Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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Myra spent the morning hurrying around the library helping families find books, check out books and take payments for overdue books. She let Colette run story hour, so she could help with their summer reading program. Soon lunch came and her stomach growled. Looking around, she noticed Peter had settled himself in a chair with a murder mystery book. She thought it funny that both Marge and Patty had checked on the man. He was attractive in a conventional way, with his light blond hair gelled. He had amazing blue eyes that could melt even the crankiest librarian.

“Hey, Peter.” Myra walked over to check on him herself, he was there to keep Viper and his goons from bothering her.

“Hi, Myra. You have been on your feet all morning. I don’t think I’ve seen you take a break yet.”

“You were paying attention?” She thought he’d been absorbed in his book.

“I see everything. This book is delightful, but I’ve read it before so I can monitor you without blowing my cover. Your librarians are awfully friendly,” he replied with a smirk. Myra chuckled and saw Marge watching them with sharp eyes.

“You are an attractive bachelor, they are both searching for a husband. In Marge’s case, husband number three.” Her comment made Peter shudder, drawing a laugh from her lips.

“I see your mate and son. Your mate doesn’t look happy that you are talking to me.” Peter pointed behind her. She whipped around to see Rob and Adam standing in the doorway, their hands full of pizza boxes. She stood and hurried over to them, a smile on her face.

“That is the best sight of the day.” She ruffled Adam’s hair and leaned up to place a kiss on Rob’s lips.

“Let me tell Colette I am going to lunch and we can eat in the park,” she offered, and Rob stopped her with a hand on her arm.

“Can we get Adam signed up for a program this week first?”

“Sure.” She took their hands and brought them over to the children’s resource desk.

“Colette, can you pull up the programs we still have space in?” She asked, leaning against the desk. Colette looked up and her eyes widened when she caught sight of Rob.

“Rob, Adam, this is my co-worker Colette Bingly. She runs the young children’s programs.”

“Adam, what are you interested in these days?” Colette asked. Myra felt Adam squeeze her hand before answering.

“I like to read. I think computers are cool.”

“We have a book club meeting where they read unique books and talk about them, or you can join our coding program.”

“Can I do both?” Adam looked at Myra with hope in his eyes.

“What time are they at?” she asked Colette, leaning over the counter to look at the screen herself.

“It looks like the coding is in the morning and the book club in the afternoon. There is an hour there for a lunch break. Myra, you are running the book club,” Colette reminded her, making Myra laugh.

“Sorry, a lot has happened since Thursday.” She looked over her shoulder at Rob, and he gave her an innocent look.

“So do you want to do both?” Colette pulled their attention back to her. Adam nodded and Rob smiled.

“Just let me know how much each camp costs and I’ll send the money in with Myra tomorrow.” Rob put his hands on her shoulders, causing warmth to spread through her. She loved having Rob’s comfort wrap around her in the worrisome time.

“Oh Colette, pull up the work calendar for me. I am going out of town next week for the entire week.”

“Vacation? You?” Colette gave her a shocked look, making Myra realize she’d never taken a proper vacation since she started working at the library.

“Yes. It is high time I get to take a vacation. I have plenty of time stocked up that I should use some of it,” she countered with a smile. Colette laughed and opened the work calendar for her. Walking around the table, she bent over and quickly put in her time off. Usually, she never waited this long to put in time off, but she hadn’t known since Friday.

“Done. Adam is signed up for two camps, so let’s go eat that pizza you bought for lunch.” As she finished her words, an enormous crack of thunder split the air before the clouds opened up and dumped heavy rain. Adam jumped at the sound of the thunder and wrapped his arms around Myra. She hugged him back, not mentioning his shaking.

“Well, we can eat in my office then.” She led them into the back part of the library where the offices were in a hall behind the stacks.

“This is like a secret hallway,” Adam commented, following her down the hall.

“I suppose it is. They wanted our offices kept out of sight. Most librarians are not the neatest with their books.” She opened the door to her neat office and Rob lifted an eyebrow.

“Not neat?” he murmured wrapping an arm around her waist pulling her in for a quick kiss.

“Most. I prefer my space to be neat. This way I can find what I need. I get previews of a lot of children’s books. There are a couple of publishers that will send me books to review and give my opinion on,” she explained, moving a small stack of hardback picture books.

“We got meat lovers pizza and garlic cheesy bread,” Adam announced when Rob set their lunch down. She sat in her office chair as Adam pulled out paper plates, parmesan cheese, and red pepper flakes along with sodas for each of them.

“Wow, you brought me a feast.” She accepted the slice of pizza Rob handed her before passing one to Adam and grabbing two for himself.

“I hope an extra-large pizza will be enough,” Rob commented, settling into one of her office chairs, Adam next to him.

“I am sure with the cheesy bread. If you guys get hungry before I get home you can raid my cabinets.”

“What time do you get off?”

“Four. I should be home no later than four-thirty.”

“We brought some more of our clothing over to your apartment to make it through the week. Did you need us to do anything around the apartment while you are at work?” She smiled, it was nice to have someone else at home.

“I need groceries. Why don’t you two get food, you will want to eat for the week? We don’t need too much because we will leave for your parents’ home next week.”

“Sounds good. We can get things for lunches. What days are you off this week?”

“Saturday and Sunday. I rarely work Saturdays.”

“Good to know. After our trip to my parents, we own a trip to a theme park to Adam.” Myra looked over at her boy. She may not have mated Rob yet, but Adam was hers in her heart.

“You are right. Adam, did you decide which one you wanted to go to?” She turned her attention to Adam, who was busy shoving pizza into his mouth.

“Busch Gardens. I heard they have good coasters and shows.”

“Sounds good. We can go next time we are home on a Saturday,” she replied, biting into her own pizza. The three sat around her office and talked about their trip to Texas. Adam wanted to show her the lake they camped at every year, and Rob offered to show her around their town. Myra loved every minute of their time together, and too soon she had to get back to work. She watched Adam and Rob leave after a kiss from Rob and a hug from Adam. She settled at the circulation desk and tried not to count the hours until she could go home to her new family.

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