Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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Myra sat around the fire with Beth and Trip, watching Adam sitting between the two. She loved seeing how happy Adam was to be in Little Creek. Rob wrapped an arm around her waist, whispering into her ear.

“How are you doing?”

“Happy. Adam looks content and I am with you.” She smiled up at him and watched Beth hand, Adam, another s’more.

“He misses them. The move was hard on him.” Myra nodded and accepted the s’more Beth handed her next.

“How many can I have?” Adam asked with chocolate around his lips.

“Two. If you eat more, you will be too hyper to get some sleep and tomorrow your cousins are coming,” Rob answered and Adam frowned.

“You want to be well rested to play, right?” Myra added helping Rob.

“Okay,” Adam grumbled, taking the second s’more Beth had made for him. Myra saw how much Beth cared for her family. She hoped that care extended to her one day. She knew her adoptive father’s misdeeds wouldn’t make her trusted immediately. It didn’t matter that she’d been his victim for so long. She did nothing to stop him. Ricky was the one who put his life on the line helping her find closure.

“I know what you are thinking and stop,” Rob whispered, kissing her cheek. He helped her up from her camp chair and led her into the woods.

“What am I thinking?”

“That my mother doesn’t like you,” Rob replied, stripping down to nothing. Myra watched him, curious about what he was up to.

“Come for a run with me as your lynx. I don’t get to spend enough time with you in your shifted form..” Rob shifted into his grizzly bear. Myra laughed and stripped out of her clothing and shifted into her lynx. The woods called, and she ran off into the woods ahead of Rob. She scented Rob’s family along the land she ran through. When their scent stopped, she stopped. Rob settled next to her in his bear’s form, leaning into her. Myra nuzzled his snout, licking it gently to show her love for him. Her thoughts drifted to Ricky laying in a hospital bed beaten within an inch of his life. He didn’t deserve to be attacked and beaten like that. Myra made a decision. If she saw Viper she would kill him, no questions asked. The evil man deserved death. Rob shifted back, leaning into her lynx, his body naked. Myra shifted to sit with him.

“None of this is your fault,” Rob told her. She looked up to see the concern in his eyes.

“I should have reported him. The minute I knew I should have stopped it,” she told him, Rob shook his head.

“How old were you when you finally realized what was happening?”

“Um, maybe sixteen, seventeen.”

“So an impressionable teenager. Did you think anyone would believe you?”


“Did you fear for your life?”

“Every day.”

“You can would have, should have, could have yourself to death. We will deal with Viper now. He will be either arrested or killed in Little Creek.”

“How do we know this will end with Viper’s death? Do we know if other scientists are part of this?” she asked, wrapping her arms around her chilling flesh. Rob pulled her in close, kissing her temple.

“You said it yourself, Viper is the leader. When he dies the whole operation falls apart. Marcus will get in touch with the authorities after we handle this. Shifter law states we handle our own.”

“I don’t want anyone to get hurt,” she replied, going back to her same argument as earlier.

“Myra, this is a chance we need to take. If we can end Viper’s reign of terror, it will be worth it. No more children will go missing. We can find your family if you want to.” She thought about his words. He was right, they needed to stop Viper.

“Any ideas on how to draw him out?”

“We need to wait until Marcus gets here with our backup.”

“True. I’m not sure I want to find my family. It has been almost thirty years since they took me. I am sure they think I am dead at this point. Besides, I have you and Adam and all my friends in White Valley. I love the family I have chosen.”

“It is always a choice, Myra. I will respect your decision.” Myra lifted her chin and nipped at his lips.

“Are we far enough away from your family to spend a little time together?” she asked, reaching between his legs, stroking his cock gently. He hardened instantly in her hands.

“I think so.”

“Good.” Myra pushed him onto his back, sliding between his legs. She stared at his massive cock stroking up and down, seeing the veins bulge.

“Myra,” Rob groaned, covering his eyes with a forearm. She chuckled and flicked her tongue along the tip, collecting the drop of pre-cum. It was salty, spurring her on. Sucking on the tip, she wrapped her tongue around the sensitive head, rubbing the underside. Rob moaned loudly, arching his back to push him further into her mouth. Myra used a touch of her strength to push him back down. She was the one in control tonight. Taking her mouth off his shaft, she caught his eye.

“No moving,” she ordered. He smirked and nodded.

“Good.” Myra wrapped her hand around the base of his length, squeezing gently as she lapped at the top. His thighs twitch underneath her other hand. Myra felt powerful knowing Rob would give her full control. He trusted her to make him feel amazing. Running her tongue along the bulging vein sucking in her cheeks to pull him deep inside her mouth. He tasted salty with a hint of the surrounding woods. Making love in the woods made Myra feel a new connection to Rob.

“Myra, your mouth is amazing.” Rob’s hands slipped into her hair, helping her bob up and down. Myra massaged his balls, feeling his sack tighten in her fingers. She doubled her efforts, gently scraping her teeth against the edges. Rob bucked underneath her, his balls tensing in her hands. She deep-throated him, breathing carefully through her nose. She lets her lynx purr to send vibrations down his cock. Rob roared and spilled his seed down her throat. Myra swallows it all, moaning softly. Sitting back on her knees, she smiled at him.

“That was fucking amazing,” Rob huffed, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath.

“Good. Sometimes I worry Adam can hear us at night,” she shared leaning into his side.

“I never thought about it, but he might have heard us before.” Myra looked up at him in shock.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry.”


“He shouldn’t have to hear his dad and mate going at it,” she remarked, making him laugh.

“I think it is part of being a shifter. At some point in your life, you are going to hear someone and their mate doing it.”

“I never heard my parents,” she shared.

“Do you think they loved each other? In the letter from Ricky, it said they weren’t mates.”

“True. Maybe they faked everything. It would go with them faking us being a family all my life. Is it bad I am glad they are both dead?”

“No. They put you through hell. They put Ricky through hell too, even if he didn’t know it.”

“I want Viper to pay, but first I need to know if my father was voluntarily part of this project or Viper threatened him.”

“Good question to have. Doesn’t change what he did though.”

“No, but it would give me some closure. I need to know how evil my fake parents were.”

“I don’t know if Viper will let us take him alive. You may never get that answer.” Rob rubbed her arms, offering her comfort. Myra nodded, a sheen to her eyes.

“We should get back.” Myra shifted to her lynx’s form and made her way back to the campfire. She heard Rob shift behind her, coming up to her left. She rubbed along his side, letting him know she loved him. His bear gave her a grunt, letting her know he liked her touch. They stopped at their clothes, shifted, and walked back to Beth, Trip, and Adam. Myra smiled, seeing Adam passed out in his sleeping bag. Beth and Trip sat at the fire, talking in hushed tones.

“Thanks for watching Adam,” Rob told his parents, settling in the camp chair he’d left earlier.

“I am glad you two could get a little alone time. We know something about kids intruding on being alone,” Beth remarked, a twinkle in her eye. Rob laughed, reaching over to squeeze Myra’s hand.

“Five boys must have kept you two very busy.”

“Especially Marcus,” Trip added with a chuckle.

“I’d love to hear about Rob. What was he like as a child?” Myra asked, winking at her mate. Rob groaned, covering his eyes with his free hand.

“Well.” Beth shares about Rob as a child.

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