Archer Master Trilogy

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Chapter Two – The Whirlwind Begins

Ch’ing Shin-li Says?

“NO WAY!” I shouts only for myself to realized that everyone are already staring at me, including the maids, butlers, bodyguards and papa’s royal court.

“What I mean is, you didn’t mean it right? I do not heard the right thing. Yeah, maybe.”

“Shantal. . . My throne needs a deserving successor, and I already finds somebody. . . .”

“Stop! Papa, can’t you see it? We are not a real Chinese and we don’t belong here, so you and I have no responsibility in here from the very first place.”

“You stop!”

“No papa! As you said, I am Shantal. Yeah, Shantal Denver Waldorf, and I don’t want to be imprison nor to be lock up on a fix marriage just because of something that I have no connection in to.”


I can feel a hot liquid flowing down to my cheeks from my eyes just because of that slap. Yes, papa slap my face for the very first time in my life.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

I only shook my head.

“I can manage. Just try me. Let me be the one to succeed your throne, then.”

I heard a loud commotion from everyone. It is too late to back off. I already, said those words. Anyway, if a man can lead a whole flock of sheep, for sure, a woman can also do the same thing. Right? If this is the only way to stop this foolishness, I am willing to succeed the crown.

“You? Ha-ha-ha darling. Believe me, you cannot do it. You are a woman.”

“A woman that can change everything. Let me prove myself to you.”

“That’s an interesting challenge. You? Will prove yourself? All this time, I have been watching you grow up. You do not know how to handle others. You cannot last a single day without Mr. Dylan at your side my dear. You are prone to mischief and disgrace due to neglect. You think you can handle an empire. Impossible.”

“You’re wrong. Try me!”

“Enough Shin-li. Whether you like it or not, your fix marriage is already set.”

It cannot be! How dare them all? How dare papa? Am I that dumb and childish? Am I that mischievous and careless?

“That’s an interesting challenge. You? Will prove yourself? All this time, I have been watching you grow up. You do not know how to handle others. You cannot last a single day without Mr. Dylan at your side my dear. You are prone to mischief and disgrace due to neglect. You think you can handle an empire. Impossible.”

Arggh! How can they be so sure? Can’t handle others? Can’t last a day without Mr. Dylan? Prone to mischief? Disgrace?

I can’t handle an empire?

Well, I will show them. I will prove to them that they are wrong. They are wrong on underestimating a Ch’ing Shin-li.

I started to pack my important things. Just few casual wear, my cellphone, laptop, my wallet with a few cash and credit cards, and of course, my bow and arrow.

I climb my room’s balcony and jump there until I reach the ground.

Now, I can do things my way.


What now?!

Where to go?

This is the craziest decision ever, Shin-li. What now? I have no freaking idea on where to go or on where to start. I never been on a big city ever since on my entire life.

Huh! This is crazy>.<

Mr. Dylan, a little help here.

Wait! This is not right. I am on my own now. I am a big girl.

I decided to ride on a taxi. Bright idea!

“What’s our destination young lady?”

Young lady? Did he call me young lady? Oh no! It cannot be! Is he one of my papa’s servants or butler or laborer or bodyguard?

“How did you know? Please don’t tell papa that I runaway okay? Don’t sent me home, please!” I said with matching puppy eyes and self-pity mode.

“What? Miss, I do not understand. I’m just asking where you are going.”

“Huh? You are not one of our servants? Eh?”

The taxi driver only throw me a confusing look.

Oh! False alarm, huh! ^_^\/

“Eh, peace,” I said with a puppy eyes. “Just bring me to the nearest tourist hotel.”


Oh, it seems like heaven to have a home=p

I am now on one of the finest hotel room and although it really cost too much, I do not care. I am rich and I have my credit cards here.

Goodnight and sweet dreams^_-

-.- Zzzzzz Sssssh.

The next day.

Being a spoiled brat, I only deserves the best, so I ordered their specialty - the most costly, elegant meal here for my breakfast.

2 pieces of chicken sandwich, vegetable rolls, vegetable salad, bacon and egg with fried rice, chicken ramen, fish fillet, teriyaki, beef noodles and brew coffee. Yummy!

“Here’s your order miss.”

“Thanks. How much?”


“What? 0.0”

“Miss, you ordered our most elegant meal, the one that have golds in it ^_^”

Wtf? -.-

“Okay, I don’t have enough cash, but you can have my credit cards.”

0.0 - waiter

“What’s the matter?” I ask.

“Are you one of the royal clan of Ch’ing monarchy?”

>.> - I

“How did you know?” I ask sarcastically.

“Haha, your credit card has a stamp and seal in it ^_^\/”

“Okay, just go,” I said with full authority.

How rude? Anyway, who cares? Customers are always right anyway.

I take a sip on my coffee and starts to mumble my meal.

Starting today, I really need to find for a job. But what job? I am just only seventeen and still a high school undergraduate?

Wait, ahmmm, BRIGHT IDEA 0_0!

Right. I can be an archery coach. Perfect!

I pick up the morning papers on the table.

‘The Prime Minister donates 3.5M worth of cash and gift checks for Chinese slums’

Okay, what was that? As if, they will get the heart of all Chinese citizens because of that. Such a waste... Hmp >.<

All right. Next page.


-.- What’s this?

‘Princess Shin-li of the monarchy reports to be missing’

When do they stop?

The next thing I knew, Mr. Dylan and company are already here searching for me.

Where to hide? What now? Shin-li just think of something!

I need to run away! I need to escape!

But where to?


Why don’t I haven’t think of I? They can keep track of me because of the transactions on my credit cards.


What is that?

A public market! It is my first time here but I still manage to hide on one of the stalls.

Huh! Seriously, that is too tiring. Good grief, they never find me.

What is the use of these credit cards anyway? I throw them all on the wastebasket and burn them.

No more credit cards :(

I only have a few dollars left.

What now?

Since I still have no job, I need to sell some of my possessions. Burt which one? My clothes? Nope, I still need them. Laptop? It is from papa. Cellphone? Nope. For some personal purposes^_^\/

Jewelry? IPod? Which one?



Therefore, that is it. I went to a pawnshop.

Okay, now I have $750,000. So little>.<

First, I will rent a house, then buy few appliances then hire house cleaners. Buy cars?

However, if I only have 750,000 and those conveniences will worth half a billion, it is still not enough >.<

Wait a minute. I really need a plan.

First, I need to have a disguise. Therefore, I bought reading glasses with bigger frames and use it instead of my contact lenses. I also use prosthetics on my face and put braces on my teeth, then tie my hair like that of Pucca. Hihi ^_^\/

This is perfect.

I also change my fashion into polka dots long skirts and polka dots long sleeves.

Good luck if they will still find me=)

My left money? $700,000.


Why is that everyone seems to look at me? Oh, well. I guess they find me so stunning ^_^\/



“Do you have any manners?”

I tried to catch up with the guy from out-of-nowhere who happened to bump on me.

“Sorry miss. I thought you were Polka, the dots!”



“Knock, knock,” he said.

“Whose there?” I ask.

“Betty Lafeia.”

“Betty Lafeia, who?”

“You =p”

Wtf? Betty Lafeia? Me?


He laughs so hard that is why I kick him to the part where it hurts the most. Hmp>.<

“Betty Lafeia yourself, ugly b*tch!”

Then I left him.

With this face? I am not Betty Lafeia. I am pretty, gorgeous, lovely, beautiful and stunning^_^\/ Spell S-H-I-N-L-I. That is me.

Wait, if he said that I am Betty Lafeia then it means I do look like her, but I definitely not like her, then it means he is referring to my new looks? -.- How gross?!

It means I really look terrible >.<

Poor me =(

Anyway, if that is for the sake of hiding and in the name of freedom, I can use to it.

Maybe I should find an apartment now. Searching. There!

“Miss, how much is the rent per month?”

“For you lady, I’ll give it 20,000 but you need to have a down payment for at least 2 months.”

20,000? Down payment for 2 months? Therefore, that means 40,000.

Okay, not a problem. I find my cash on my bag. 40,000.


Wait, where is my $700,000 cash? Oh my! Searching. Searching. Searching.

-.- It’s missing.

“Miss, is there a problem?”

“Ah, nothing. I guess I only forgot something, hahaha.”

I left the property owner then starts on searching on my pouch. Wait, there is a cut on its stitch?


That, ugly b*tch guy stole my money.

I tried to find him on the place where I happened to meet him, but unfortunately, he is not there.

It is useless to find for a place now with my $5,000 left.

What a bad luck! This really sucks >.<

That guy, if I found him, I’ll kill him! I swear!

Shin-li, where to go now?

I cannot help myself to miss those times that I am on the palace, with Gio, Mr. Dylan, my house cleaners and with papa. I really miss my room. It was then that I realized that tears are already rolling down my cheeks. This is crazy that I cries again. I have no money left and I feel so tired and hungry. My last meal was the breakfast on the hotel and it is already near 7pm.


The next morning. I am really tired and hungry and I feels like I am dying because I spent the whole night looking for a job.

“Wait! You guys, stop! We are police!”

The next thing I knew, I saw a group of men running before the police and . . . BLAAAAAGG!


What the hell? Why are those people aren’t be careful? I tried to stand up and pick up my things, Wait, where’s my cellphone and laptop?

Then, that is it. I found them soiled with mud on the street and completely wet.

“Oh,no” I said with teary eyes. This is useless. They are ruined now. HOW.DARE.THEM?

I tried to catch up with the guy who bumped on me, then grab him on his collar.


Then I slap him so hard.

“What’s that miss? I do not even know you! So, can you please let go of me?”

“Let go?”

I slap him again, and this time, much harder then I kick him on his right foot.

“Now, you remember me? Can you see those gadgets on the mud? That is mine. And you know what’s my problem is? They are ruined because you bump me carelessly.”

“Okay, I’ll pay you? Okay? But not now,” then he attempts to leave but I pulls his hand.

“How do I know if you are only tricking me? Do I know you? You pissed me off so you can’t leave without fixing those damages, understand?”

“Okay, I’ll give you my calling card.”

“No! You’ll stay here and we will bring my laptop and cellphone on the repairing shop and you will pay for it!”

Tears stars falling down my eyes again.

“Okay. Okay. I do not want to see crying girls. Get this calling card then I’ll pay you later.”

The next thing I knew, someone puts a hand chain on my right hand and on his left hand - as if we are criminals.


I look at the police officer. She has a gun on her hand and she is pointing it on our direction.

I cannot breathe. Then black out.

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