Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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“Tattoo?” Rob asked, turning her so he could see her back. Adam was right, but it wasn’t just one. She had practically a fairytale kingdom on her back. Myra yanked her shirt down. Before she could cover up he recognized several characters.

“Yes,” she said looking uncomfortable with the attention.

“Dad has one on his shoulder,” Adam shared and he saw her smile.

“I saw when we shifted for a run,” Myra told him.

“Did Dad see yours?”


“They are pretty, but why do you have so many?” Rob cringed, worried she’d be upset Adam was asking so many questions.

“I like them. I have quite a few,” she explained. This intrigued Rob, and he couldn’t wait to discover them all.

“Cool, are you getting more?”

“I have an appointment with my tattoo artist tomorrow. I’m getting one finished since it is so big,” she replied and Adam’s mouth fell open.


“Thanks. How do you like the book?” she asked, pointing to the one in his hand.

“I love it. Are you sure I can borrow it?”

“Absolutely. I love helping others find books they’ll enjoy. It is part of my job being a librarian,” Rob watched his son and mate bond. She was amazing and her brother brought danger into her life. Being reminded of the danger she was in, he strode to her window. Parked next to his car, he saw Peter. Good, she was being protected.

“You okay?” Myra asked, coming over to look out the window.

“Just looking at the view,” he lied, turning back to her.

“It is a pleasant view. I’d much rather a view of the woods over the city any day.” Her comment made him kiss the top of her head. Inwardly, he promised to find her the perfect home.

“We should head home. I want to drop Adam home and get ready for our date,” he said watching sadness come to her eyes.

“It will only be a few hours. I’ll pick you up at seven and we can go to dinner,” he promised, placing a kiss on her lips.

“Okay, I’ll be ready at seven. What should I wear?”

“Dress up. I am taking you to Alejandro’s for dinner.” Alejandro’s was the town’s upscale Mexican restaurant.

“I love Mexican food, but I’ve never been there,” she remarked, and his bear preened at being able to provide for their mate.

“See you tonight.” He kissed her and grabbed Adam. He’d been leaning against a doorjamb, reading again. Rob walked out and stopped at Peter’s car.

“Adam, get into the car, I’ll be just a minute.”

“Okay Dad,” Adam mumbled, climbing into the backseat. He knocked on Peter’s window.

“Hey, Rob.” Peter lowered his window with his normal bright smile.

“I’m leaving and will be back at seven. You’ll be off duty after that,” he told the wolf shifter. He’d become friends with him and his brother when he moved into town last year. Peter was a ladies’ man through and through.

“Perfect. I have a date with a sexy lion shifter tonight,” Peter replied and Rob chuckled.

“Glad I could help keep your social life alive,” Rob answered, giving a wave and got into his car. The entire way home, he kept an eye out for people who didn’t look like they belonged.

“How long are you going to be with Miss Myra?” Adam asked from the backseat.

“You won’t see me until the morning,” Rob replied, pulling into Marcus and Ellie’s driveway.

“Okay, will you read with me until you have to go?” Adam asked, and he gave a soft smile.

“Sure, but I’ll need another shower before I go,” he replied walking into the house hearing all the women from girls’ night.

“Run,” he whispered to Adam. He didn’t need to be told twice and bolted for the stairs. Rob was too late.

“Rob!” Ellie shouted, catching his eye. He looked at his watch and frowned.

“Isn’t it a little early for girls’ night?” he asked, coming into the living room. From where he stood, he only saw the women.

“It isn’t a girls’ night. Everyone is over for a barbeque,” Ellie explained, and Rob looked out the back to see Marcus, Xander, Troy, Rhett, and Greyson standing around the grill.

“You should go out,” Ellie said, and he shook his head.

“Adam wants to spend time together before I take Myra out,” he explained.

“Aww, I forgot.” Ellie waved him on before the others could grab him. Ellie’s friends unnerved him a little once he walked in on a girls’ night.

“Rob!” Ellie called one night when he’d come home late from work. Thinking she made him dinner, he walked in and got trapped.

“You are right, he will be perfect at a Mate Me event,” a woman with ebony skin and many braids in her hair remarked.

“Rob these are some of my friends. Josie, Roxie, Elizabeth, Evvy, and Caroline. Josie is the one who runs the Mate Me events I’ve been trying to get you to attend. Roxie and Evvy both found their mates at the events.” He gave her a tight smile before taking a card from Josie.

“Do you have a type?” Josie asked, her eyes shining with interest.

“Not really. I want someone who will love Adam and me.”

“What did the last girl who you dated look like?” Josie questioned. Rob felt uncomfortable with all her questions and backed away.

“Josie, let the man be. Rob, I hope you try a Mate Me event soon,” Ellie interjected, freeing him from the conversation. Rob nodded and ran from the room, hiding in Marcus’ office.

Rob settled with Adam reading the afternoon away with him. His alarm went off at five-thirty, telling him it was time to get ready for his date.

“Have fun, Dad,” Adam called, not looking up from his book. Rob smiled, watching his son for a few minutes. Adam differed greatly from he’d been as a child. Myra connected with him immediately. Thinking back on Josie’s questions, what was his type? It was Myra with her long ebony hair, captivating green eyes that flashed with her animal. She was tall and curvy, everything he loved about a woman. He hadn’t expected to fall for a lynx shifter, but the more time they spent together he cared for her more. Love wasn’t far around the corner. Tonight he wanted her to tell him about her scars. He needed to know what happened in her past.

Stepping out of his shower Rob took special care to dry his hair and leave it down/ He should get it cut, not that he had a mate he wanted to look the part. He put on a black button-up shirt, pulling out a tie as he debated. Deciding to go the full mile, he put on a blue tie and tucked in his shirt. Using a touch of his cologne, he stared at himself in the mirror. Adam walked in and stopped short.

“Wow, Dad.”

“Thanks, bud. Do you think Myra will like it?”

“Yes.” Adam walked around him looking him over with a critical eye making Rob chuckle.


“You don’t have shoes on.”

“I know. I’m going to get them,” he replied, walking over to his closet. He put on his dress shoes and held out his hands.

“Better?” he asked his son.

“Yes, but can you tell Miss Myra hi for me?”

“Yes.” He ruffled Adam’s brown hair. He loved Adam’s connection with Myra.

“I’m off. Please be good for Uncle Marcus and Aunt Ellie. I’ll be home in the morning. We are going house hunting tomorrow so get a good night’s sleep.”

“I promise to be good for them, Dad.” Adam gave him a hug, and the two walked downstairs together.

“Go into Aunt Ellie and be good.”

“I know.’ Adam rolled his eyes with a smile on his face. Rob climbed into his car and took a moment to compose himself. Tonight would be the start of his relationship with Myra. He couldn’t blow this.

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