Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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Rob stood with Myra watching Rex’s house. Viper had infiltrated Little Creek and had his son and Vincent. Rob pulled out his phone, sending a text for everyone to meet at Rex’s house but to be quiet.

“What is taking so long?” Myra demanded, pacing back and forth on the path hidden behind a grove of trees.

“They have to make their way over here. I am sure Mom is demanding she come help too,” he told her, pulling her close.

“I know you want to rush in, but we don’t know how many people are inside and we want to arrest as many as we can.”

“Who is doing the arresting?” Myra asked, looking up at him. Rob looked down at his mate and kissed her gently.

“Dad got in touch with Boris, the local sheriff letting him know what was going on. I am sure Boris is coming too.”

“He did?”

“Yes, the day we came into town. He didn’t want Boris to be caught off guard.”

“Good. How much longer do we have to wait? I want our son back.” Rob chuckled and held her close.

“They will be here soon, my love. I want our son back too, but we have to be careful.” Myra groaned, dropping her head onto his chest. Rob felt the same, he was feeling anxious and needed his family to hurry their asses up. Five minutes later, the sound of ATVs could be heard in the distance. Rob let go of Myra taking her hand pulling her to meet the ATVs coming up the path. He stopped as the ATVs pulled up and their lights turned off. He saw all his brothers, Marcus’s friends, dad, Boris, and his mom. He gave Myra a smirk as he nodded at his mom. Myra laughed and went over to hug Beth.

“Thanks for coming.”

“They are my grandbabies, there is no way I will not help.” Beth gave her a hug back.

“Okay, what is your plan, Rob?” His dad asked once everyone was in a circle.

“Myra and I will go to the door and cause a distraction. Everyone else goes around the back and sneaks in to find the boys. If we can do this without bloodshed, that would be best, but I don’t think Viper will go down without a fight. Boris, you are on standby to arrest Viper for kidnapping.” Boris nodded and all the others nodded their agreement.

“Are we shifting?” Peter asked, coming up to the front.

“I’ll leave that up to you. If they shift and attack, then you can. I want to get the boys out with nothing happening to them.” Everyone nodded and spread out to move around the house. Myra and Rob waited until everyone slipped out of sight. He squeezed her hand and said,

“Let’s get our son.” She nodded, and they went to the front door. Rob knocked with a smile on his face. As he suspected, Rex opened the door.

“Rex, have you seen Vincent and Adam? They went chasing a snake and we can’t find them,” Rob explained, watching Rex’s body language. He was nervous and kept glancing over his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Rob. I haven’t been out.” Rex went to close the door before Rob caught it with his hand.

“Look, Rex, we know,” Rob whispered, leaning close to the former alpha. Rex’s eyes widened, and he jerked his head to the side. Suddenly a scuffle caught their attention in the back of the house.

“Get out,” Rob yanked Rex forward, shoving him out of the way. He hurried in to see everyone pushing several men forward. Marcus and Grayson held onto one, and Peter and Owen had the other.

“Where is Viper?” Myra hissed, glaring at the two men. Both of them glared back, not saying a word.

“I believe the lady asked you a question,” Rob growled stepping forward letting part of his bear show through.

“He took the boy that smells like you,” the shorter of the two men answered.

“Where is the other boy?” Travis asked, Rob, watched as Travis let his bear out as well.

“Locked away in the basement,” the same man answered. Travis and Trip hurried into the basement, coming back with a weeping Vincent.

“The snake was a man, he took Adam!” Beth took Vincent from the men and hugged him. Rob growled and looked at the two men they caught.

“Where is your boss?” Grabbing the bigger of the two, he shook him.

“He took the boy to the lake.” Rob and Myra exchanged a look, Adam had only just learned how to swim and he wasn’t a strong swimmer. When they’d spent time at the lake, Adam let Rob show him how to tread water. Not saying anything Myra ran out the door, Rob hot on her heels. She stripped and shifted, Rob did the same and they took off for the lake. If Viper knew where they were, he would know everything about his family. Viper would know Adam wasn’t a strong swimmer. Pounding through the woods, they raced to the lake. On the way, Rob scented the hyena from before the second before the hyena hit him from the side. Rob turned to take on the shifter. He huffed at Myra, telling her to keep going. She needed to save their son. Myra kept running, Rob kept watch and saw no other shifters going after her. He looked at the smaller animal and growled. The hyena bared his teeth and let out a horrid cackle. Rob huffed and rushed at the hyena catching him off guard slamming him to the ground. The hyena’s powerful jaws clamped onto his left paw, crunching the bones. Rob let out a roar before swiping the hyena’s face with his other paw, catching him with his sharp claws. The hyena let go, scurrying out from under him, crouching into an attack stance. Blood dripped down the hyena’s face into his eyes, obscuring his vision. Rob took advantage and slammed into the hyena, pushing him into one tree. Rob heard the crunching of one leg on the hyena. Stepping back for a moment, he tested his injury. His hand was broken, but it wouldn’t stop him from killing the hyena. He was a part of the reason Adam was missing and had abused Myra.

The hyena got up on his three good legs staring at Rob. Rob watched him debate his options, he could die fighting or try to run for another day. Rob wasn’t about to let that happen. Getting up on his hinds legs, Rob roared his anger, before slamming down and going after the Hyena. He did his best not to put too much weight on his paw that had broken bones, but the bastard needed to die. Rob caught the hyena by the scruff of the neck and shook until he heard the snapping of his neck. The shifter went limp in his mouth before shifting back to a naked dead man. Rob recognized him as someone he’d seen around White Valley.

Now he needed to help Myra. Turning in the direction Myra went, Rob limped his way to the lake. He trusted Myra to save Adam, and this was her fight with Viper. The man needed to die, and Myra was the one to do it. He came to the edge of the lake seeing Adam tied up sitting on the rock Myra and he had been sleeping on the other day. Looking around, he saw Myra on the edge of the bank growling at Viper the man. He slipped around the tree edge until he was right behind Adam. He saw the look of fear on his son’s face.

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