Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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“Come on. I’ll feed you lunch.” She walked out of the room to her kitchen.

“I have deli meat, pasta salad, cheese, crackers, chips. Will that work?” she asked, opening her fridge.

“Sandwiches work,” Rob answered. Putting his hands on her hips, he spun her around. She gasped and looked up to see the lust in his eyes. Her eyes flitted to his pink lips, then back to his eyes. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she gave in to her want. Her lips collided with his in a heated kiss. Rob’s fingers dug into her hips, lifting the bottom of her shirt. Lightning raced through her veins, heating her core. Her hands slid into his hair, pulling it out of the low ponytail he’d kept it in. His bear rumbled, sending vibrations through her chest.

“Myra,” he moaned, breaking the kiss and pressing his lips to the spot on her neck where her heart beat.

“Rob,” she sighed, dropping her head back.

“Miss Myra?” Adam called and both of them froze.

“He knows we are mates,” Rob reminded her when she went to pull away.

“I know, but we haven’t gone on a date yet,” she replied but stayed in his arms.

“In the kitchen, Adam,” she called and waited for him.

“I’m hungry,” Adam announced, walking into the kitchen. He smiled, seeing Myra in Rob’s arms.

“I have things for sandwiches,” she offered, reaching for the fridge door behind her.

“I like ham and American cheese.”

“I have that. Rob, what would you like?” She pulled out ham and cheese.

“I’m fine with anything,” Rob answered, letting her go.

“I have turkey and chicken too,” she said, pulling out all her options.

“Whoa.” Adam’s eyes widened as she took out all the options she had in her fridge.

“I get bored with the same thing every day,” she explained, getting out her sub rolls and starting to make Adam’s sandwich.

“Do you want anything on it? I have mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo,” she listed her topping options as both stared at her in shock,

“You are a full-fledged deli and are making me look bad with Adam,” Rob joked. Myra felt a blush spread across her face.

“Can I have mayo and lettuce?” Adam asked, she nodded and finished making his sandwich. Opening her pantry, Myra grabbed three different chip choices. She hated being bored with her lunches.

“Here you go.” Myra placed a large sandwich in front of Adam, he gave her a wide smile.

“Rob, what can I make you?” she asked, turning to her mate. His blue eyes caught hers, making a shiver pass down her spine.

“I’ll put it together, sweetheart. You make yours and we can eat together,” he offered, standing to come into her kitchen. The two moved around each other seamlessly to make their lunches.

“You look like Grandma and Grandpa,” Adam commented once they sat down to eat with him.

“What do you mean bud?” Rob asked Myra was curious where his thoughts were headed.

"Grandma and Grandpa move around each other without bumping."

“Oh,” Myra replied, unsure how to respond. Her parents argued a lot over the years, she remembered.

“Adam and I will take a trip to Little Creek, Texas in two weeks to visit his grandparents. It’ll be the first time we’ve gone home since Christmas,” Rob shared, Myra heard the love in his voice for his family.

“What do you do when you visit?” Myra never met her grandparents.

“Hiking, swimming in the local lake, fishing, camping. Anything to do with being outside,” Adam answered. His face lit up as he spoke about home.

“Will you see your friends?” she inquired, wanting to know more about Adam and Rob’s life in Texas.

“I’ll have a sleepover with Jackson. He is my best friend and a bear like me,” Adam announced, a gigantic smile on his face.

“That sounds like fun.” She took a bite of her sandwich, realizing both of them were halfway through their lunches. Both ate with a zealousness she admired. Most shifters she knew ate a lot, their animals demanded it. After all the experiments they had subjected her to, her appetite was small.

“I’m done, can I read?” Adam asked, and she nodded without thinking to consult Rob.

“Put your plate in the dishwasher,” Rob added and put a hand on her thigh. Once he left, she turned to see Rob smiling at her.

“That felt right,” he shared, and she relaxed, knowing she hadn’t overstepped.

“I didn’t even think, I just answered,” she explained. His eyes were fascinating; they were blue but had copper around the pupil.

“Do you want to come with us to Texas? I want you to meet my parents.” His words surprised her, but after a night of very poor sleep, she didn’t want him to be gone for a week.

“I’d love to.” Her answer pleased him because his lips connected with hers. Opening to let him in, Myra tangled her tongue with his. His tongue dueled with hers, exploring her entire mouth. Hands went exploring, and they raised shirts to reveal skin. Myra wanted Rob, an ache built in her womb.

“Myra,” his heated whisper spurred on her lust for him. Rob’s lips latched to the spot where one day she would let him mark her. The intimate touch made her pussy gush, ruining her underwear.

“Rob,” she gasped, her nails digging into his muscular arms.

“Tonight I’m going to make love to you.” His promise made her groan.

“Dad?” Adam’s voice called out before either could move, Adam walked into the living room.

“Wow, Miss Myra, you have a tattoo?”

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