Archer Master Trilogy

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Chapter Seven – Freestyle Racing Tragedy

Seto Dom Yo’-gi says?

“What do you want from us?”

“Holy shit!” one of them swear as he throws his cigar on the ground. “You almost forget about us huh?”

I faces Shantall then kisses her forehead.

“Just stay here beside me okay?′

She nods at me then I turn to the four men.

“Are you worth rememb’ring?” I said as I give them a teasing smile.

How can I forget you, Tyrone Long? How can I forget our last race?

“You still as arrogant as ever huh? Can you see this?” he said as he show me his scar on the right eye. “Now, you remember that you owed me something?”

Tyrone puts out his razor.

“You really think that I’ll be furious?” I smirks as I grab Shantall’s hand. “When I said go . . .,” I whisper to her, “GO!” I shouts as I drag her and we run together.

Tyrone and his three musketeers run after us.

“Stay away from here and go see for help,” I said to her.

“No way, I won’t leave you.”

“Shantall; go!”

Tears starts falling on her eyes .I touches her cheeks then kiss her on the lips. “GO!”

Someone punch me so hard on the jaw, but I also manage to punch him on the chest, stomach, and face. Fuck! Four versus one! This is hell! I kick Tyrone on the chest but I did not expect that he would stab his razor on my stomach. That ass!

I kneel on the ground due to pain. My hand is on my wounded stomach.

“Yugi!” Shantall screams. I looks at her and two men are holding her both arms.

Release her, “I commanded with full authority.

Tyrone kick me again.

“Argggh!”I shouts.

He kicks me again. Fucking hell!

Tyrone grabs my hair.

“Outplay me on a race,” he said.“---or else, game over!”


“Are you sure with this?” she asks me with sincerity.

Her hands are on my cheeks and her eyes full of tears.

I lean to kiss her on the forehead.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll promise.”

She just nod as I walks away. For the last time, I turn around on her direction then I place my thumb on my lips and show it to her, she also do the same, as if our lips met. By that, I can feel a connection between us----a very deep connection. Something that i never felt before. What I can do without this woman on my life?

With my goggles on, I gets inside my car.

The game is about to start. Though I am wounded, there is no turning back.

Tyrone Long. That little man---the son of a devil.

That familiar sound signals the start of the game.

I looks at him inside his sports car. He just smirk.

1 . . . . . .2. . . . . . . . . . . . .3...

“On your marks .READY . . . GET SET. . . . . . . . .. . . GO!”

Damn it!

He just keeps on bumping me. He is aware that it is difficult for me to drive on a slippery road, huh? Wrong timing rain shower!

I tried to overtake on the side. He keeps on hitting the left side of my car.

I increase my speed and try to head right. An eight wheeler meets me on the intersection. I still try to hit the break but it is already too late. All I can remember, I heard a loud blast then blackout.


[NP: Only Love-by Trademark]

“2 am and the rain is falling. . . .”

With trembling hands, I run to him. Though I already have blurry vision due to tears, still it never stops me.

“Here we are at the crossroads ones again. . .”

Police cars are surrounding the area. After that accident ------- yeah, that road tragedy of an eight-wheeler truck and a racecar, the cops discovered their illegal road racing underground economy. Many are being arrested including those four gangsters to whom Yugi had a racing duel a while ago.

After that blast, there are three reported deaths ------- all of them from the delivery truck. The driver, his wife and their only child. I have no idea what or how to react. Everything I worried about is he.

“You’re telling me you’re so confuse

You can’t make up your mind. . .”

Why does it have to turn out this way? Everything that I wanted, all I wanted, is to have a perfect life.

I experienced pain. I had to be broken. I became nothing. Until I met him. . .

“Is this meant to be, you’re asking me.”

A life with him is my dream. He gave me this reason to go on with life. He showed me care and more than anything else, he is my comrade.

“But only love can stay

Try again or walk away

But I believe, in you and me

That sun will shine one day. . .”

I want to hug him. I really want to share with his suffering. By the time I caught sight of him, the way he looks -- his condition is ridiculous. He has his hear badly injured, and his legs are being sandwich on his car. Darn it all! Everything! How dare them. . .


While holding my breath, my right hand over my mouth, I keeps on crying his name. The paramedics place him on the stretcher then inside the ambulance.

I wish I were the one who is hurt.

All he want is to protect me.

Then, to be thrown out upside-down in the air like that, and to think that it was him inside, it feels like a dagger has been struck on my heart.

A tall middle-aged woman approaches me.

“Are you with him?” she ask.

I onlý nod.

To my surprise, she slaps me. Then another one on the other side.

“How dare you! You killed my son and his family!” she screams. “How dare you killing them with your criminal boyfriend? How dare you.”

She is already crying then she grabs my hair and slap me again. I started to cry.

“Ma’am I’m sorry, --- I’m so sorry.”

“How dare you! How I wish it were he who died. I wish he were the one who is dead. You deserve this. Go to hell!”

The cops tried to calm her, while I cannot help it but to cry.

“So I’ll just play my part

Praying you will have a change of heart

But I can’t make you see it through... ”

In spite of those bad words, blame, degrading, shame, I can take everything, because I do know that we did nothing.

In the name of love, he can even sacrifice himself. Now, it has to ease, endure and bear ---- because. . . .

“That something only love can do. . . ”

..I love him so much even it means of I. BEING HURT.

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