Archer Master Trilogy

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Chapter Five - News Outbreak: Scandal

Dione Tang Says?

“China daily news. The Prime Minister’s son Seto Dom Yo’-gi is spotted dating the monarchy crown princess Ch’ing Shin-li. Many speculations says that this will ends to the feud between the two political parties. However, Princess Shin-li, which was former reported to be missing was being found living with his rumored boyfriend. Did she really run away with the Prime Minister’s son? China, what can you say? . . .”

I turn off the television. Mr. Prime Minister, what will you do now?

“Is it true?”

“What do you want to know?” I asks without looking at her. “It’s all everything in the news.”

“So, it’s true?” she ask again with a panic and bitter tone. “I can’t believe it. Dom Yo’-gi is not like that.”

“Michelle, are you really worried or you are still not over him?”

“Honey, I went here because I miss you.”

By that, she leans close and kiss me on the lips, but I turn my head, that is why it only landed on my cheek.


I gently open my eyes, and then I get up from my bed then go straight to her room then watch her sleeping. I smile as I traces her face with my fingers then put a gentle kiss on her lips.

Michelle Nam was Yugi’s girlfriend before. However, in being desperate to get away from her father (although I really do not know the whole story), she sought for my help to settled in America. With my help, she start a new life in the U.S. where she became a Super Model. After a year, we are officially together. Dom Yo’-gi was furious that time, thinking that I stole her from him. I just never get a chance to explain the situation, but after some time I just let him cool down and let him think whatever he is thinking of me. It does not matter.

“You’re lovely,” I whisper. “I know Yugi will never forgive me this time. But I finally learned to love you. That’s the only good thing that ever happened in my life.”

By then, my phone rings so I answer it right away.

“Duyu.” I said.

“Master Dione, come over. The Prime Minister and Young Master fights again, and the reporters are on the gate. Sir had a serious heart attack again.”


As I closes Mr. Prime Minister’s bedroom and head outside, I spotted Dom Yo’-gi standing there and he is facing the Beijing’s view.

“He’s stable now,” I said as I approaches him.

“Good,” he simply answered.

“I understand that you’re hurt and frustrated, but you see, Shin-li had her own reason that’s why she never tells you everything.”

“You knew it all along.”

I just nod at him.

He just only smirks at me. “I never realized it from the very start. I am so foolish. It is her all along, but I have no idea.”

“You really thinks that it made sense after all? She already forgets everything. Our past does not matter now. The important thing is you met her again for a second time around and then you fell in love all over again. . .”

“That’s the point. She forgets about me and she never care about me.”

“You’re wrong. She loved you. No, she still loves you without even realizing that it is the same you years ago. She cares for you. I saw that on the hospital. She loves you. Even her memories were gone a long time ago, her heart still recognizes you.”

“Why are you saying these to me?” he ask.

“We’re cousins,” I answered. The Prime Minister will never like the idea and I’ll be happy seeing him in pain. Moreover, you and Shin-li are important to me. The three of us will benefit on this.

Everything happens according to my plan.

Ch’ing Shin-li Says?

“How do you explain this?!”

Papa shouts at me as he throws on the table all the pictures of Yugi and myself.

“How?” I ask to myself.

“Do you even have any single idea who is the one on the picture with you?! He is Dom Yo’-gi Seto, the son of the Prime Minister!”

Yugi? Dom Yo’-gi? Son of the Prime Minister?

So all these times he is lying to me all along?

“You left the palace because of him, huh?”

“It’s not what you think papa,” I defend.

“Then what?”

I just bit my lower lip. I have no idea what to react. From the very start, our love for each other is a pure lie. I cannot believe this. . . I am not sure if he really loves me and I no longer sure if the Yugi that I know is the true face of Seto Dom Yo’-gi. I cannot believe that the life I live outside the palace dug me a pit to the point that I can no longer climb up. Fair enough, I never even tells him that I am the Monarchy’s Crowned Princess. Does he know already? We are from two biggest political rival in China and I am not sure if will still able to face him after knowing everything. We both deceived each other! No genuine love is possible on that circumstances that no one dares to tell the other half his or her portion of truth. Heck, we not even introduce each other’s name properly.

“From now on, you are grounded. Dylan, Shin-li is not allowed to go anywhere else outside the palace. Her gadgets are also being confiscated. No one is allowed to talk to her.”

Hearing that, I run on my room and locks myself there then I starts to cry my heart out.

Yuan Gheo’to Says?

In spite of everything, I still love her and care for her. . .

So here, I am again. I gate crashed on her room just to tell her an update about him.

I guess, I am crazy to even offer myself as a bridge for their love.

“I’ll help you. Seto has a presscon tomorrow. Trust me.”

After telling her that, I manage to smile at her as if nothing is wrong, but the moment that I turns on my back and left her that way, tears starts falling from my eyes. It seems like it is not me anymore.

I give a weak smile to myself. This is the right thing Gio. In order to make her happy. . .

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