Archer Master Trilogy

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Chapter Two - The Prime Minister’s Son

Seto Dom Yo’-gi says?

I wake up only for me to realize the pain all over my body. I have a bandage in my head and cast on my neck, arms and legs. I also have a dextrose on my hand.

“You’re awake at last dude.”

I look at the direction of his voice. It is Terrence and he is peeling apples for himself.

“You’re checking me out?” I ask.

“Yeah. In fact I brought flowers,” he said then shows me a bunch of funeral flowers.

“Goddamn you men! I’m still alive!” I exclaimed as I tried to stands up, ready to kick him on the ass.

“Hey, easy!” he said with an evil laugh. “Anyway, seriously, are you alright bro? I heard what happened.”

“What d’ya think?” I ask him.

He only nod and take a big bite of apple.

“How’s Shantall?”

“Don’t worry; I check on her this morning and she’s fine. Only worried on you,” he answered. “She just keeps on telling me that you’re stupid enough to almost kill yourself.”

I smiles by the time I heard how she reacts.

“Dione is the one who did your surgery,” he said again.

My smile fades, by the time I heard his name. I give him a smirk. “Do you expect me to thank him?

“Haha, not really,” he laughs.

The door of my hospital room opens and Dione enters. With him is Mr. Duyu and our bodyguards.

“Dom Yo-gi,” he calls out. I just only look at him straight in the eye. “Our hospital already issued an order to discharge you,” he continues. “You’re having a house arrest, according to the order of the Prime Minister.”


It has been three days now since they imprisoned me here on this house and I’m too tired now, sitting on this same wheelchair. But since I have this fractures all over, I guess, I have no choice.

This is really too much for me. I am here on the balcony, while watching the Beijing view. Everything I worried for now is her. I wonder what she is doing? Is she worried on me already? There is no way for me to get in touch with her. They confiscated my cellphone and other gadgets. I am also banned on any appliance in the house, except when I need it on eating or on personal hygiene matters. This is really hell, most especially now that dad is still in his recovery state after what happened the last time we had a sincere talk.



“What d’ya fuckin’ thinkin’ on your stupid head to joined that kind of illegal thing?!” he shouts at me while throwing everything he finds on his desk. “Are you that fool enough?! Are you not tired of these you bastard thing?! You, I don’t know what to do with you! You are nothing! Yeah, without me, you are nothing, and then what?! You wasted everything that I worked hard for? You’re nothing but a goddamn brute!”

“Are you done?” I ask him. “’Coz I am tired now. I’m tired of everything – with this life, with this house and with all of you,” I finally utter in a low tone.

Of course, I regret it after, but can you blame me? I’m just too hurt enough to said those painful things to him. I want to hurt him too.

“Don’t expect me to be the son that you longed for, because you’re not the father I wish nor deserves to have.”

“Young master,” Duyu interrupts but I only raise my arm in spite of pain, a sign that I want him to stop and do not bother.

As I turn my back by means of moving my wheelchair, I still heard him said those words. “You! Y-you . . . h-have n-no r-right! F-from-m now on. . . . S-stay-y . . . o-out . . . of. . . . t-this . . . f-family. . . You’re no longer my s-son-n. . . .”

“Mr. Prime Minister!” Duyu exclaimed.

That is when I only realized what’s goin’ on. I look at Dad again and he is already lying on the floor. Yes, he got a heart attack because of me again.

“Dad!” I said but he just only ignores me.

“Call Dione!” he ordered. “G-get him out of here . . . h-he could be the death of m-me. . .” he said as he turns to me with his hand on his burning chest.

-End of Flashback-

After that, they never let me to go around him again. They told me that Dad is not ready yet. For my part, that is a relief not only for myself but also for both of us.

“You’re having a fast recovery, eh?”

I smirk by the time he comes beside me. Who else? My beloved cousin – Dione.

“Why? You are disappointed ’coz you’ll be happy if I’m not?” then I give him a weak smile. “You don’t want me around, do you?”

He only give an evil laugh.

“You still haven’t change,” he said. “By the way, your girlfriend is pretty and tough.”

I give him a warning look, which causes him to laugh even more.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Who else?” he answered in sarcasm. “Shantall Denver, right? Do not worry; she’s not my type, so she’s very much yours. Unless. . .” he said then head off.

That guy! Argggh! He really knows how to piss me off.

“Mr. Duyu!” I calls out.

“Young Master,” he answered as he comes over.

I gives him a folded piece of stationery paper.

“Give it to her,” I said.


“Please, do me a favor,” I utter pleadingly with my head down.

That is the hardest part of being a very important person. When the time comes that you are the one who needs help, it is really a big insult on your pride.

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