Our Little Secret

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Hailey Rose Jameson has been keeping a secret. A secret that for sure going to tear apart her relationship with her friends and because of that she choose to run away for years but as other people said secrets can't be keep forever. Daniel Reid Williams has been searching for his special friend for years but no matter how hard he tried she keep slipping away from him, completely heart broken he finally let go after five agonizing years without luck. What happened when Hailey had to return one day and the two of them finally met?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Hailey stare at the laptop in front of her with a sad expression, she let out a sigh and close the lid slowly as she put the laptop on the table

Hailey looking at the calendar besides her and she grab her pen and mark a special date in there. July 26. It's only seven months from now and probably the day she finally have to make an appearance to her past, to the people she already left behind and the thought of it alone, dreaded her to the core. She's not ready to face them. To face him

She doesn't want to come to their wedding. His wedding but she can't run away forever and it's not fair to both of her best friend since she already running away from them the past years. She admit she's been avoiding her and him at all cost even as far as cut the contact completely from them and she feel a little guilty about it but she knows that her secret was so big and it can tear their friendships apart completely and because of her, their friendship may be broken to pieces and she never wants that

She look at the clock in her study room and the needle already pointing on midnight. Hailey stood up from her chair and begin walking to her bedroom but before that she take a peek on her son room and see him already bundle up with his blue blanket and his dinosaur toy in his hand. Hugging it dearly, she chuckle at the sight

Six years ago she found out that she is pregnant. The news and realization has taken her to a complete shock but still she can't abort it even though she still 18 at that time. The moment she found out about her baby, she determine to keep it even if nobody support her and she has to fighting for her unborn child alone but to her surprise her family took it pretty well

At first her parents and her sister was disappointed at her and she would be too if she was in their shoes but they still forgive and help her go through it and she really glad about it. Their support really are needed and to be honest she can't do it alone without anyone helps, having a child is not easy especially as a teenage mother. She has to go to college and taking care of her child at the same time and it was not an easy task at all

But the moment her son coming into this world no other thing matters to her and she make a silent promise to her son that she will never let him down and will always there for him. She named him Taylor Chase Jameson after her own brother who already passed away when she still a little child due to an accident

Her son was so adorable and he inherit her hair color and eye shape but all other if his features was his father's and he also inherit his heterochromia eyes the same cobalt blue and grey eyes like his father and that makes him more beautiful for her

It was a bittersweet feeling because every time she look at that eyes, her son eyes, she feel a little sad and guilty. Sad because she not ready to face that man but deep down missed him dearly and guilty because she keep Taylor a secret from his father and make Taylor growing up without a father figure

It's actually not his fault. It was hers completely. She decided to hide her pregnancy from him and push him away from her and Taylor and as the years goes she started to regretting her decision

Taylor is used to the fact he doesn't have a father. He only asking about his father whereabouts two times and Hailey had to lied to him

She sigh when she remember about the email she received earlier, did she really have to go? Did she had to tell him about Taylor existence? But how's she going to tell him when he's going to marry her best friend? and the news will lead to unwanted situations and she hate that

The need to explain about her reasoning is one of the reasons why she choose to runaway from her past

Shaking her head again for the second time in a few minutes, she choose to think about this wedding news later in the morning, after all she still have three months to thinks about it or she can keep running away and bring her secret to her death and it probably will be easier to deal with

Hailey grimace at the thought, will she really do that? Is she cruel enough to keeping Taylor from his biological father?

Hailey walk slowly to her son bedroom and kiss his son forehead gently, her little boy squirming in his sleep after she do that. She look at him proudly My angel she thought as she watch him and then she prepare to sleep

She take a good look at her son. There's no doubt about it, one look was all it takes to figure it out who was Taylor father. The similarities are uncanny and he sure going to be so much more like him in the future

Hailey caressing her son hair once again as she closed her eyes and giving him one last kiss, right know she has to started training her excuses for sure


"Mommy!! Wake up!! I'm hungry" a little squeal was heard and Hailey feel someone hugging one of her arms she chuckle while still closing her eyes

"You are? What time is it?" She ask while getting up and rubbing her eyes

The little boy beside her check the clock "Hmmm it's already 7 in the morning mom, let's eat breakfast" he grinned widely

"This early? Okay what do you want for breakfast sweetie?" She ask her son, caressing his dark brown hair

"I want pancakes!!" He said loudly

"No need to shouts Taylor, I can hear you loud and clear" she reprimand her son gently

"Sorry momma" Taylor said while hugging her again and she hug him back "Now would you help me preparing the food?"

Taylor grin widely at her, it always been his favorite. Doing something together with his mother due to it always been just the two of them together. Even from a young age, Taylor already protective of her and he said his favorite thing to do was spending time with his mom, Hailey almost cried when she heard he said that and she really glad she had him with her

While cooking a pancake together with Taylor Hailey hear her door bell ring and she know exactly who it was "Taylor honey can you open the door for me?" She ask while making a pancake in the pan Taylor nod his head

"Sure mom" and not long after she hear her sister voice calling her from the living room

"Hello Sist!! How are you?" Her sister ask cheerful tone, she's peeking her head from the kitchen door

"Hello Hannah! I'm fine why are you come so early this morning?"

"Well let me see" She fake pondering "Because I'm hungry and so I can having a breakfast with you and my little nephew over here" Hannah continue said while messing with Taylor dark hair

"Aunt Hannah I'm not a little man!! I'm going to growing up so big so I can protect mommy" Taylor said while puffing his chest out to make him look tough

Hailey and Hannah can't help but laugh at him "Sure champ now go help your aunt setting up the table"

After having breakfast together Hailey start preparing to go to work and dropping Taylor off to his school

"Mommy! aunt Hannah said she want to drop me off today, can I go with her instead?" Taylor suddenly running to her already with his backpack in his back and he dragging Hannah along with him

"Yes sist today is my day off and I really miss my little nephew here" Hannah smile at her "Oh I want to ask you too, can I pick up Taylor after school today?" Hannah ask her

"Thank you Hannah, sure you can, where are both of you going after school?" She ask her sister

Taylor and Hannah share a mischief look together and suddenly Hailey become a little worried. Taylor maybe have all his father's look but unfortunately he also got Hannah troublemaker trait

"It's a secret between aunt and her favorite nephew, my dear sister. You can't know about it, right Taylor?" Hannah said to Taylor instead of answering her

"Aunt Hannah I'm your only nephew so of course I'm the favorite one" Taylor said while rolling his eyes in the 'duh' tone. Looks like he also inherited her sarcasms too

"Please mommy can I go with aunty Hannah?" Taylor plead to her, giving her puppy eye

"I don't know, something bad almost always happens when you two go together" Hailey said said worriedly

Her sister is a troublemaker even from her young age and she always manage to get herself in a troublesome situations and like her aunt, Taylor also have a little streak of mischievousness in him and the two of them together surely going to make a trouble

"I promise we're not doing anything dangerous sist, relax a little will you? and to assure you I just want to bring Taylor to my coffee shop today. I promise to give him a cake but Taylor insisted he want to help me make the cake together with me, so today we're going to make a cupcakes!" Hannah said while Taylor nodding his head along

Hannah decide she doesn't want to go to college but after highschool she goes to culinary school and now she have her own cafe shop and her cafe is pretty popular

Hailey smile at them as she just earn a 'me time' to herself today

"Okay you two can go, but don't forget to bring me some of that cake you both made"

"Ok mommy!!" Taylor said cheerfully

So that was the first chapter!!

I don't want to rushed about this but also don't want to be in a really slow pace

How do you think about it? Please leave me your thoughts about it I'm comments section!! Thank you

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