Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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Rob and Adam spent the afternoon unpacking their suitcases and moving things around in the library for Adam to have a bed. Rob kept checking outside to make sure the van he’d seen earlier was still gone. Owen had taken his place outside the apartment building, hanging out on the basketball court to monitor the exterior. When Rob had asked why he was playing basketball, Owen smirked.

“If I sat in my car and watched the apartment, I would look like a creepy stalker. Just like the people going after Myra. This way I look like a new tenet. I spoke with the landlord and he gave me permission. No one who is part of the staff to the apartment complex will question why I am here.”

Rob thought it smart of Owen to make sure no one would question his presence and wondered what else the black bear shifter was capable of.

“Dad, I need your help!” Adam called from his new makeshift room. Rob walked in to see Adam struggling to move one bookshelf.

“Where are we putting it?” he asked. Lifting the shelf with ease, Adam had removed the books already.

“In the living room. I needed a spot for my dresser,” Adam explained, pointing to the plastic drawer set they’d brought over from Ellie and Marcus’ house. It had served as Adam’s dresser for the past year. Rob frowned and sighed.

“Adam, I think we should buy you a proper dresser. It hasn’t been fair that you are living out of plastic drawers for over a year.”

“How long is the house going to take?” Rob moved the bookshelf into the living room, placing it along one wall where there were no pictures hung.

“Several months I should think. If we are renovating the place, we might as well get it all done. No sense in living in a construction zone forever,” Rob answered, putting the shelf down. Adam had the box of books in his hands and set it at their feet. He opened the box and began handing the books to Rob to put away. Rob shoved them on the shelf, not paying attention to the titles.

“Do you think Myra will mind?”

“Not at all. She would want you to be comfortable too,” Rob answered, moving onto the next row of books.

“Okay then. Wait, Dad, you are putting the books on wrong! Look, the authors are all mixed.” Adam pushed him out of the way and began moving books around, checking the spines. Rob watched in fascination as his son organized the books by author and series order. Sitting on the chair they’d placed near the shelves, he smiled and let his son’s work. It was funny, even though he wasn’t Myra’s biological son, Adam had a bit of her in him. Maybe that was one reason they were mates. Not only was he getting a mate and wife, but Adam was getting a mother who understood him. Clarisse spent too much of her time high or drunk to know Adam well. It surprised Rob Adam had had no medical issues when he was born. Even though Clarisse and Rob never spoke beyond what their lawyers said, he knew she hadn’t stayed clean the entire time she was pregnant with Adam.

“Can you get me the other boxes?” Adam asked, pulling him out of his thoughts. Rob nodded and picked up the three other boxes of books. He wondered how many books Myra owned. Even just moving the two bookshelves the room had another wall of shelving with worn paperbacks. He noticed there weren’t many hardback books among the collection. Only the Harry Potter books and they held a special place on her shelves. Pulling a worn paperback from the shelf, he read Bear for Hire and then perused the back. It was a book about a bear shifter working on a farm helping the poor widow who lived there. Checking the price, he saw the book sold for about five dollars. Then it hit him, paperback books were much cheaper than hardbacks. He sensed she also had digital books, but knew in his heart she preferred to hold physical books.

“I’m home!” Myra’s voice rang from the front of the apartment. Rob made his way with the boxes for Adam to put away.

“Hey sweetheart,” he called, placing the boxes down and going over to kiss her on the lips. Wrapping her in his arms, he kissed her to welcome her home, pressing his tongue in to taste before releasing her.

“I see you two have been busy,” she commented when he let her go, but didn’t take her hands off of him.

“We needed to make space for my bed and dresser,” Adam explained, standing from where he’d been placing books on the bottom shelf. He watched Myra run her eyes up and down the shelf.

“Adam, did you organize them?” she asked a look of pride in her eyes.

“Yep.” Adam beamed with pride. Myra chuckled.

“Thank you, Adam, you did a wonderful job. Can I check your room?” she asked, Adam nodded and Myra led him after Adam.

“Where is your dresser?” she asked, looking around the room.

“Right now it is the plastic rolling cart,” Rob explained, pointing to the drawers. Myra frowned and looked up at him.


“Well, it is what we used when we lived with Marcus. I thought we’d only be there for a short amount of time. That time turned into a year.” Rob gave him a shrug and Myra glared at him.

“That is not a proper dresser. I am off on Friday, we will go then to find him a dresser.”

“Wow, it is like you were here for our conversation earlier,” Adam gasped, making Rob let out a laugh.

“I told you she wouldn’t mind you getting a real dresser. Come on, let’s put the books back while Myra changes out of her work clothes, then we can figure out dinner.” Rob urged Adam back to the living room while pushing Myra toward their bedroom.

“It was nice coming home to you two,” she commented, leaning up to press a gentle kiss to the side of his lips.

“It was nice having you come home to us. Now go change before I’m tempted to help you out of your clothes right here,” he murmured in her ear, nipping at her earlobe. He saw her shudder, her eyes shining gold with her lynx.

“Don’t look at me like that, Adam is in the living room.” He pressed a kiss to her cheek, not trusting himself with her lips and giving her a push to their bedroom, putting space between them. He watched her walk away admiring the sway of her hips in her skirt. She looked at him over her shoulder and winked before stepping into the room and closing the door. Rob had to take a moment to let his semi hard on go down before walking back to Adam. The two finished putting the books on the shelves and moved into the kitchen to decide what to make for dinner. Adam and Rob had visited the grocery store after visiting Myra. They’d planned on cooking dinner for her. Adam and Rob used to cook together all the time before moving to White Valley, he found he’d missed having one-on-one time with his son. He loved Ellie and Marcus, but rarely did he get this time with Adam anymore. Watching Adam cut carrots for the beef stew, Rob smiled. His boy was growing up.

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