Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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Myra left Rob behind, knowing he could handle a hyena. She realized she didn’t have any clothing with her. She couldn’t talk with Viper if she was naked. Before finishing her run to the lake, she sees a bag tucked away behind a tree along the way. Stopping, she shifts and dug through the bag. It looks like clothing Rob left behind when they were camped around the lake. She changes into the shorts and t-shirt Rob left and steps out yelling.

“VIPER! Show you face you slithering waste of space.” She looked around the clearing and her eyes instantly rested on Adam tied up laying on the rock they’d napped on before. Taking a step toward Adam, Viper stepped out behind him. In his hand, he held a knife and his long teeth flash in the moonlight.

“Ah, Myra, my favorite test subject. I am so happy to see you again.”

“Give me back, Adam,” she ordered. She wouldn’t let him know Adam was her son, she didn’t want him to use him against her even more.

“You can have him if you come with me.” Viper held the knife to Adam’s neck and Myra growled at him.

“He is just a child Viper, he hasn’t shifted yet. He is useless to you.” Myra takes a step back, trying to bring Viper with her. The man was a coward, he’d never shift and try to fight her in their normal forms.

“I told you, I just want you.”

“There is anything more you can learn from me. I know what you made my fake father do to me. I know you stole me from my real family. You will be arrested. There is no more running Viper. It is the end.” Viper follows her as she moves back, taking him away from Adam. She prayed Rob would hurry and take care of Adam.

“I don’t want to experiment on you. This time it is personal. Your brother Ricky stole that information from me.”

“It was my fake father’s research. You have no claims to it. I know you killed them too.”

“Of course I killed them. When you refused to come back home, Brandon got cold feet. He stopped doing such extreme operations on the shifters we stole. He actually cared for you, that pathetic man.” Viper spat on the ground and a sizzle met Myra’s sensitive ears. He spat the venom of his snake makes.

“What do you get out of stealing shifters and experimenting on them?” Myra maneuvered around to the opposite side of the lake with Viper following.

“You’d be surprised what sells on the black market. Shifter eggs, body parts, organs, blood. People want to know how we shift and heal quickly. These sorts of answers could be duplicated and given to the military.”

“You are insane. Tell me this, how many of my eggs did you all take?” It was a long shot, but with the information he just gave her, she wondered how much he knew.

“We took a whole ovary. You were the first of many we took from.”

“Where is it?” Viper laughed at her and shook his head.

“Girl, we sold that the minute it came out of your body.”

“You fucking bastard!” Myra no longer cared; she shifted, ripping the clothing roaring at Viper. She dropped to all fours and looked up to see the fear in his eyes. It occurred to her she’d never seen him in his snake form.

“You think you scare me, little Myra. You are the same useless lynx you were as a child.” Viper lets out a nervous chuckle and Myra advances on his baring her teeth. The man would die tonight, he had no remorse for his actions. She let out another roar, extending her claws. She’d never attacked in her lynx’s form, but that wouldn’t stop her. Her lynx had the instincts and wanted revenge for everything Viper put her through. She noticed a movement behind Viper, whose back is to Adam. Rob appeared over the rock and gave her a thumbs-up before taking Adam to safety. Now that their son was back in Rob’s protection, she could kill Viper. Not giving him a chance to shift, she launched herself at Viper catching him off guard. Her claws dug into his shoulders, drawing blood easily as she forced him to the ground. Viper let out a yell of pain.

“Myra, come on. You don’t want to kill me.” His voice has lost all menace. He was a coward and always made others do his dirty work. Placing her teeth on his neck, she pressed down, drawing coppery blood.

“Myra, don’t!” She heard Trip’s voice call out to her. The urge to kill Viper and end the misery he put everyone through pulled at her. She wanted to end his life. Her claws dug a little deeper until she felt his clavicle crack under the pressure she was using.

“Don’t stoop to his level. He should be put on trial and made to pay for his crimes.” This time Rob spoke. She released Vipers neck and looked up at her mate. He had his arm wrapped around Adam, who was watching her. Adam’s scared expression broke her resolve. She sat back on her haunches, crushing Viper’s lower half.

“That’s right. Boris is going to take him now.” Rob motioned for a muscular man to move forward. He came forth with handcuffs and began to read Viper his rights. Myra stayed where she was until Viper is in custody.

“You have to get off dear for me to get him off the floor,” Boris told her, motioning for her to move. She growled once more at Viper in a warning and stepped off, walking over to Adam and Rob. She rubbed herself along Adam’s side, wanting him to know he was safe. Myra couldn’t shift back because of her lack of clothing. Adam wrapped his arms around her neck, she felt the shaking in his arms.

“I have clothes for you,” Rob announced, holding a bag of clothing. Myra nodded and opened her mouth to take the bag with her. She jumped behind a set of bushes and changed into the dress and underwear packed for her. Coming out of the shrubs, she walked over to Rob. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard on the mouth.

“I was so worried about you,” he whispered after breaking the kiss.

“I am fine, I promise. Adam, are you okay?” Myra turned her attention back to her son. Adam wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close.

“Thank you for saving me. I am so sorry we went after the snake.” Adam cried as he apologized. Myra held him close, rubbing his back.

“You are back safe, that is all that matters. Let’s go back to the house. I am tired.” She looked up at Rob, who nodded. He took her hand while Adam held the other and walked her over to a car, waiting. She hadn’t noticed the cars pull up when she went after Viper.

“I have something to tell you when we get back. I need to say it in private,” she whispered once they were on their way back to Trip and Beth’s house. Trip parked in front of the house where all the women were waiting. Myra, Rob, and Adam stepped out to be smothered in hugs.

“We were so worried!” Beth cried as she hugged Myra close.

“He is in custody,” Myra told her, hugging Beth back.

“Go on. We can talk in the morning.” Beth urged her to follow Rob and Adam. Myra gave her a soft smile before following her mate and son to bed.

“Can I stay with you tonight?” Adam asked in a soft voice. Myra caught Rob’s eye, and he nodded.

“Yes. Come on.” She motioned to the bed. Adam jumped in the middle, crawling under the covers. Myra smiled, happy to see Adam relaxing.

“Can I talk to your dad real quick before we go to bed? I need to shower too.” Myra motioned to the attached bathroom. Adam gave a nod. Myra smiled at him before going into the bathroom. Rob followed her, closing and locking the door.

“What happened?” he asked, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Viper said they took an ovary and sold it on the black market. We might not have children,” she shared looking at the floor. Rob put a finger under her chin, forcing her to look at him.

“I don’t care if you cannot have children. If you want a child we can always adopt, but don’t discount yourself yet. We will go to a specialist and find out what is going on,” he assured her, kissing her lips gently. Myra nodded, blinking back the tears. Rob was too good for her.

“Go shower, I’ll be in bed with Adam waiting for you.” Rob turned on the shower and smacked her butt before leaving the bathroom. Myra took her time showering. She let the events of the night pass through her head. Viper was in custody. With Ricky and her testimony, he would be going away for a long time. By the time she finished her shower, Adam and Rob were fast asleep in bed. Myra slipped in on the other side of Adam and let sleep claim her.

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