Archer Master Trilogy

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Chapter Three - At Seventeen with love

Ch’ing Shin-li Says?

“He’s very much fine now and soon to be awake.”

That is the last statement I ever heard from Terrence. In fact, that is my last update on him. I do not want to visit on the hospital because it will only drive me crazy.

What is up on him now? It has been three weeks. What is really going on? Anyway, speaking of him-being-hospitalized thing, I really cannot understand that doctor cousin of him. Why did he lied on me? Is he insane or what? Oh well, birds of the same feather, bullies together. How rude?

Arggh! I am going to be insane now! I am worried on him. Is he doing fine now? I wonder.

I heard a silent knock at the door. By the time I opens it, I saw his bodyguard, Mr. Du – Yan?

“A very good day Ms. Denver,” he said.

I only nods at him.

“Young Master is having a house confinement for now. He is at his father’s house and on recovery state so he sent me here to give you this,” he said again and gave me a stationery paper that is carefully folded.

“Thank you.”

“Have a goodnight sleep missus,” he utters then head off.

By the time that he left, I take a seat on the couch and carefully unfolded the letter.

Hello Sunshine,

Ms. Shantall Denver.

I don’t have passion on telegrams, but since I have no way out here, and there’s no option left, I decided to wrote this. I just want you to know that I am pretty well fine now, so take care of yourself.

-Seto Yugi

That is it? After everything, that is it? No I love you? No I miss you? And why is it too professional? Shin-li that is much better than nothing. At least he is fine, and you know that he still remembers you, right? Okay, that will do.

I smile as I kisses the letter then paste it on my room’s mirror.

“I love you too,” I said while talking to the letter. I guess I am already crazy.

I throws myself on my bed and embrace my pillow. “Will you be mine forever?” I said to myself while imagining his handsome face.

I smile as I close my eyes.

The next morning, I fix myself for a morning walk, but before I head outside, I left a sticky note on the refrigerator.

How I wish you’re back. – Shantall

I smile as I left the house.

“Young lady!” he said as he grabs my arm.

I look at his direction. “Mr. Dylan?”

“The game is over now,” he said.

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