Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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I lied! One more chapter before the epilogue. I felt I needed to add a little bit more to help round out the end of the story.

Myra fidgeted back and forth on the crinkling paper of the gynecologist’s office examination table. She’d come to get some answers and prayed everything would be okay. Her appointment with her general doctor wasn’t helpful. He sent her off to several specialists telling her to give them the paperwork and they could help her understand if anything in her body needed correcting.

“Hello Ms. Juleston, I am Dr. Smith. Since this is the first meeting, I wanted to talk with you to hear what is going on.” Dr. Smith was a young woman with chocolate skin, her hair in coils arranged around her head with a headscarf to hold them out of her eyes.

“Well, I assume you’ve seen the news story that broke last week about a man being arrested for stealing shifter children?” Myra started folding her hands in her lap.

“Yes, I saw that.”

“Well, I am one of the ones who was stolen. After I started shifting at age thirteen, the man who claimed to be my father experimented on me. I just recently became aware of exactly what happened to me. I gave the paperwork to your front desk person asking them to scan it into my file.”

“I saw, they took an ovary?” she asked, her face held firm, but Myra smelled her concern and pity.

“Yes. I found my mate and want to know if I can have children with him.”

“As long as your other ovary is ovulating, I don’t see why not. We can do a test to check,” Dr. Smith answered, pulling up a file on the computer in the room.

“I’ll have our ultrasound technician come in and check everything. We will also take blood and make sure you aren’t pregnant.”

“I am not pregnant,” she replied, and the doctor smiled.

“Still, we should test you for everything. There are levels we can check for pregnancy and ovulation. I want the ultrasound to check your ovary left.” Dr. Smith closed out the computer program.

“Let’s check everything else while the technician gets ready for you. Lay back and we will start your exam.” Myra laid back and let the doctor get to work.

“Beautiful tattoos, why so many?” Dr. Smith asked while she was examining Myra’s breasts.

“They cover the scars and are from my favorite books. I am a librarian,” she answered, staring at the ceiling. The tiles had pictures attached to relax the person on the table.

“Understandable. Do you mind telling me how many scars you have?”

“I haven’t ever counted. They cover me from shoulders to thigh.” Dr. Smith frowned but continued her exam. After twenty minutes, Dr. Smith stepped away from Myra and gave her a smile.

“Everything on the outside looks good. The tech will be here in a minute to check your ovaries, and then we’ll take blood to do tests. It should take three days to get the results. Most women with one ovary are able to have children. As long as you ovulate it is possible to have your own children.” Dr. Smith clapped her on the hand before leaving Myra. A few m minutes later a knock sounded and a tech walked in wheeling a machine.

“Are you Myra Juleston?”


“I am Felicia and I will be checking your ovaries today. Lay back and put your feet up on the stirrups. This wand will be going in, the gel will be a little cold.” Felicia showed Myra the wand. Myra sighed and lay back, propping her feet up letting the tech do her work.

“Here you can see your ovary, it looks healthy.” The tech touched the screen, showing her a white blob on a screen of black.

“I’ll take your word for it.” Felicia chuckled and continued to look around.

“Everything I can see looks healthy. I’ll give my report and you can get dressed. A nurse will come to get you to go get your blood drawn.” Felicia cleaned Myra up before leaving the room. Myra dressed and shot Rob a text.

The doctor said as long as I am ovulating, having children won’t be a problem on my end! She couldn’t wait to tell him until she got home. Rob and she had gone back to work while his brothers and dad spent the days helping fix their house up.

Wonderful news! Let me know if anything else comes up. My family wants us to meet them at the house after work. Myra frowned, wondering why they needed them at the house.

Okay, I’ll pick up Adam and meet you there. She tucked her phone away and walked out of the room.

“Olivia will be taking your blood.” A nurse pointed her to a small alcove where a woman in scrubs was standing. Myra walked over to her and pulled up her sleeve.

“Getting all the normal work done, I see,” Olivia commented, prepping Myra’s arm for the blood draw. Myra watched as Olivia filled several vials with her blood.

“Most women I know won’t watch this,” Olivia remarked as she put a third vial up to the extraction point.

“I have plenty of tattoos, needles and blood don’t bother me,” Myra answered, waiting for Olivia to finish.

“Done,” Olivia announced after the fifth vial was filled.

“Thanks.” Myra stood up and walked out to pick up Adam from Marcus and Ellie’s house. On the drive home, she thought about what the doctor told her. She had a chance of having a child of her own. How would Adam react to a baby brother or sister? Maybe she should talk to him to see how he would feel about it. As she drove, her phone rang. She pressed the answer button on the car’s Bluetooth.


“Hi Myra, just calling to check in,” Ricky’s voice called through the speakers.

“Hey, Ricky. How are the leg and arm feeling?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Better. Work won’t let me come back until I can walk on my leg. I am at a loss of what to do with myself. I am on long-term disability since this leg will take six to eight weeks to heal and then I have to go to physical therapy.”

“I keep telling you. Come to White Valley. Stay at my apartment. Troy Whitman knows a good physical therapist here. If you are going to be out for at least four months.”

“I’ll think about it, Myra. I just don’t know about uprooting myself and moving to such a small town.” Myra laughed at his words.

“It is bigger than Springfield,” she replied, making Ricky chuckle this time.

“Okay Myra, when your house is done then I’ll move into your apartment. I don’t want to intrude on the space when you, Rob, and Adam are living there.”

“Good. See you soon then Ricky.”

“Love you, Myra.”

“I love you too.” She hung up and parked at Ellie’s house. The second she turned the car off, Adam came flying out of the house with his backpack on. Ellie stood in the doorway with Ava in her arms, giving a wave to Myra. Myra waved back and waited for Adam to buckle in.

“Dad said there is something at the house Grandpa and your uncles want us to see. I want to ask you a question,” she told Adam as she drove them down the street to their new home.

“What is it?”

“How would you feel about having a baby brother or sister?”

“Are you having a baby?”

“No. I wanted to know how you felt about it.”

“If you and dad want a baby, I am okay with it.”

“Thanks, Adam.” Pulling into the driveway she saw Rob leaning against his car waiting for them. Myra parked and got out with Adam.

“What did they want to show us?” she asked, pecking him on the cheek.

“I don’t know. Come on. Adam, did you have a good time with Aunt Ellie?” Rob asked as he took Myra’s hand.

“It was fine. I read the new books Mom gave me.” Adam smiled and Myra laughed. She’d given Adam a new series of books she enjoyed reading as a child, The Ranger’s Apprentice.

“Finally,” Travis called as they walked into the house. The floors still weren’t finished, but the place was coming together.

“We wanted to show you the first finished room of the house,” Clyde announced, motioning for them to follow. Myra squeezed Rob’s hand and followed Clyde. They found Trip standing up at the top of the stairs with a bright smile.

“Go into the master room,” Trip told them. Rob let go of Myra and let her go in first. She walked in and saw the bathroom.

“Oh. My. God.” She stepped into the spa bathroom. The bathroom is finished with a standing shower and a jacuzzi tub.

“This is beautiful!” She turned to see the men standing in the bedroom waiting for her reaction.

“Good. Beth told me to finish it first,” Trip replied with a laugh.

“How much longer until the house is done?” she asked, praying it would be soon.

“Another two weeks or so if everything comes in on time,” Travis answered, rubbing the sweat off his brow.

“Thank you so much!” Myra gave a hug to each of the men, a massive smile on her face.

“We are happy to help,” Clyde replied with a blush on his face.

“I’ll order dinner, is pizza good for everyone?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Yes! Can we get meat lovers?” Adam asked, his hands clasped in a begging motion.

“Yes.” Myra pulled out her phone and ordered dinner for everyone while the surrounding men talked about what they wanted to finish next. Myra let the talk wash over her, looking out the window to admire the view.

“You okay?” Rob whispered in her ear, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“I am. Our home is coming together, we have a chance at a family and I am happy being with you and Adam.”

“Life is coming together, my love. Soon we will move in.”

“Oh, I talked Ricky into moving here while he recovers from his broken bones. His company put him on a leave of absence.”

“He is moving now?”

“No. He said he won’t come until we move in here.”

“Where is he going to live?”

“In the apartment.” Myra looked up at Rob and he smiled down at her.

“You really want him living here, don’t you?” he asked, kissing her temple.

“Yes. I want him to find his mate like me. I know he will enjoy being here in White Valley much better than the big city. Georgia is happy here,” she pointed out, making Rob laugh.

“Sweetheart, not everyone is happy in a small town.” She frowned at him and huffed.

“I know Ricky. He will be happy here.” She turned around in his arms and kissed him gently to shut him up.

“Okay, my love. Come on, the guys need your opinion.” Rob pulled her over to Travis, Clyde, and Trip. Myra spent the rest of her evening eating pizza and finishing planning out her home with Rob and Adam’s opinions.

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