Archer Master Trilogy

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Chapter Five – Full House

Ch’ing shin-li says?


I really hate this kind of set up! Arggh!

2 hours. Yeah, for 2 effin hours, I am here on the kitchen peeling vegetables for that that effin vegetable corn soup, while doing the laundry and sweeping the house. This is disgusting. I am the princess, and yet I am here and giving him servitude? Wtf?

Anyway, regarding the laundry and sweeping thing, I’m just only joking ^----------^\/

I am not a robot to survive multitasking, duh!

I swallow a big slice of fresh potato as I remembers what happened a week ago.


“This is your home?”

“Uh-huh.” he nod.

Simply beautiful. The living room is spacious with a large sofa and a television set. There is a nice chandelier wherein you can see the full view of Beijing. There is a kitchen enough for a starting family. It also has two bedrooms.

“How is it?”

“Too nice and too big for an apartment,” i said while nodding.

To my surprise, he taps my forehead.

What was that for?

“Come on, we will fix things up,” he said while leading me to the dining.


“Okay, I have some house rules,” he said while crossing his legs. “Living here is not for free.”

“What do you mean?” I asks.

“You really think that I let you stay on this house for free? I can’t believe you. . .”


“You’ll stay here in one condition. You will be my servant.”

0.0 Servant what?

“You’ll do the housekeeping, do the laundry and cook food for me. . .”

“I can’t do that! You are joking. . . I am not a housekeeper!”

“You better start practicing now. . .”

*End of Flashback*

Hmp. Therefore, that is it.

Wait; did I forgot to mention that on my first try, I cook a fried fish? Knows the result? Hahaha, roasted-raw fish plus uncooked rice.


Of course, we cannot eat that kind of disgusting food, so he just insist us to eat cup noodles in the convenient store. ^--------^\/

So sad to say, for one week now, that is our meal three times a day. Anyway, was it my fault? Huh!

If not uncooked, overcook= ((

At least I am honest to myself that I can’t do it, right?

However, I still have to do something. I don’t want to become a dumbfounded, bastard , tow away here>.<

Therefore, here I am in the kitchen. Actually, I found a very simple recipe in his cookbook (imagine? he really cooks?) -------- Vegetable, corn soup.

After two effin hours, I am still here and peeling vegetables. Argggh, why is it so hard to use a knife? Can I use a razor instead? Or a Wood saw?


“Shantall!” he shouts as he gets the kitchen knife from my hand.

What is his problem?

“What?” I asks.

“That’s not the right way of handling a kitchen knife. You might cut your hand.”

Cut my hand? Hmp, I do not think so. . .

“I will be the one to fix this up,” he said. “Just go there and check if the cooking oil in the pan is ready.”


How can I know if that is ready or what?

Wait, as I remember one time, when I sneak out to the palace kitchen, house cleaners always checks the frying pans by placing their hands to the pan closely like this.


Oh hell>.<

“What happened?” Yugi shouts as he turns to me.

I show him my hand while sobbing.

“What the hell? Fuck! Are you stupid? Why did you place your hand on the frying pan with boiling cooking oil in it? Aish!” he said as he turns off the gas stove.

“Was it my fault? Was it my fault that I cannot do anything? This is not the life that I used to lived, nor the life that i want! This is hell! Can’t you see it? Huh? I cannot stand with this! Everything that I all wanted is to show them that they are wrong... on underestimating myself! But that doesn’t me for me to live a life like a living hell!”

To my surprise, he grabs my wrist then drags me on the living room. He also gets a cold compress and some first aid kits.

“How was it?” he asks as we take a seat in the sofa.

“It sucks as if it burns like hell,” I answered.

He gets my hand. “Second degree burn. You are still lucky because it can still restores the original skin after it heals. ”

I just keeps on watching him as he cures my wounded poor hand. He is not that bad after all. In spite of being arrogant, I can fell that somehow, he still cares for me.

“How is it now?” he asks.

I blinks a little as I notice that he already put a bandaged on my hand.

“Better,” I answered.


“Thank you,” I said as I manage to stand up.

“Where you going’ ?”

“I will continue cooking.”

“No. I just be the one to continue that, and from now on, don’t ever dare to cook again, understand?”

I just nod. As if, I have the choice? >.<

“Just stay here and we will eat together,” he finish as he kisses my forehead.

Why is he so nice all of a sudden? And this is me seems like an obedient girl. . . . . Shi-li, what now? It seems like a blood arise on my head. Why that is the atmosphere became so hot here?


“Come on, try that.”

We are here on “dining” He took charge on cooking, remember?

“Vegetable corn soup paired with rice and beef,” he said again.

“You really know how to cook, huh?” I said as I tried to swallow a spoonful with the use of my left hand since I have a bandage on my right.

X.X Stupid! I never realize that it is still hot!


“Hey, are you okay?”

Seriously? He really thinks that I am fine. >.<

“Obviously not,” I answered. “It is effin hot like whatever.”

To my surprise, he gets the spoon from my hand.

“I can manage.”

“Do you really think that you can with that condition?” he said angrily while pointing out on my hand. Then he smirks.

So that’s it. He helps me on eating.

“How is it?”

“Not bad.”

“Aish,” he said then he give a timid smile.


“Know what? I’m just thinking of finding for a job.”

“What job?” he ask.

“I don’t know. I am only seventeen and still a high school undergraduate, my goodness.”

“You’re joking. You don’t looks like seventeen.”

“No, seriously.”

“Seriously?” he ask.

“Yeah, seriously,” I nod as I smile.“Hey you don’t look convince.”

“Coz I’m not,′ he said with a teasing smile. “But how do you manage? I mean, to left your place even you are just that young?”

“I don’t want to, but I have to. I told you they are forcing me on a fix marriage right?”

He nod.

“As if I have a choice, so I decided to go elsewhere. To a place where they can’t find me.”

“That’s why you need that weird disguises?”

“Yeah. Funny right? And clumsy.”

“Regarding to the job, do you have any idea? I mean, on your interest.”

“Actually, I want to be a school teacher someday and I will put an archer’s club there. I really want kids,” I said proudly.

He smiles again.

“How ’bout yours?” I ask.

He get a spoonful of corn soup. “Say ah------,” he said as he turns on me while opening his mouth.

I cannot help myself to smile as I accept the spoonful. He smiles too.

“I want car racing,” he answered.


After dinner, he never dare talking on me again.



Being childish and out of curiosity, I give a grin smile as I get his wallet from his pocket.


“Hey, what the??!” he exclaimed , and obviously, he was annoyed.

“Give it back to me,” he answered.

“Nope,” I said as I open it. “Hey, what’s this?”

On my hand, I am holding a picture of him as a teenage boy with a guy to which I don’t know.

“Oh, you’re so cute here. But who’s this one?”

“That’s my cousin,” he said as he tried to get his wallet, but i manage to move it away from him.

“Tell me, what’s his name first,” I smile

“Aish,“he said as he tried to grab the wallet.


“OH no!”

I shouts as we both lost our balance and we both fall on the floor.

To my surprise, we are just only an inch away and our face are too close--------- enough for a kiss? >.<

Erase. Erase.

He move few steps backward as he helps me to stand up. Awkward>.<

“I’m sorry, “I said as I return his wallet.

He just only shakes his head then walk towards the sofa and open the television.

Huh! I bit my lower lip.

Shin-li, you are stupid. Don’t pissed him off again, okay?

I take a seat beside him. Silence.

He just keeps on shuffling the channels as he ignores me=/

Obviously, he is mad.

“Hey, wait!” I exclaimed as I grab the remote control from his hand.

“See that? She’s the supermodel Michelle Nam, right?”

I cannot help it. I really adores her^_^\/

“She’s pretty,” I said as I smile to Yugi. “Oh, wait, that guy with her, he is also the one on the picture. I cannot believe it. Are your cousin and Michelle Nam together? Hey, you don’t seems like interested.”

He just shakes his head then he gets the remote control from my hand. “Aish!” he smirk then he shift to another channel.

2 hours. He had been watching movies for two hours. What is interesting about Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee? There is so much of them who can do the same on our palace. In fact, they are much better. Hmp>.<

Huh! So bored.


Why is that I have this feeling that someone is carrying me? Huh! I tried to open my eyes but I am sleepy. Maybe, he is Mr. Dylan. I smile.

“Mr. Dylan, I miss you,” I whisper out of nowhere.

Mr. Dylan helps me to lie down on a cozy bed and i fell so comfortable and secured. He also puts a blanket on me.

“Goodnight Dylan,”

However, I cannot see him; I can feel that he mess up my hair as he gently squeeze my head.

“Sweet dreams.” he said.

I smile.

Sweet dreams=))

Seto Dom Yo’-gi says?

I cannot believe it. She is annoying. Aish>.<

She is clumsy.

Now I understand, she is just only a kid. Seventeen, though she do not seems like it. My first impression on her, she is already on her early twenties.

She can do nothing. Imagine that?

Cannot cook. Cannot do house chores.

The heck.

I am not this type of person but somehow, I feel like protecting her? Okay, to tell the truth, I became worried the moment I saw the burns on her hand. Impossible! She really placed her hand on a boiling cooking oil. So innocent.

She is really out of this world and always pissed me off. She have no off limits.

I continue on shuffling channels on my television. I also notice that Shantall takes a seat beside me, but i just ignores her and continue on concentrating on the shows on the television. It was then that that I spotted Michelle, projecting herself on the runway and she is endorsing a clothing line in New York. Among the audience, right at the front seat, I saw him. Media men never dare leaving his gaze and they take the chance to interview him. It is obvious that he enjoys it. Who else? It is Dione.

So, they still never get tired on announcing to the whole world that they are together, huh? And for making me so jealous? Fine, they won. I am jealous all right. I was about to shift to the next channel when Shantall interrupts again.

“Hey, wait,” she said then gets the remote control from my hand. “See that?” She is the supermodel Michelle Nam, right. She is pretty. Oh, wait, that guy with her. He is also the one on the picture. I cannot believe it. Are your cousin and Michelle name together? Hey, you don’t seems like interested.”

I cannot believe her. She is too loud and too annoying.

“Aish!” I smirk as I get the remote control while shaking my head.

I shift to other channels and watch movies starring Jackie Chan and Bruce lee.


This is not interesting.

I turn off the television then I turn to her. She is already sounds asleep.

As I stare on her, I cannot help myself from smiling. I carry her on my arms.

“Mr. Dylan, I miss you,” she said while smiling. I do not understand it but she is cute whenever she smiles. I bring her to her bedroom and place her very carefully on the bed. I also put blanket on her and squeeze her head.

“Goodnight, Dylan.”

Did she say goodnight? I smile again.

“Sweet dreams,” then I close the door.

Knows what? When I am with her, I realized that I always became a different person. I no longer the hardheaded, care for no one else. Whenever I am with her, I always feels like protecting and guarding her. I can show her my childish and funny side. I guess, I am crazy.

I go to my bathroom then wash my face. After that, I get my car key and head outside my house. I get inside my car then head off.

I need to have some unwind, and there is only one thing that can surely help me to think for things. What more else? TARGET SHOOTING.

Ch’ing Shin-li Says?

The next morning.

“Hello sunrise, “I said as I stretch my arms. I really have a nice dream. Mr. Dylan went here and somehow, he is still watching how I am doing.

Wait, how do I get here? I turn around. Left. Right. Left. Right.

Oh no! I cannot believe it. I sleepwalked again. Huh!

I stumbled off from the bed then head for the bathroom. Yugi’s house has only one bathroom and it is on the kitchen, right beside the laundry area.

Therefore, that’s it. Wearing my bathrobe, I go inside the bathroom and starts on brushing my teeth


Arggh! The hell! / ___ \

“Hey, what the?” Yugi exclaimed as he points out to me.


“PERVERT!” I shouts back as I keeps on punching him on the chest then slammed the door as I walks out outside the bathroom.

I cannot believe it! How gross >__<

I swear! I do not mean it. I don’t know that he’s taking shower on the shower room and he is. . . . .he is. . . . .*CENSORED* ---_____----

Oh my virgin eyes!

I folded my arms as I wait for him to be finish first.

After several minutes.

“I didn’t know that you like me that much, huh?” he said while giving me a teasing smile.

I turn to face him. He is already wearing a bathrobe. I give him a death glare.

“As if? I don’t like dwarfs!”

Yeah, he is a dwarf with his short legs. In fact, he is just around 5′7". I do not know exactly. However, he is still short.

“Dwarf?” he ask in a very bad tone. Oops, I provokes his ego. . . .

“Yes, dwarfs, .Small.Little.Short-legged. Bonsai. Do you want me to spell it for you? D-W-A-R------”


I was too shock when suddenly he push me against the wall, then pinned me there with the used of his two arms. He moves his head a little closer, but too close enough that I can already feel his heartbeat against my chest.

“You are really not affected on my charms, are you?” he said with a seducing tone.

“O--of. . . .Co---course. . . .”

Oh, Shin-li, what happened? This is trap! Oh my! Holy crap>___<

He smirk, then release me right after.

“I don’t like you either. You are so immature, and I hate girls with unwanted fats,” he tease then head upstairs.

Unwanted fats?


Arggggh!! Right?

Oh, do not get me wrong. I am really not.


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