Archer Master Trilogy

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Chapter Six – Heartaches

Dione Tang Says?

“What do you want me to do?”

“Denied everything on the national press.”

“Dad, denied?!!”

“It is the only option you have.”

“But I love her.”

“Love? Do you know what you are talkin’ about?!”

“I won’t do it.”

“Think about it. Then what? You will only justify whatever they say about the two of you – that Shin-li runaway with you. That you are both rebel children of the two rival political parties. That she’s a slut, you are nothing. Our corporation will drain its investors and the monarchy will lost everything – their allies and their supporters. That love will only destroys the two of you.”

I need not to hear the two of them arguing again. What surely is certain, Dom Yo’-gi is the type of person that can justify his every decisions. In addition, I guess I am right. My cousin is the biggest karma of the Prime Minister.

As I head outside the house of the Prime Minister, I spotted him on the gate.


“I’ll help her to see him,” he said as he faces me.

I just nod at him.

“If Seto hurts her feelings, I won’t hesitate to take her back,” he said again.

“Alright, let’s see what you’ve got,” I finally said.


-At the Press Conference-

As I parks my car on the driveway and head outside it, I spotted her familiar face again.

“Oh, Miss Denver, you’re here. Or should I say, Your Highness?”

She only bows at me and completely ignoring my not so rude remarks.

“Mr. Dione Tang.”

“Just Dione. You’re looking for him?”

“Can I go inside?”

“Hmmm, let’s see. You can have a seat with the Press, without them knowing your presence.”

She just nods as I accompanied her inside.

“Stay here, okay?” I said then I left her to take a seat near Dom Yo’-gi and the Prime Minister.

“So, Mr. Seto, is it true that you are in good terms with the Monarchy’s Crowned Princess?”

“Do you really runaway? Or there’s a harassment on your part? Did you kidnapped her?”

“You were recently involved on an underground race and in those particular instances; you are also with the crown princess. Are you two dating? Are both of you involved in illegal gambling?”

“We all knew that the monarchy and the communist government are both rivals in politics. Di you only used her in order to take advantage on the situation in favor of the Prime Minister?”

As I looks at him, Dom Yo’-gi closes his fist out of anger.

“I – I don’t know her . . . ,” he finally said. “I admits that I happened to meet her but that’s only coincidence. I have no idea who the crown Princess is. She needs a home to I took her in – me as her lessor. We don’t really know each other.”

The Prime Minister gives a victory smile.

“That’s everything we can say. The press con is over now,” he said as he left with Yugi and the others.

I turn on Shin-li’s direction but she is no longer there.


I head outside the conference hall in order to find her. Then, there she is and she is talking with Michelle.

I decided to left them and go to my condominium unit. There, I take a shower first and starts on reviewing my paper works.

“What did you tell her?” I ask the moment that Michelle walks in, but without looking at her and still concentrating on my paper works.

“I told her that Yugi never loves her and that he only used her and she’s not his type. Her love for him is only one-sided.”

I put off my reading glass then leans close on her and kiss her on her forehead.

“You can do everything you want, except on leaving me,” I whisper on her ears then head off.

As I turn my back, tears starts falling from my eyes. Is it because of pain of getting hurt by the one I love? Or regret of loving her and keeps on holding on to her in spite of knowing that her heart already belongs to someone else?

Ch’ing Shin-li Says?

[Now Playing: Only Love by Trademark]

2 am and the rain is falling. . .

With my eyes already sore because of crying, I just continue on walking, heading to nowhere, without minding whom I bumps onto.

Here we are at the crossroads once again. . .

Why it really hurts so much? I thought we are okay now? That he loves me? Out of luck, rain starts to fall as the heaven shows its sympathy and cry with me.

You’re telling me you’re so confuse,

You can’t make up your mind. . .

I am stupid. Yeah, so stupid to believe him. He is a liar. They all are. Every one of them. All the people to whom I give my trust on to. What hurts me most is I am too.

I stop to the public park where Yugi brought me the same day of his accident, and I manage to sit on the grassy land without minding I being soak in the rain.

Is this meant to be?

You’re asking me. . .

I stay there while crying. These tears brought by frustrations, broken promises, betrayal and pain of hopeless love breaks my heart so much. . .

To my surprise, someone lends a hand on me and he has his umbrella on him – protecting both of us from the rain.

“I understand that you’re hurt and I am hurting too, seeing you in pain. Maybe, I am crazy because in spite of you driving me away, I am still by your side,” he said and he starts to cry then he kneels in front of me as he gets my hand. “Can you consider me? Please, let me be the one to succeed your heart this time? Please, I am begging you. . . Please . . . let me have your love this time? . . . Please. . . . I promise. I will never hurt you. Just give me a chance. . . .”

I started to burst out. I will never expect to hear those words to the very least person I will ever imagine begging me to have my heart. I wish it were just him all along – the one who makes me feel happy, free and contented throughout those years that I am being imprison behind those palace walls. Yes, it is not Yugi this time but my best friend. Why not Gio? To the one who made me feel that I am secured. . . Yugi always brought me heartaches. We are not compatible and I am always on danger zone whenever I am with him. Why not my best friend? Yet, my heart tells me that Yugi is the one and only. . .

“I’m sorry,” I said as I hugs him so tight. “I am sorry. . . . I am sorry . . . so sorry. . . I am sorry. . .”

“It’s okay,” he answered while crying. “I understand. I have to understand. But, can you just love me even from far.”

But only love can say

Try again or walk away

But I believe in you and me

That sun will shine one day

So I’ll just play my part

Praying you’ll have a change of heart

But I can’t make you see it through

That something only love can do. . .

Gio and I stayed there while crying together and being soak in the rain.

Seto Don Yo’-gi Says?

I drives my car without a specific direction on where I am heading for. I just drive and drive with the fullest of my speed, only to find myself hitting a cemented wall on another lane. Thankfully, I did not hit or kill anybody on the process.

I punch and punch my steering wheel so hard until my fist already aches in pain and now surrounded by blood.

The traffic police knocks on my car and keeps on asking me whether I am fine or not but I just ignores him.

I started to cry this time and punch the steering wheel again as hard as I remembers how a tear fell from her eyes seeing me on that press con where I denied her.

“It’s over between us now,” I finally said with a heavy heart.

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