Archer Master Trilogy

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Chapter Three – A Night With Mr. Arrogant

Seto Dom Yo’-gi Says?

ONE.TWO . . . THREE. . . . .



“Nice try men,” Terrence Yang said as he gave me a high five then taps my shoulder.

“That’s nothing, “I answered.

I get my goggles then head off inside my sports car. Highest speed, 200kph.

Anyway, just to introduce myself, I am Seto Dom Yo’-gi. Yugi for short. I am the dumb ass, only son of that greedy old man and still the prime minister of People’s Republic of China. Do not ask me about our status of being father and son, because there is nothing to talk about. He is not fond of me nor I to him either. He only cares for power and fame, and of course, to his beloved nephew on his only sister tita Ericka. That is no other than, Dione Tang.

Speaking of that bitch, I read on the headline on New York Times and even on China Daily ‘SUPER MODEL MICHELLE NAM SPOT DATING HER NONE SHOWBIZ BOYFRIEND DR. DIONE TANG’

How rude? So, they are still in good terms huh? Moreover, she chooses him over me, just because he is always the best on everything.

Anyway, at twenty-three, I can say that I still have no direction in my life - and seriously, I do not care.

Target shooting is my sport. Illegal car racing is my passion. Flinging relationships and flirting with girls are my past times.

I am happy-go-lucky and to waste my dad’s investments are my leisure. Gang wars, riots and wars are my hobbies.

I care for no one else. I have no dream. Moreover, I always ruin my life.

This morning, the prime minister already dumped me and I left the house. Just like what I always do, I went here on our target-shooting arena - my friend’s favorite hangout gig.

I can say that I am good at this. With my high caliber pistol, I usually don’t required myself to use protective gears. Just a little concentration, and think that the bull’s eye are the f*cking heads of the prime minister and Dione.

ONE. Two . . . Three. . .



“Nice try men,” Terrence Yang said as he gave me a high five then taps my shoulder.

Among my friends, Terrence is the closest. He knows me that much.

“That’s nothing,” I answered.

I get my goggles then head off inside my sports car. Highest speed, 200kph.

I think I forgot to mention, that we have a race today, and I am their secret chip. With my car racing ability? BOOM! CHECKMATE!

Actually, this is a hillside road, car-racing tournament. One and only rule? FREE STYLE! No foul. No offense. No violation. You can do anything just to defeat the opponent - even it will cause losing of lives. Anyway, big gangs still have the guts to join because the prize have the minimum of 100M. If you are lucky, it will bring you billions. As I said, this is also a gambling. An ILLEGAL GAMBLING which involves major executives, not only in china, but worldwide.

The last time, we lost the game and my teammate did not made it to survive. To the hell. If we lost again, the game is up and we are forfeited. We lost so many money because of that.

I decided to be the one to fight today because I want to take revenge on what they have done to my co-gang. I still have the heart, okay.

Anyway, one hint about the game: if your team loses, the racer who did the race on that particular game will receive a torture from the winning team. HAZING or SUMMARY EXECUTION for short. You will lose either your arms or legs or both.

I will also receive the same punishment if I lost. Lucky to myself if I survive, but worst, I will also die.

12 am sharp. That will signals the start of the game.

1 . . . . 2 . . . . 3. . . .

“On your marks . . . Ready . . . Get set . . . Go!”

I increase the speed of my car to the highest of its extent. I have no off limits.

Shit! That guy!

My opponent really pissed the hell out of me. He keeps on bumping my car from the back, which makes me to drive further at the side. We are on the hill and a little drive further at the side - DEAD END!

Fuck him. He is their leader - TYRONE LONG. If I am not mistaken, he is the one on the last game where we loses.

Of course, I am very well better in terms of agility and brain.


Yes, we won and I did my revenge.

I punch, beat, and torture that ass until he is already dumbfounded and almost dying.

That game also cost $500M and just like what our deal said ------------ “50-50.”

50% of 500M will be on the winning racer while the other 50% will be divided on his gang mates.

Meaning, I not only got my revenge but also won 250M cash.

“Men, let’s go, there are cops!”

“The hell!” I said.

“I think, Mr. Mao Shen Long gave them a hint,” he answered.

That fuck! They really do not know when to stop. Mao Shen Long of Long Enterprise did this because his son Tyrone lost the game, which also means loss of his money.

That is it.


“Wait! You guys stop! We are police!”


The next thing I knew, a weird girl with a weird way of fashion grab my collar and my gang mates already left me with her.

“You!” she shouts then slap me so hard in the face.

The heck?

“What’s that miss? I don’t even know you? So, can you please let go of me?”

“Let go?” she exclaimed then slap me again on the other side of my face. This time, much harder. She also kick me on my right foot.

“Now, you remember me? Can you see those gadgets on the mud? That is mine. And you know what’s my problem is? It is ruined because you bump me carelessly.”

Okay, get it. Nevertheless, it is an accident.

“Okay, I’ll pay you? Okay? But not now.”

I am on the rush that is why I attempts to leave but she pulls my hand.

“How do I know if you are only tricking me? Do I know you? You pissed me off so you can’t without leave without fixing those damages, understand?”

“Okay, I’ll give you my calling card,” I finally said.

“No! You’ll stay here and we will bring my laptop and cellphone on the repairing shop and you will pay for it.”

Oh, for Pete’s sake she is crying. I hate it when I am seeing a woman cry, because I only remember my mother, a martyr wife who became tired on Dad’s womanizing that she took her life.

“Okay. Okay. I do not want to see crying girls. Get this calling card then I’ll pay you later.”

The next thing I knew, a female cop puts a hand chain on my left hand and to her right.


The girl looks at the police, and she is SHAKING?

Is she afraid of the gun that the cop points on our direction? Is it her first time on this kind of situation?

It was then that I realized that she faints.


“Now, mister, are you ready to tell me now, what are you doing there? Are you one of the gangs? Give me names of your co-gangs. Who are the big names involved?”

Actually, it has been two hours now since they bring us on the police station and they are interrogating me. Seriously, when do they stop? As if, I will spill up something to them.

I put my legs on the top of the table and start on whistling.


“I don’t know.”

“Who’s that lady?”

“I don’t know her either.”

“Then why are you both there?”

“I just accidentally bump her there when those men came running towards us. Because of that, her laptop and mobile phone were being soiled in the mud. Then she insist me to pay for it. That’s everything I knew.”

Base on her expression, I know that she does not seem convince.

“Give me your name then.”

“Dom Yo-gi’ Seto.”

“The son of the prime minister? Where’s your I.D.?”

“I haven’t but I have my license.”

“That will do.”

After I gave her my license, she dial dad’s office then turn to me.

“You will stay here for now, but the prime minister will sent someone to fetch you two, a little later.”

After she left me, I head towards the sofa on their lobby where we left her lying. I sit beside her.

I don’t know what insist me but I can’t help it to study her face. Somehow, she is beautiful if she had no reading glasses with bigger frames and without that jologs fashion.

What if I will remove her glasses?

A grin smile formed on my lips.

When I was about to take off her reading glass. . . .. . .

“Hey what’s wrong? Where are we?” she ask as she open her eyes and stretch her arms.

“Ehemm,′ I said as I fix myself.”We are at the cop’s station.”

“What did you do again?” she said with teary eyes as she keeps on hitting me on my chest with the use of her arms.

“Hey, I do nothing.”

“Liar! Then why did they arrest us? 0.0 OMG! Are you a drug pusher, a smuggler, or a hostage taker? Or maybe a holduper? Or a rapist? “Then she crosses her arms in order to cover her body.

Impossible girl! She is so exaggerated on giving her own hypothesis. I only give her a smile as I taps her forehead.

“Hey what’s that?”

I smile again.

She smirks.” You still owed me something. I lost my laptop and cellphone.”

“I’ll pay for them, okay?” I answered. “Anyway, is it Chinese new year or what?”

She only throw me a confusing look.

“Because you are wearing polka dots all over your body,” I said as I gave her a teasing smile.


“PERVERT! You have no right to judge me according to my fashion or the way I look, okay?”

OUCH! That girl, if I am not that kind of gentleman, I will never hesitate to punch her.

“Fine, I will not do it again, okay.”

At the corner of my eyes I can see that she is blushing due to embarrassment.

“Anyway, what’s your name?” I ask.

At first, she gives me that doubting stare. “Shantall Denver.”


Ch’ing Shin-li says?

That guy is really so arrogant. He is not gentleman either, and he looks like a gangster --------- dyed hair, has a piercing on right ear, wore neckerchief on his neck, gray undershirt paired with brown leather sweater, maong pants and rubber shoes. What a fashion?

In spite of his good looks--------------- wait, do I say good looks? Well, anyway, he really is good looking, but I certainly not like those guys of his type.

“Anyway, what’s your name?” he ask.

Should I tell him that I am Shin-li? Of course not. I do not know him. We are completely strangers and he is not the type to which I can rely my trust on to.

“Shantall Denver,” I answered

“Yugi,” he said as he lend his hand.

I only gave him a smirk.

“Oh, well,” I heard him said.

*sounds of aching tummy*

Oh no! If I recall, my last meal was the breakfast yesterday morning. What time is it already? I look at my wristwatch. Jeez. Eleven o’clock in the morning. I am so effin hungry-.-

I heard him laugh at my side.

“What’s funny >.> ?”

“Are you hungry already? We can ask them to give us a meal then.′

Thanks God! I can use to eat a cheap cup noodles today in order to ease my hunger. We paired it with another cheap soda.

0.0 Meal time! Or should I say brunch?

Yummy ^ ^,

I swallow a big spoonful of noodles.

“You really that hungry huh?”

“Know what? I really never get use to these kinds of foods before.”

As I look at him, I can say that he just keeps on listening and never mind on interrupting, so I just only continue on talking with him.

“But today, when I finally experienced hunger, since my last meal was yesterday morning, I can say that sometimes, greater things can also be on everyday little things.”

I also shared about a part of my life------------which I am a rich spoiled brat, but because of that fucking fixed marriage, I left our home, and here I am now with nowhere to go.

Take note: ONLY A PART OF IT.

“You? How ’bout your life?”

“There’s nothing much to talk about,” he said then I notice that his mind is already drifting on somewhere else. “I am a rebel son ever since my mom took suicide because of dad’s womanizing. He also keeps on comparing me to his nephew.”

Our conversation continues until I think I realized something.

“Mr. arrogant is not bad after all. He’s somewhat nice,” I smile for the thought of that.

“Who’s Mr. arrogant?”


“Ah, it’s nothing. I’m just only imagining things,” I smile.

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