Archer Master Trilogy

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Dione Tang Says?

“Beijing Flight 101, we will about to land in a few minutes, Mr. Tang get ready.”

I open my eyes then blinks a little as I removes my shades then replaces it with my reading glasses.

“We are already here sir.”

I give them a nod as I get outside my ambassador’s jet plane.

“Welcome back Sir Dione.”

I look at my eighteen bodyguards who accompanied me during my flight, and now, on this homecoming. They are aligned side-by-side with nine men on the row, and there is a long red carpet on the center. I just look straightforward as I bypassed all of them.

I am Dr. Dione Tang, M.D. My birth name was Tang Kent-li, but I preferred Dione since I grew up on states with my parents ever since I am seventeen. I came from the family of surgeons, twenty-five years old, and now a successful general therapeutic practitioner and surgeon, with specialization on cardiovascular surgeries and neuro surgeries. Do not ask me why I have already two specialization at such a young age. For five years, I took up my Doctor of Medicine, and while waiting for the graduation, I took up my medical licensure exam and successfully passed. While doing my hospital internship, I took up two double specialization in neuro and cardiovascular surgery and I work hard day-and-night, do researched with my professors, participates in actual surgery and just last year, I passed both of my specialization licensure. That is a good record to finish it in just a span of two years. Today, I came back home as an ambassador of World Health Organization to China. Probably I’ll stay here for few months because I need to fix something right once in my life and it is related to my past. I plan to stay here while waiting for my application to Doctors without Borders – an organization of volunteer doctors from all over the world whose aims is to break health barriers among nation by providing free medical care and researches for the world’s pandemic diseases. That is what I always wanted to do.

“Now, we are all here on this gathering, to present to our medical team here in Beijing, our latest improvement and development on our therapeutically teams in America. Here we goes. As you can see on the slide show, this is what you called robotic surgery, wherein, robots are now use to carry out normal manual surgeries. This allows every surgeons to be in anywhere part of the world due to the use of remote controls, which is, really hassle and stress free. Doctors and nurses will not be worn out easily and it can lessen the hospital stays of every patients, blood loss and transfusions. It creates greater possibilities of life counts being save.”

“Anyway, Doctor Tang, although we agree that this newest technology could be very helpful, we still can’t take away the fact that high standard and high quality machines are very costly, and we are afraid that this might result to fund and budget shortage or deficit for other medical purposes.”

“Yeah, I am aware of that, but I really had this dream of having China shared with this newest medical success, that’s why I asked the help of my co-doctors in States and we had this project, the what we called ‘The Life Saver Fund Raising Concert for a Cause’ and in America, it really became a success, so I am looking forward of bringing this project here. I am encouraging and expecting everyone to support me.”

Everyone nods and clap their hands for my job well done, and my heart shouts for Eureka.

As you can see, being a doctor and successor of the biggest and most influential hospital here in China, I can say that my work is my passion. I am dedicated to my profession and I can do everything for the sake of my patients. I spent most of my leisure hours either on staying in the laboratory, reading medical references, researching or visiting the patients’ ward, the ER, OR and ICUs.

I even have to forget my personal life because of the busy schedule on the hospital, but I do not care. This is part of the job and emotional matters needs to be sacrifice so that they will never interfere. In my world, it requires certain important credentials – a numb heart, has self-control, strong front, open-mindedness, reasonableness and patience. If you lack the qualities – DO NOT. EVER. DARE. TO. ENTER. MY. WORLD.

They say that I am lucky. That I am lucky. That I am perfect. Everyone envies my life – having an international, supermodel girlfriend, being happy, a peacekeeper, handsome, smart and genius, rich, a likable son and famous.

Hell, no! It is too tiring, having everyone’s eyes focus on you. You will only became vain and bitter for the burden of committing mistakes.

“What’s my next appointment?”

“Sir, you need to see the Prime Minister.”

I just nod at him and continues on walking. Yes, I forgot to mention that I have an uncle and he is the Prime Minister of People’s Republic of China. He is always fond of me and I to him, as according to my cousin. I also used to have had a brother-liked relationship with his only son years ago, but those changes when we fell in love on the same girl years’ way back. Yes, he already forgave me, not until it happened again, not with the same girl, but to this gorgeous supermodel, Michelle Nam.

Speaking of her, we had sort of misunderstanding last night. She keeps on demanding me more time for her, but of course, I cannot because I love my job, and then she starts on ordering me to quit, or else we are done and it is already over between us. Well, I told her that it is up on her and we will talk as soon as she already calmed herself. After that, I left her without a proper closure.

Everyone thought that we are really in good terms, but I guess, it is not what they think. She loves him, though she chooses to be with my company. Yeah, I am always above him and I like it to remain that way. I guess, it is always this way, only except in our battle in matter of hearts. I am always pretending not to notice it in front of Michelle. She and my first love, loves him, and I always took them away. It is not that I have a grudge on him, but I am just too selfish enough to stole even the attention that Dom Yo’-gi deserves to have.

As I enter the Prime Minister’s house, all the butlers and securities bow down their heads in front of me. With my head held up, I bypassed all of them and continues on walking until I reaches his office.

“Sir Dione,” Duyu Yan greets me as he bows his head with his right hand on his back and left hand on his side.

“The Prime Minister?”

“He is waiting for you sir.”

As I walks towards the door, I looks at him again. “how’s Dom Yo’-gi?”

“Young Master is still busy with his life,” he answered in a low baritone voice and heads down.

I give him a smirk and then heads inside.

“Mr. Prime Minister,” I greets.

As usual, he is sitting on his throne, facing the Beijing’s view. He turns around his seat in order to face me.

“Ah!” he exclaimed as he stands up. “Dione, you’re here now. Are you staying for good?” With a smile, he sits again while gesturing me to occupy also the seat in front of his desk.

“Not really,” I answered as I did what he said. “I’m still trying to cope with the changes on my environment. If I begins to like this place, why not?”

“That’s good,” he said while smiling. “Anyway, how’s your doctor life?”

“Well, I tell you, it’s a great pleasure on my behalf.”

I told him about our latest improvement and discoveries in States, including this and that of my accomplishments. Of course, I know him so well, and he will be glad to know that I am doing okay.

“Excellent! You are really much better than Dom Yo’-gi,” he finally said. That is the compliment I am always wanted to hear. Just like so many times, I won again.

I pretend not to mind and change the topic.

“I am glad that your health is still good.”

“Ah, that’s natural of me. You see, I am strong as ever,” he said in a proud tone. “Anyway, how’s your mom? How’s Ericka?”

“I guess she became tired on the city life. They told me that they would stay for some time in the province. Don’t worry; a family friend will accompanied them there.”

“I see,” he answered. I notice that his face turns dim.

Another Eureka for my part, but I manage not to show it, though a smile was already painted on my lips.

After my meeting with the Prime Minister, I decided to cancel all my appointments that afternoon and head straight to my condominium unit. I have to unwind. I do not want to stress myself too much for if I do, my youth years will be over then.

I took a shower first before I decides to face the television and have a relax.

“An illegal freestyle car racing underground economy, which involves bug names, corporations and gangs, was being discovered today after a road blast tragedy, which involves a race car and an eight wheeler. The driver of the race car was said to be the son of the Prime Minister, Dom Yo’-gi Seto. The authority are still confirming the said incident to the house of the Prime Minister until now. Seto is still in the critical condition with a head, back, and legs injuries. The accident also results to three casualties deaths. They are the driver of the truck, his wife and their son. Now, the paramedics are coming. . .”

I turns off the television by the time my phone rings.


“Dione, we have an emergency. . .”

I rush to the hospital by the time I heard the news that we will be handling Dom Yo’-gi’s case. I am still his cousin so I care. They told me that he is now on the operating room and ready for the operation. All they are waiting for is for me to come there and perform the surgery.


“BP?” I ask.

“70/60 Doc,” one of my nursing assistant has answered.

“Put an additional dosage of IV,” I said,

“I already put it Doc.”

“Clear,” I said as I pumps his chest with the use of some of our medical devices. This is really a horror. His head injury causes a hematoma in his cranial nerve and internal hemorrhage on his brain, particularly in the cerebrum, so we have to open his head. There are skull and spine fractures. He also had a cast on his legs, arms and neck due to minor bone damages.



“Another dosage,” I ordered.

“Clear,” I said again as the procedure repeats over and over, but still, nothing happens.

Bip. . . bip. . . bip. . . .

“Doc, his vital signs continues on decreasing.”

“Another dosage,” I ordered.

I looks at everyone and my team and my team are already on a panic state. I looks at Dom Yo’-gi. No improvement. They are pumping oxygen on his mouth, while I pumps his chest.

“Clear,” I say again. “BP?”

“80/60. . . Wait, it decrease to 70/60.”

Bip. . . bip. . . bip. . . .

“Clear,” I said again. You cannot die moron!

Bip. . . bip. . . bip. . . .

A flat line flash on his monitor. That is when I exclaimed, “If you die, she will loathed you, you Moron!

Bip. . . bip. . . bip. . . .


As I step outside the OR door, I spotted a girl sitting silently at the corner. Wearing jogging pants, a hoodie and teenies. She is folding her hands on her lap with her head down. She has reading glasses and her long hair is untied.

“Have we met before?” I ask as I approaches her.

She looks at me with teary eyes.

I give her a recognition look and a sideways smile. “You looks familiar – “

“How is he?” she interrupts.


“Yugi. I’m – I’m h-his . . . f-friend. . . .”

“I see,” I nod. “To tell you the truth, he has a head trauma. His condition is 50-50 and he is in comatose right now.”

A mixture of shock and horror paints her face by the time my words finally registered on her face.

Shantall Denver. That is how she introduces herself to me, and I do not believe her. I accompanied her on the hospital chapel for a short prayer. At first, she refuses because she told me that she is not a Christian, but since I insist, telling her with full honesty that there is nothing bad on calling the Lord at times like this, she ends up on uttering a short prayer. “Do you think He will hear me?” she ask.

“Maybe,” I said. “My mother raised me up on a Christian home, though the faith itself is not popular here in China. She always tells me to pray and talk to God. The answer could be just within yourself. It will brings you peace.” With that, a smile flashes on her lovely face. I return that smile too. “Shall we have lunch?”

After that, I ask her out on a lunch and starts on introducing a topic, but I guess, she is not interested.

“Are you sure that we haven’t met before? I ask again.

“Have we?” she answered me the same question, and then she smiles again when she finally acknowledged my face.

“Yeah, I know you,” she finally said then I smiles at her. “You are Yugi’s cousin. The boyfriend of the supermodel. I saw you on the television.”

My smile fades by the time she said that.

“I guess, I am right,” she said again. “Anyway, I am starving now, and since you’re the one who asked me out, you will treat me, okay? Thank you mister.” She bows at me then calls for the waiter.

My facial expression turns dim due to irritation. Is she mocking me?


After Shantall and I parted, I head back to my office to resume my work. As I expected, there are still several laboratory tests, consultation check-ups and surgeries on the row.

I close my eyes for a while then stretches my arms. I also massage my head for a little bit.

“Why not try to have a day break?”

I opens y eyes then stands up as I recognize her.

“Dr. Jin, have a seat,” I said.

“Oh, no need,” she said while shaking her head. “Such a tiring day eh?”

“Uh-huh,” I nod.

“How’s that Seto boy?” she asks.

I smiles as she reminds me again of the made-names which she often used to Yugi since our childhood years.

“Good heavens, he’s fine and stable now. He will soon be kicking before we knew it. No wonder,” I answered then we utter that familiar phrase in a chorus. “Bad grass don’t vanish easily.” With that, we both laugh.

“Why did you lie on that pretty girl?” she asks again.

“You knew me so well. I love playing games,” I smile.

“Rude boy,” she said. “Anyway, I want you to meet someone.” She calls out to the door, “Mr. Yuan, come over here.”

A gentleman of about eighteen or nineteen years of age enters my office then head towards us.

“This boy is Gheo’to Yuan. He is a medical student here. You know, he really do well in spite of a very short while. Mr. Yuan, he is Doctor Tang.”

I only nod while looking at him straight in the eye.

What is he doing here?


Yuan Gheo’to says?

“Mr. Yuan, he is Doctor Tang.”

Why did he came back again? What for? She already forgot everything. She do not need them in her life ever again.

As I head outside his office, I get my wallet and brings out a picture of a boy and a girl on the archery uniform. His arm is over her shoulders and they were both smiling. I kept this picture for years now, but I guess, I do not need it anymore. I crumpled the picture and throw it on the trash bin.

Every past worth is forgetting

At the hospital’s parking lot, I spotted Shin-li and she calls for a cab. We have been looking for her for a month now, so I decided to follow her and avoid on losing track of her again.

As I expected, she is just here in Beijing all along and she manages to live on a condominium? I wonder who in earth helped her?

I just stayed there for a while, of course, inside my car to where I had a good view on her without her noticing me, until she went inside and have the lights off.

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