Archer Master Trilogy

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The Key to unravel the past is to open up your heart. However, it comes with a price.

In Book 3 of Archer Master, Shin-li and Yugi is back in their conquest of finding answers from their past and picking up the missing pieces of their memories as they hope for a better future together. In this journey of finding the truth, how much are they willing to sacrifice and how much are they willing to pay the price?

Will the two will still be able to hold to their families? Or fight for love until the end?

Previously on Archer Master. . .

Yugi survived the tragic freestyle car racing accident, only to find himself in another loophole of trials and testing that his heart will face.

Shantall is not what she seems to be, so as he. The foundations of their love are gone and who they really are will never match up.

Two different poles. Two rival political parties. Two different lives.

Yugi and Shantall putting together means a disastrous scandal and that is what happens. He find solace on denying her and their love, while she find solace towards another.

Season Two concludes with them separating ways.

A/N: Archer Master will soon to be available on Webnovel!
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