Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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Myra wrapped her arms around Rob’s neck and kissed him with abandon. She wanted him to know how much she needed him and wanted him in her life. She loved this man and couldn’t wait to mate him fully.

“Rob, tonight,” she announced, pulling back to look into his blue eyes. It took him a minute of confusion to understand what she wanted.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I want to go to Texas tomorrow, mated to you.” Myra tugged his shirt over his head, revealing his chiseled chest and abs, making her melt.

“I could stare at you all day. You are so handsome,” she murmured, leaning down to kiss the spot where she would place her mark. Rob shivered and tugged on her shirt. It came over her head and floated to the floor with his discarded shirt. Still, a hint of her old anxiety lingered when she showed her bare skin to Rob.

“Beautiful, strong, amazing.” He kissed her neck, then her shoulder, down one arm and up the other. Each kiss left a flare of heat behind, and soon Myra was burning with her need for him. Racking her manicured nails down his arms, she moaned. Rob’s hands drifted down to her shorts, she’d put soft ones on to sleep in. He used one hand to lift her while the other stripped her of her shorts and panties. She loved how he made her seem light, Myra knew she was curvy for a shifter.

“Your turn.” She pulled on his basketball shorts when he stood. Down went his shorts and boxers, revealing his cock. Reaching out, she ran a hand down his thick shaft, watching his abs constrict. She squeezed with a little pressure, pumping him. She watched him grow in her hands, the power she had to please him made her feel amazing. Just one touch from her and he was putty in her hands. Curling her fingers around his mushroom head, she rubbed the bead of moisture from his tip. The temptation to taste him was too much. Slipping to her knees, she took him into her mouth. His hips jerked from his surprise. Taking her tongue, she started at the base of his cock and licked the underside to the tip. He was steel encased in velvet. Cupping his sack, she massaged him while sliding her mouth up and down on him. His moans were strained, she could see the muscles in his thighs working hard to hold him up. Sucking in her cheeks, she kept a steady rhythm to pleasure him. It didn’t take long before Rob was growling and hauling her up his body to crash his mouth onto hers. He walked them back to the bed, pressing her into the luxury mattress. Laying with her arms over her head, she let her mate take charge.

“Beautiful mate,” he murmured, crawling up her body, placing open-mouthed wet kisses up her legs. Myra waited impatiently for him to make her sing. He didn’t disappoint, his mouth found its mark. His tongue dove between her folds, pressing on her bundle of nerves. Desire flooded her veins, making it hard for her to hold back her orgasm. She wanted to enjoy him as long as possible tonight. Holding onto the sheets, she pushed her hips up. Rob let out a rumble, sending vibrations through her body.

“Rob,” she gasped. His fingers slipped into her pussy, pumping in and out while his tongue tortured her. Myra groaned and rotated her hips, helping Rob find her pleasure spot. He curled his two fingers, pressing on the most sensitive spot. Her orgasm roared through Myra, making her unable to hold back her shout of pleasure or clamping her thighs on Rob’s head. Rob pulled his head free with laughter shining in his eyes.

“I take it. That was a good one?” he joked, pressing a kiss to her lips. She tasted herself on him. Myra nodded and wrapped her legs around his hips.

“Now make me feel good and mark me as your mate,” she ordered her lynx pushing at her control. She wanted to mate Rob just as badly pushing Myra to bite him. She’d heard from every shifter who had a mate this would be the most amazing sex she’d have and to enjoy it. Rob pressed another kiss to her lips before capturing her breasts in his hands. He bent his head and captured one tight nipple in his mouth. Myra moaned, closing her eyes, laying back and enjoying the sensations Rob sent through her body.

“I cannot wait, my love,” he murmured after torturing her other nipple. The large rod of his erection pressed against her soaking entrance. Opening her knees to give him more room, she smiled up at him.

“Make me yours, Rob.” His bear pushed through him, she saw it in his eyes. Rob pushed his cock into her, filling her to the brink. He felt larger than before, stretching her to accommodate him.

“I love you, Myra.” Rob captured her mouth with his, shoving his tongue into hers. She moaned and pumped her hips with his thrusts. Myra’s skin dampened with perspiration as her orgasm continued to build. Her womb wound tight like a spring ready to burst with each thrust from Rob.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, her nails digging into his shoulder blades.

“Myra.” Rob grunted and increased his speed.

“I’m, I’m coming,” she growled, leaning forward as her lynx pushed past her, making her sink her canines into Rob’s shoulder. He grunted, and she felt the pierce of his teeth in her shoulder. An orgasm the likes of which she’d never known crashed over her. All her senses honed in. Sight and sound were brighter and louder. Rob’s orgasm was music to her ears. He spilled his seed deep within her. Her orgasm high took time to pass, she loved every second of the ripples passing through her body. Rob held her close, rolling off to his side, kissing her shoulder where he’d marked her. Myra looked up to see her mark on his shoulder, already healed. He was hers, forever, they would be together and nothing could pull them apart.

“My mate,” she whispered in awe. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d be worthy of a man like Rob. All her life she ran from relationships. It took one man and his sweet ten-year-old to break down her barriers.

“My mate, my love,” he whispered back, leaning over to kiss her once more. Myra curled up in his arms and let the glow of their lovemaking settle around her.

“I love you,” she told him. He gave her a soft loving smile, kissing her.

“I love you too.” Rob closed his eyes. She knew he wasn’t asleep yet, but tired. Myra didn’t know if she could sleep. She was too wound up with the excitement of marking Rob. They also needed a shower. Her skin was itching from the dried sweat.

“Want a shower?” she asked, lifting an eyebrow suggestively. Rob’s eyes shot open, and she was in his arms in the bathroom before she knew it. He set her inside the shower and turned on the water. He climbed in behind her, wrapping her up in his arms. She leaned into his body and enjoyed his touch. They showered, although it took longer than she expected.

Later that night she lay in bed looking at her mate. He was asleep, his long hair draped over the pillows. The edge of the envelope she’d received from Ricky poked out of her bag. She knew getting the package meant something had happened to Ricky. Resisting the urge to look at the envelope, she curled up in Rob’s arms. She did not want to ruin the night, not after solidifying her connection with Rob and gaining a son. Determined to ignore it, she closed her eyes and willed herself to sleep.

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