The Devil's untainted Possession

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Utkarsh POV

I got up early to catch my flight to Delhi. Somehow I have this gleeful feeling - an anticipation of seeing her. It's been four long years since I last talked to her. That winsome smile adorned on those captivating pink lips always seizes my heart to skip a beat. There were many times I dialed her landline just to listen to her melodious voice. Today finally I'm going to meet her and that makes my heart go dancing like a little boy who is going to receive his Christmas gift. Would she still remember me? Though I am a thousand miles away from her, I watch every move of her to ensure myself that she is safe otherwise I wouldn't be able to blink an eye. She is my love, my spirit and my angel.

Few months ago I almost met with a heart attack. One of her friends invited her to a party and a boy tried to exploit her. Unquestionable I shred that muck to a rag and no one knows about it till date.

My mom called me yesterday and told me about the tribulation her family recently underwent. Uncle Anand had been shot and Aunt Priya succumbed to coma after primarily witnessing her husband almost being killed. I had no words to express and went to an alarm understanding the amount of trauma she had undergone. I booked the earliest flight to Delhi to look into the matter. I spare no one who dares to touch my family.

Taking leave from work even for a day is near impossible as a CEO. There are thousands of families who depend on Agnihotri group of Industries. Getting into my private jet I opened the laptop. Soon her beautiful face came into view. She was dressed in a pink long gown like a fairy and was smiling to the camera before blowing the candles on the cake. It was her 14th birthday. I was 20 and the next day I was to catch a flight to California as I got my admission in Stanford University to complete my masters in business analytics. It was also the time when I realised I had feelings for her. I love her and it was the dawn of my realisation clear to me like a day.

My father always wanted me to complete my MS in a reputed foreign university and so I grabbed the opportunity to keep myself away from her. It is the best move at that jucture for keeping my sanity in tact. She is like a family to me and her parents treated me like their son. Loving her is a sin I should never commit and I tried my very best to submerge the arduous emotion.

I came once to meet my parents after completion of my studies, before taking over our family business and it was when she went to meet her grandparents as it was her vacation time. Though my one side of the heart craved to see her, my other taught me better that it is always the best for me to be away from her. She is much younger to me and I shouldn't be nourishing such passionate feelings towards her. I began to blow my ears chanting the same mantra. Now after four long years of sequestration I'm returning back to my family home.

With infinite emotions I walked ahead into the familiar mansion of creamy prolonged walls in which I spent 20 long years of mirthful life. The mansion had it's usual quaint view of a beautiful garden ahead with flowers of different colours. I walked through the foyer to the main door with my mind full of many thoughts and remembrances. Within seconds of ringing the doorbell my mother with a bright smile appeared in front of me and encapsulated me in her warm hug. I reciprocated her and my eyes were searching for the 'one' person who occupied my every thought till the present.

There she is! My heart thuds indicating her presence as my eyes studied her carefully while hugging my mother. She gave me a pleasing long smile but I could understand better. The smile never reached her face. After so long years of remoteness I may not be familiar with her likings but I always know her essence. That pristine naughty little girl full of mischief was no more present being replaced by a dispirit colleen and the blatant realization clenched my soul to chips.

Her eyes were red and fluffy because probably she had been crying all night. I release my mother and my father walked towards me with a welcomed smile. He laid a hand on my shoulder and gave me a friendly pat. Returning my father's twinkle I took a few steps towards her and brushed the hair behind her ear which was covering her angelic face. She slowly lifted her eyes to meet my gaze and I could see tears welled up. My heart clenches as though it's been tattered to pieces but I could not speak a word. She looked at me with those glistened orbs and everything was absolutely clear. No words were spoken and neither were they required.

She is my love and I will take care of her.

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