Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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“Myra, you need to get up we have to get to the airport,” Rob whispered into her ear. He wanted to give her as much time to sleep. He knew they had stayed up late after their mating.

“Is she awake?” Adam asked, poking his head into the bedroom.

“Not yet. Are the bags in the car?” He had given Adam the job of getting their suitcases and bags into the car while he woke Myra.

“Yes. I put them in the trunk.”

“Thanks, bud. Go grab yourself a yogurt while I try to get Myra up.” Rob didn’t want Adam to get an eyeful of Myra naked.

“Myra, my love. You need to get up.” Rob poked her shoulder, earning a groan from her.


“We have a flight to catch, we are going to Texas,” Rob reminded her. This time he took the covers, letting the cool air pass over her skin.

“Fine,” she grumbled, sitting up, brushing her black hair over her shoulder. Rob had to resist pushing her back down and kissing her senseless.

“Shower and meet us in the kitchen. Adam and I are ready.” He picked her up and placed her in the bathroom so she couldn’t fall back asleep in bed. His mate was not a natural morning person. She needed some help to get going in the mornings. Closing the bathroom door, he walked down the hall as she showered.

“Did you get breakfast?” he asked Adam when he saw him sitting in a chair with a book in his face.

“Yes, Dad. I promise I ate,” Adam grumbled, making Rob chuckle.

“I’m done,” Myra announced, coming down the hall wearing a pair of jean capris and flowing blouse ten minutes later.

“Wonderful. We need to leave.” He reached over and took Adam’s book from his hands.

“Hey!” Adam glared at him.

“Myra is ready. We need to get in the car and onto the airplane to see Grandma and Grandpa,” he told his son. Adam cheered and jumped from the chair he’d been settled in. Myra let out a laugh and grabbed a yogurt smoothie from the fridge.

“How long is the flight?” Myra asked, walking over to lean against the counter.

“A little over three hours,” Rob answered, leaning down to kiss her. She lifted her head to kiss him.

“Come on,” Adam complained, standing at the front door. Rob smiled and took Myra’s hand.

“Off we go.” They climbed into the car, Rob carefully looking around. He saw Owen pretending to walk a dog around the area along with Greyson jogging. He felt better knowing two men were watching the apartment while they went to Texas. He wondered how Myra was feeling about the envelope still waiting for her to look at and meeting his parents.

“You okay?” he asked her as they drove down the road to the airport.

“A little nervous about meeting your parents. I know your mom doesn’t particularly like me because of my dad,” she whispered. He knew she didn’t want to let Adam in on her feelings.

“She will love you.” He reached out, taking her hand to his mouth, kissing it.

“I hope so,” she replied, looking out the window. Rob sighed, he knew his mother would come around the second she met Myra. Unfortunately, there was no way to convince Myra until she met his mother. Parking at the airport, he paid for their car to be parked for the week and climbed out of the car. Adam grabbed his carry on and suitcase, Myra took her things and Rob carried his own.

“Do you need help?” he asked Myra and his son.

“I got it, Dad.”

“Nope, mine rolls,” Myra answered with a wink. Rob took her hand in his free one and walked them into the airport. It didn’t take them long to make it through security and checking their bags. Soon they were being ushered onto the plane waiting for takeoff. Rob checked on Adam, who already had his nose in a book. He sat between Myra and Rob. Rob chuckled, Myra already had her own book out. She looked up and gave him a smile.

“You two are so cute together,” he replied, returning the smile.

“I suppose we are,” she answered, looking at Adam with affection. Rob settled back and let himself take a nap, knowing Myra would be there for Adam if he needed anything. When he woke again, the pilot was announcing their descent to the ground. He blinked to see Myra and Adam tucking away their books.

“Sorry I slept the whole time,” he said sitting up straight in his seat.

“It’s okay Dad, Myra and I played the game called dots. She pulled out a paper with dots on it, then we each picked a color and connected the dots to make squares. Whoever closes the square put their initials in it. Once the dots are all used up, we count up the number of boxes. Myra won once, and I won twice,” Adam announced, showing him the paper with different groupings of the game.

“I’m glad you liked it,” he answered, smiling over Adam’s head at Myra. She gave him a smile and continued,

“We also did a couple of word searches together.”

“I’m impressed you had so much to keep him entertained.” Rob never thought about bringing paper games for Rob. Usually, he read a book or played on his tablet. The landing was smooth and twenty minutes later Rob, Adam, and Myra were getting off the plane and waiting for their luggage to come down to the carousel.

“How long do we have to wait?” Adam asked, bouncing back and forth on his feet.

“We still have to get our rental car and drive the two hours to Grandma’s house,” Rob answered, taking Myra’s hand and holding her close.

“Ugh, this is taking too long. I want to see Grandma and Grandpa.” Adam stomped a foot and crossed his arms. This was not like his son at all.

“Adam, are you hungry?” Myra asked, reaching into her bag and pulling out a granola bar. Adam took the bar from her, ripping the packaging open and tearing into the bar.

“Thank you.” He pulled her into his side, kissing the top of her head.

“I can tell when he isn’t being himself. A small yogurt for breakfast will not hold him over. We should grab something more once we have the car,” she suggested as the carousel began to move and luggage poured out of the shoot. Rob grabbed their luggage as he came around, keeping Adam’s so he could eat another granola bar. He wondered if Adam was hitting a growth spurt. That would explain the attitude and hunger.

Thirty minutes later Rob was driving them down the highway toward his parents’ house as Adam worked his way through a Big Mac and fries. He and Myra were too hungry, so they shared some nuggets and fries. He held Myra’s hand as they left the busy city of Dallas out to Little Creek where his parents lived.

“Feeling better Adam?” Myra asked looking over her shoulder into the back seat.

“Yes. Thank you for the granola bars earlier,” Adam answered, picking up his book.

“I’m jealous you can read in the car. I get carsick,” she told him, turning back to look at Rob.

“He didn’t get that skill from me. One time we were taking a road trip to California and within an hour of sitting in the middle of the back seat I threw up all over Marcus and Matt. After that, I got to sit in one of the front seats near a window.” Myra laughed as he shared his story.

“How old were you?”

“I think ten.”

“I was about fourteen when I found out I couldn’t keep reading in the car. Before that as long as I didn’t look up I could stay focused on the book I was reading.”

“Probably changed when you shifted for the first time,” he answered without thinking. Both fell silent as they thought about that the change could be because of her father’s experiments.

“Who knows,” she answered with a strained smile. He knew she didn’t mean it when her smile didn’t reach her eyes. They fell quiet while he drove. Myra ended up falling asleep for most of the ride. She woke when he pulled onto the dirt road that led to his parents’ home.

“We are here,” he announced, looking in the backseat to see Adam had fallen asleep too.

“Glad to get out of the car, I am stiff,” she answered, sitting up as he parked.

“Same here.” Rob got out of the car and heard the unmistakable sound of his mother’s voice.

“Trip they are here!”

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