice young man inbetween now and then. Love you dear”

“Love you too mum” I say before ending the call and chucking my phone in my purse too. I exit my office and turn off the lights heading into the main reception/waiting area. There’s two other offices besides mine, a kitchen and bathroom in the back as well as a back door which leads to an alleyway and a dumpster. I head to the back door to make sure it’s locked. I twist the door handle to see if I needed to lock it, just as I do the metal door swings open and I jump back in shock as a tall figure comes in and slams the door all in a split second. I regain composure, finding the light so I can see the figure.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I ask flicking the switch and my breath got caught in my throat. This man was drop dead gorgeous. Strands of his black hair fell on his forehead and the rest sat messily on his head. He had emerald green eyes that I could get lost in forever, his build was tall, nearly a foot taller than me and I’m 5’6. He had a suit on or what’s left of it, he seems to have lost his jacket and tie and now all that was left was his button up white shirt where tattoos peaked out and black dress pants with shiny, dress shoes. He looked like he stepped out of a modelling magazine...well one that got interrupted by a hurricane.

“Who are y—

Suddenly his hand went over my mouth and he pushed me up against the wall. I tried struggling but he put his other hand to his lips signaling for me to be quiet and as he did that I heard yelling and hurried footsteps outside the door. Oh, people must’ve been chasing him. Why? I wondered but I do know as soon as they’re gone Mr hot guy can be on his way because I don’t want to deal with whatever trouble he’s in.

We stood there for a mintue and his head was turned. What a sharp jawline, god. I noticed blood trickling down his hair line and onto his cheek. I saw a small gash on his forehead but as I titled my head to look at it better he turned his face and we were very few inches apart. I’ve never been this close to a stranger in my life. His eyes were even more gorgeous close up. Finally he released me and his hand over my mouth and stepped away. I let out a sigh of relief and looked at the man in front of me.

“Sorry bellissima, I didn’t mean to come in here and startle you” he says with a thick Italian accent...strange I’ve met two Italians today Nixon and mystery guy.

So he’s practically perfect? Don’t mind me and my insecurities.

“’s fine” was all I managed to say feeling threatened by him. He chuckles at my response and pulls out his phone, immediately calling someone and barking orders in Italian. I have no clue what’s going on but I’m kinda scared to ask so maybe if I leave he’ll just disappear. He’d finished the call as I started to slowly make my way back into the main area where my phone is because for all I know he’s a murderer or a bad guy. It’s always the good looking ones.

“Well, thank you for letting me hide here for a minute bellissima. My apologies for the interruption..I’ll be out of your hair now” he coughs awkwardly and somethings telling me he doesn’t apologise often.

“It’s fine...are you okay?” I ask because I don’t really want to let an injured man walk the streets. He looks at me with a smile.

“I’m fine bellissima, just a scratch” he shrugs and I nod looking around. “Well.....” I say and he chuckles muttering something in Italian. “I’ll leave you be now, maybe we’ll see each other again” he winks, going to walk back out the door but I felt bad.

“Wait! I’m not going to ask you what happened, as long as it doesn’t get me involved but let me clean that cut for you...” I say and he was almost shocked by what I said. I didn’t give him time to respond as I grab his arm and lead him back through the main area and seat him in one of the chairs while grabbing the first aid kit from the receptionist counter.

“So, what’s your name?” I ask, walking back over to him intrigued. He raises his brow and I shrug. “It’s conversation, you’re a man who came into my shop late at night the least I get to know is your name” I say and he chuckles but soon hisses in pain when I clean his cut. “Sorry” I mumble.

“My names Antonio. You own this shop?” He asks and I nod. “Yep” I say while cleaning off the blood from the side of his face.

“You might need a couple stitches” I say inspecting the cut properly. “I’m not a doctor though so maybe don’t trust me” I add and he laughs. “Sei carino” (you’re cute)

“Huh?” I ask and he shakes his head. “If it makes you feel better I’ll get it checked out by a real doctor” he says.

“Well to be honest I don’t know you so if you don’t want to get it checked out by a doctor you don’t have too. It won’t effect me but I would recommend it” I say honestly and he laughs as I’m trying to put the small bandage on his forehead.

“Well bellissima as much as I love your rambles I have to get going. My rides going to be here soon. Sorry again for storming into your shop” he says as I finish.

“Just don’t bring your drama here and we’re good. You can use the front door this time by the way” I add walking to put the kit back.

“Noted” he nods with a chuckle getting up.

“Well this little adventure has been fun. See you around bellissima” he winks, exiting my shop into the late night. That was interesting. I have a feeling I will see him again, I hope not. He screams trouble although part of me wants to see him again. I sigh and lock the back door properly, turning off all the lights I grab my purse and turn on the alarm before leaving my business and locking it all up. Walking to my car I still had one question on my mind.

What does bellissima mean?

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