The Devil's untainted Possession

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Chapter 3

chapter 3

Ana's Pov

Like every day I got up early in the morning, did my chores and went for a walk along with dad. Suddenly dad's phone beeped. He picked up the phone from the pocket of his track pant and stiffened but nevertheless answered the call. I could clearly hear the commanding male voice practically yelling on the phone. Dad looked at me for a second almost going red and asked me to continue with the walk while he would join me later. I obliged him but he never joined me. After I came home, I took bath, got ready and went to the college but my instinct told me something wasn't right.

During mid-day I got a call from the principal's office. I left my accounts class and went to the principal's room wondering why he would call me at this hour. I found Ajit Uncle speaking to the principal. As soon as I entered the room he gave me a weak smile and ushered me to get home with him immediately. I found him very tensed. As soon as the principal gave me the permission to leave, I got into the car of Ajit uncle and asked the reason behind his sudden presence in my college. When he gave me the reason, the earth shattered under my legs. My dad was shot and my mother is admitted in trauma centre because she suffered a severe panic attack and is now in coma. I did not know what to speak as tears ran down my eyes. I immediately went to the hospital along with Ajit uncle and the doctor told us that my dad's condition is serious as the bullet was shot very near to his heart.

I cried till there were no tears left in my eyes but managed to get up and go to my mother's ward. I glanced at the peaceful yet almost lifeless form of my mother that struck with several tubes on the hospital bed. Instantaneous I felt a heavy beating in my pulse, my legs shivered and were no longer able to carry me getting me succumbed to the floor and blackness surrounded me.

A few hours later......

I slowly blinked my eyes open to meet the curious gaze of Aunt Geeta. "Princess, how are you feeling now?" She spoke in her motherly voice. I tried to get up from the bed but she stopped me pointing to me the saline drip attached to the hand. I asked her in an almost numb voice "Where is Ajit Uncle?" She gave me a slight smile and told me that he went to meet my dad as he was now conscious. "I want to see my dad." I almost cried and requested Aunt Geeta. "You are very weak princess. After the saline drip is over you will be fine and will be able to see your dad." She insisted.

I waited restlessly for the drip to finish as I couldn't disregard Aunt Geeta. She is like a mother to me. Telling me sleep time stories she kept me engaged diverting my mind from

seeing my dad until the drip was over. After I was freed, I ran to my father going more anxious and Aunt Geeta followed me. As soon as I entered his room, dad saw me and stopped speaking whatever he was talking to Ajit Uncle and welcomed me into his open arms. I could sense something fishy but left it to later period of time. As of now my primary requirement was to go into the arms of my father. I know I was behaving like a little girl craving for my dad's attention and care but I left all such sort of maturity at the back door. As soon as I reached him he let out in his faint voice. "Princess how are you feeling now? You seem to eat less that's why you have gone weak and fell unconscious." He scolded and worried about me even at the point when his health was a more serious consideration. "From now onwards you will stay with Ajit uncle and Geeta aunt. Obey them and behave properly." He says as though he is speaking to a small child. I nodded to him and hugged him tight while his hand slowly trailed on my loose hairs.

At that moment nothing felt more secured than go nestled in the arms of my father.

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