The Devil's untainted Possession

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Ana's Pov

My father is sick, my mother is in coma. None of the things happen to be going right in my life. Among all the reprehensible situations, the only thing which I heard smoothening to my ears is Utkarsh is coming. I had seen him four years back though I happen to see his pictures in business magazines every now and then. He is considered the most sexy and youngest billionaire of the country. Many girls fantasy being in his arms and I am sure some would have made a step further. What if he already has a girlfriend? Thinking of which a trigger goes down my entity. Why would a billionaire like him have eyes for a desolate girl like you? My inner voice promptly sounded.

I had a crush on Utkarsh since my teens. He used to be my best friend and supported me even when I was at fault. All of us used to play and ball up together. We were equal partners in devilry and obedience. But as I was the only girl among the four of us, I was always pampered and defended by both our parents. It seems weird that I have these unfathomable passionate feelings for him. But no matter how much I try, there seems no chance to shut those stupid emotions. Goosebumps erupt my system whenever I think of him.

It so happened that one day dad caught me ogling at his picture. He asked me what was I looking at? I answered him nonchalantly that I was reading Utkarsh's interview. But with the expression he gave, I could very well counter that my dad understood more than required. Giving me a knowing smile he exited the room nodding his head. Thank God! There were no questions further asked.

Today he is coming back. The same sentence keeps ringing in my heart again and again. In spite of everything going on in my life, I'm somewhere happy with the anticipation of seeing him. Though Geeta aunt was against straining myself as I recently fainted in the hospital, I took special care in preparing all of Utkarsh's favourate dishes. I wonder if his tastes and likings continue to be the same. His girlfriend could be a better cook than you. My inner voice came mocking at me again. The thought itself brought churning in my stomach.

A few hours later....

There was a ring at the door and soon I could here his sexy macho voice. Exhibiting a supreme persona he was dressed in his business suit as though going to hold a meeting with a group of business delegates. Does this man not have anything else to wear? I glanced at his urbane grey suit which fit him perfectly. The way it was adorning his broad shoulders, I could clearly say, he does a lot of work-out. His sharp black eyes were focussed on me, as though looking into my soul. My lips quivered at his fervid gaze. His thick black hair was elegantly combed to perfection. Examining his most minute detail a shiver runs down my spine encapsulated by carnal cravings. My heart was screaming to go and hug him and feel his powerful masculinity but my eyes were stupid not to cooperate. They started tearing especially after seeing him in such long years. He came to me after hugging his mom, and pushed strands of hair which were covering my face. He spoke nothing but looked at me intense. I zeroed into his eyes seeing everything crystalline coherent and I breathe a sigh of relief.

My man is back.

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