Archer Master Trilogy

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Chapter Six – When Mr. Cupid Strikes

Ch’ing shin-li says?

It has been a month now since I left the palace. It has been also a month now since I started to live with Yugi.

These past few days, I really cannot understand myself. I am easily been affected by his charms. Also, I can’t take him off my mind lately.

Okay, I admit, he really is good-looking, but he has isn’t that admiring. Tss. With that personality? He is so “Jologs” too. We are not in good terms either. Just imagine a home with a cat and dog inside >_____<

That’s world war!

Okay, maybe somehow he is nice---- in his own very little way though! Huh! Argggh!

I scratch my head.

Also, I can feel those carpenters that keeps on renovating my heart so that . . .it will only beats for him? Oh, gross!

Of all the people! Why him?

He do not seems like a prince charming type. In fact, he is so arrogant, and a dwarf. Hmp>____<

“I don’t like you either. You are so immature, and I hate girls with unwanted fats.”


I cannot still get over with that!


Anyway, I do not want myself to become useless that is why I decided to look for a job. I also starts on distributing pliers for those who wants to hire me for coaching or tutoring archery.

I study my reflection on the mirror. . Am I that fat? Huh.

It has also been a month now since I have start on working out on my diet. In fact, I haven’t have a single taste for rice these past few weeks, I skips breakfast and dinner, and I only have bread for lunch. Sometimes, it feels like I am as light as a paper, but I really need this.

Yugi? Well, he does not seems to care nor appreciates it. He is always away. Huh!

I turn on my laptop and starts on surfing the net again for any prospect jobs that are suited on my age. Yes, he already replaces my defected laptop and cellphone.

My right hand? It is already pretty well fine.

“Hey, what’s up?” Yugi said as he approaches me and sits with me on the couch.

“I’m just surfing the net for prospect jobs, “I answered.

He smiles.


“You’re really sincere on maturity and self-supporting thing, huh?”


“Huh?“He sigh as he looks at me.

“Am I attractive?”

He smiles. “Why bother asking?”

I shrugs my shoulders. “Out of the blue.”

He just squeeze my hair, and then smile. Okay, I expected this---____-----

“I am going to the grocery. wanna come? “He ask.

“Sure,” I answered.

Huh! If only he knew how I feels. Sigh.

At the grocery.

Huh! I am tempted to eat. There is many chocolates. My favorite! Hell no! I am on the state of diet, remember?


I am effin hungry >_<

Somebody, help me.

“Shantall, just stay here, okay. I will just go there to the wet goods department,” Yugi said to me.

“Okay,” I smiles.

“Huh!” I can take this. I can take this.


I cannot. I really need to eat. Anyway, I think there is nothing wrong on trying a few bites of rice rolls.


I was about to get a pack of rice rolls when someone grabs my wrist.

“Young lady.”

I looks at him. --_-- “Dylan?” I ask warily

“Don’t try to run again.”

Oh no? Trap!

Aish! No choice. Sorry Mr. Dylan.

One . . . Two. . . . Then I bite his hand. THREE!



Oh no, my bodyguards are running after me. Where to go? Where to hide?

Argggh! Someone puts a hand over my mouth and drags me at the corner. The hell!

“Release me! Release me!”


I look at him.

“Yugi?” I whisper.

“Who are they?” he ask.

“My dad’s men.” I answered.

We stay there until they are already gone and there are no signs of them anywhere else.

“Huh! I can’t believe this,” I said as I struggle for air.



“Are you okay? You seems like you’re goin to faint.”

After Yugi said those words, it feels like the surroundings seems to be shaking and they are all fading.

I can still feel Yugi’s hand as he touches my forehead and neck then blackout.


I slowly open my eyes.

“Good thing, you’re awake.”

I look at his direction. He is sitting on the sofa beside my hospital bed, with his legs cross. He is also reading the weekly paper...

“Are you fine, eh?” he ask as he folds the newspaper then then go and sit beside me on the bed.

“Mm-hmm,” I nod.

“Wait, are you hungry? The doctor said you look so pale and you seems like you are not eating that much. I’ll get you some food,” he said as he attempts to leave but I holds his hand.

“I don’t feel like eating,” I lied.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, don’t bother, “I answered.

“Okay, then I’ll give you something to drink then,” he said.

“Do you find me attractive?” I ask out of the blue. This time, I am effin serious.

Too late to back off. How gross >_<

He smiles. “You’re attractive, all right.” Then he taps my head. “Gonna go, okay? What d’ya want to drink? Fruit juices?”

I bite my lower lip. “I think I like you.”

“He smiles again. “Little girls all likes me,” he said then go to the door. When he is about to leave, i still manage to say something.

“Fuck! This is gross! Can’t you fucking understand that I stupidly like you more than I stupidly like anyone else? It is not just like, but more than that, for I like you romantically all for myself alone. Can’t you feel it? Or you’re just a numb ass? I like you. Really am. I tried to be perfect for you that is why I even consider it to make myself hungry in order to lose some weight for you hate girls with unwanted fats. Can you consider my effort? Can you---”


I think I am freeze on my position, the moment that our lips met. Yes, he kisses me and it lasted for 3 or 5 minutes? I am not sure. All I know, is just he kisses me and I give the kiss back.

We are both struggling for air, when finally it was over. “How was it?” he ask while giving a teasing smile.


I am too shock when he hugs me.“When I say that you are attractive, then I am comparing you to everyone that also looks like the same. You’re not even pretty or beautiful because when I say those, then I am just only telling myself that you are everything all the other girls have.”

Then he whispers to my ear, “You are gorgeous and perfectly stunning. You are unique, one of a kind and indifferent. You are somebody that every other girls doesn’t.”

I cannot help myself from smiling as I hugs him back.

“I love you,” I whispers on his ear.

He taps my forehead.

“You are still too young for love. Let’s just wait for the right time, okay?” then he winks at me.

“I am already seventeen.”

“Tss,” he said. “Now, are you hungry?”

“Mm-hmm,“I answered.

“What do you want to eat?”

“I want a heavy meal,” I answered.

“Then wait for me,” he smiles then I nod.

^______^ Finally, I already confesses to him! This is a good sign. . Plus, the kiss? Hmm! heaven =)

Therefore, that is it. He brought me a heavy lunch and we eat together. That afternoon, the hospital finally discharged me.

Home sweet home with my love ^_____^

I know, I am already overreacting but I cannot help it.

“Just eat everything you want, okay? I’ll cook for you,” he finally said.

“One thing, I hate girls who force their selves to be somebody to which they are not.”

“Tss, I will eat, okay, “I said.


We also do the laundry together and we play with the bubbles. So funny, and I thank God for giving me this man! I am so lucky.

I guess, Mr. Cupid made the right thing when he strikes our hearts to beat only for each other, with his bow and arrow. Maybe, I should thank him now. Or make him my archery coach? Funny and crazy ^__^\/

“I love you, “I whisper while we are watching movie and he is embracing me from my back.

“But we need to wait for the right time,” he said.

I just nod.

“But, I can still consider you as my boyfriend then?”

He kiss me on my forehead. “Sure.”

The next morning.

I am still wearing my reading glasses though I already remove my braces since yesterday. The nurse told me that it is not advisable to wear that thing for either fashion, disguises or whatsoever. Since, I am concern to my perfectly built teeth, I obey her.

As I head downstairs. . . .


“Argggh! The hell! Holy Crap! Fuck!”

I kept on swearing as I holds my aching head. I really cannot help it. Tears starts falling down as I sit on the staircase. I hear footsteps coming toward my direction.

I avoid his gaze.

“I hate guns or anything that has something to do with them.” I said in between sobs.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he kneels in front of me. He even place his hands on my cheeks. “Look at me.”

I just shakes my head.

“Do you want to tell me something?”

I shakes my head again.

“Come on. I am someone whom you can trust.”

I looks at him---------a sincere look, then I give him a pale smile.

“It’s just a phobia ever since childhood,” I answer.

Liar! Of course, I already forget about it a long time ago. A part of it already fades from my memories. But you still lied to him, Shin-li--again! Just like when you lied about your real identity?

He smiles to me.“All right, I am sorry. Target shooting is the sport of my heart, but I will never practice playing it again whenever you’re around.”

I embrace him.

“Thank you.”

“No. I should be the one to thank you for loving me and for changing me. Wait, I’ll make us breakfast, okay?” then he helps me to stand up.

Seto Dom Yo’-gi says?

Being her man needs a little patience and understanding.

I cannot believe it but it is just started on times that we do not expect. Before, I thought I would never open my heart again after Michelle and my first love.

Okay, this is crazy.

It seems like I am not myself.

Anyway, on this past few days, I already admits to myself that maybe I can consider her. I do not give conclusions that maybe she is already the one, but I think that I should consider on taking risk.

In addition, I cannot help myself to consider the fact that she really looks like her. Am I wrong with that? But I can’t help it.

Okay, I already learned to love her. I do love her. Yes, I already did.

I smile as I watch her sleeping on my arms with her head on my chest. Wait, do not get us wrong. We just sleep together, but nothing happened more than that. I respect her, okay.

She is lovely even she takes no effort to enhance herself.

I touches the tip of her nose. She slightly shakes her head then smile. I also smile.

Shantall. You really drives me crazy.

I started to kiss her on the lips then whisper gently on her ears. “Morning, sunshine.”

She slowly open her eyes then smile.


“This place is really great!”

I just watch her as she keeps on singing her heart. This is the very first time that I ever see Shantall to be that happy.

We are here on a public amusement park. Actually, I surprised her because she told me that she had never been on a public place on her entire life. I cannot believe her. What is she? A princess, that’s why they control and direct her life to be that way?

“I want this,” she said to me as she points out to the cotton candy vendor.

I smile. Unbelievable. Ever since that, we became officially together, she always asks me to do something for her. Of course, I am a dedicated boyfriend and I always do anything that can make her happy.

Regarding Michelle and Dione? I no longer care for them ----at all. Enough for heartaches. My heart will always and forever be with Shantall.


We stops on walking when four gangster blocks our way.

“Yugi,” Shantall said as she holds my jacket. I can feel that her hands are trembling.

“What do you want from us?”

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