Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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After dinner, Rob drove them back to his home to break the news to Ellie and Marcus that he and Adam would move out. He looked over to see Myra staring out the window; he wondered what she was thinking. He did not like the look of Viper. The snake shifter worried him, he needed to talk to Marcus about Ricky’s timeline. If Viper had shown his presence for the past three nights, he wasn’t going away until he had Ricky. He would have to ask for Peter and maybe Troy to watch the apartment with him inside. The men Viper called forth were all shifters, but not all snakes. He had smelled at least a lion, a mountain lion, and a gorilla.

“We are home,” he whispered to pull her out of her thoughts. Adam dove out of the car and ran inside to pack an overnight bag.

“Do you mind helping Adam while I talk with Ellie and Marcus?” She nodded, still quiet, which worried him more. Staying her with a hand on her arm, he bent his head to press a kiss to her soft lips.

“Everything will be okay. I am talking with Marcus about adding some extra protection. I promise nothing will happen to any of us, your brother included.” She gave him a half-smile and pecked his lips.

“Thanks.” He watched her head up the stairs while he went in search of Ellie and Marcus. He found them outside with the firepit going, each of them held a glass of wine.

“Hey Rob, where is Adam?” Ellie asked, looking up from the book she’d been reading.

“I want to talk to you two privately.” He sat on a patio chair bouncing a knee. Marcus looked up from his phone.

“What about?”

“Well, Myra asked Adam and me to move in with her until the house we put an offer on is available.”

“Wait, you bought a house?” Ellie set her book down, sitting up to give him her full attention.

“We put in an offer today. Rex will get back to us with their response. Either way, Myra and I don’t want to be apart. Adam is okay with the idea. The problem is, Viper appeared at Myra’s apartment building. I want Peter and Troy on duty outside while I am inside with her. He had five goons with him in the shadows when he made his threat. He wants the research Ricky took and told Myra he would kill her if he didn’t get it soon.”

“Where was Peter?” Marcus’ face hardened when he heard Peter hadn’t made an appearance.

“Not sure. I thought he was following her while she went about her day. Maybe he knew she was with me and assumed she wouldn’t need him anymore.” Rob shrugged, unsure where Peter had been.

“I’ll speak to him, and yes you can have Troy, although he’s been a little off since the injury. His wolf has been refusing to come out,” Marcus shared, Rob frowned.

“I didn’t know. Do you think Greyson would be better than Troy? I need someone we can count on if Viper and his goons attack.”

“I’ll give Troy the option, if he turns me down I’ll get Greyson’s help.”

“Thanks. Adam and I will move things out of the house as we move in with Myra. Do you mind if we still store our bigger things in your shed?” He didn’t have a place for their things to go, Myra’s place wasn’t big enough.

“Leave your boxes until you can get in the house. Where is it?” Ellie asked after finishing her wine.

“We are about thirty minutes from here off of Oakwood Drive deep in the heart of the woods. I think it will be perfect for Adam to roam in the woods once he can shift. The place needs a ton of work. I am going to ask Dad, Travis, and Clyde to come out and help me with the house. I’d ask Matt, but he is busy being the new alpha.”

“I think we should invite everyone out here to help. The girls can help and get to know Myra. You know your mom, she will not let an opportunity like this pass her by.”

“I’m taking her with me when I go to Little Creek in a week.” Ellie’s eyebrows went up in surprise.

“Just in time for the Fourth of July.”

“I suppose. Do you know something I don’t know?”

“Nope.” Ellie gave him a sly smile, and he glared at his sister-in-law.


“Well, Beth sent out a family-wide email inviting everyone out for a party on the fourth. She knew you and Adam were coming and thought Adam might want to see his cousins.” Rob smacked his face, scrubbing a hand down.

“I haven’t told her I am bringing Myra. I haven’t had the chance yet.”

“I suggest you call her tomorrow. She will want to know her newest daughter-in-law will come to visit.” Ellie giggled at him, and Rob groaned. His mother was a lot to take in on her own, but when all the family was together, it made it ten times more intense.

“She will be fine. I was,” Ellie remarked, knowing where his thoughts had gone.

“She didn’t grow up in the most loving household.” He thought back to her telling him about her life with a father who abused her in the name of science and a mother who never loved her the way she should have. Ricky, he didn’t know about, he’d barely met the man and he left his car to be tracked back to his sister.

“Beth will love her. Don’t you worry. Now go pack a bag and I assume I’ll see Adam on Monday?”

“Yes. I don’t know what days Myra has off this week.”

“Just drop him off. I’ll watch him along with the others. I think I only have Ava this week. Roxie and Xander are taking the twins to Italy to see his friends. Rett and Josie are off on a family vacation with Josie’s family. Georgia has taken some time off to spend with Daisy, and Caroline doesn’t bring Liam often.”

“I had no idea you watched that many kids. I should have offered to pay you to watch Adam.”

“Don’t worry. I told them all I wouldn’t be doing this for them next summer. It has been like running a daycare and I don’t want that. This is the summer for me and I should enjoy it.”

“Why not say no to the rest of this summer?”

“I’d feel bad.”

“Don’t. You should spend this time with Ava. Myra and I talked about putting Adam in a program at her library. She can monitor him there.” Rob wouldn’t impede on Ellie’s generosity anymore.

“Thanks, but Adam is family. I can keep him.” Rob smiled and patted Ellie on the knee.

“Thanks. I’ll let you know.” Rob stood and went to find his mate and son. He could hear laughter floating down the stairs. He took the stairs two at a time to find out what was so funny. Standing in the doorway he watched as Myra went through Adam’s bookshelf making comments about each but in funny voices.

“Is that how you imagine each of the major characters to sound?” he asked, Myra jumped up turning around to see him.

“We were passing the time. We packed Adam for a few days and have all his summer homework ready to go. What about you?”

“I need to pack. Give me five minutes.” He hurried down the hall to his room and tossed together a suitcase with his clothing. He took care to grab a suit, dress shirt, and tie. He would need his garment bag for them. Going into the bathroom, he gathered his bathroom items along with Adam’s.

“Dad?” Adam called, Rob poked his head out of the bathroom to see Adam carrying his suitcase, Myra behind him.

“We came to see if we could help,” she explained, taking his suit and beginning to place it carefully in the garment bag he had thrown on the bed.

“Adam, pick out Dad a few solid-colored dress shirts and ties. He will need them for work.” Rob watched as Myra took charge and placed his bathroom items in his suitcase. The way she called him dad made his heart warm. It wasn’t your dad, just dad. In no time they were back in the car and headed to Myra’s. Rob chuckled to himself as Adam rattled away about how outstanding it would be to sleep at Myra’s apartment. He wondered how long the excitement would last when they were stuck in the small apartment together. Inwardly, he knew it would take Adam longer to get to sleep tonight. Something that normally would have irritated him, Rob found he didn’t mind.

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