Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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Rob paced around the house he and Myra had finished renovating. It took them about a month after returning from Little Creek to finish the house. Now they were hosting a housewarming party in a couple of hours. Rob had sent Adam to the library room they’d finished the night before. Adam’s job was to bring Myra up to the outside deck.

“What did you need me for, Adam?” Myra’s voice flitted up the stairs as she followed Adam.

“You’ll see.” Adam had a smile on his face when he walked out to the deck where Rob waited.

“What?” Myra stopped seeing Rob standing there. He’d changed into a nice light gray button-up shirt, the sleeves rolled to his elbows, black slacks, and dress shoes.

“Adam and I wanted to ask you something.” Rob took her hand, leading her to the middle of the deck.

“Myra, Adam, and I wanted to know if you would be our family?” Rob asked, getting down onto one knew opening a ring box. He and Adam had gone out to look for a ring the night she went to check on Ricky. They’d settled on a ring with a ruby in the center surrounded by small diamonds that traveled down the band.

“What?” she asked, placing her hands over her mouth. Adam stood next to Rob, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“We want to make our family official,” Rob continued, worried she’d say no.

“I want you to marry my dad,” Adam added, his voice quivering.

“Of course I’ll marry you, Rob!” She jumped into his arms, pushing him down onto the deck, peppering his face with kisses.

“Yes!” Adam cheered jumping into the pile forcing Myra harder onto Rob. The three started laughing in the dogpile.

“Wait!” Adam jumped up and ran into the house while Rob helped Myra back to her feet. He took her ring finger and slid the ring on.

“This is beautiful. Thank you.” Myra placed a kiss on his lips as Adam came out again.

“You are going to be doing that a lot, aren’t you?” Adam complained, making both laugh.

“Here.” Adam shoved a pile of papers at Myra. Rob knew what he wanted and had let Adam make the choice to give her the papers. Adam shifted from foot to foot while Myra read through the top page.

“You want me to?” Myra placed a hand over her mouth, her eyes watering, looking up at Rob before back at Adam.

“I want you to become my mom officially,” Adam told her, giving her a worried look.

“Oh my gosh, you two are ruining my makeup! Of course, I want to be your mom!” Myra pulled Adam into a crushing hug, tears streaming down her face.

“I have a mom!” Adam cried, tears falling down his face too.

“Thank you for asking me. I am so happy today.” Myra held out a hand to Rob, motioning him forward to join their hug. Rob wrapped his arms around his son and fiancé loving the feel of their family becoming complete.

“Our party is starting in ten minutes,” Rob remarked, looking at his watch.

“I need to fix my face. You two finish with the ice over the sodas and beers.” Myra released them and went back inside.

“We did it!” Rob held up a hand for Adam. Adam smacked it in a zealous high five.

“When are you two going to get married?” Adam asked, opening the soda cooler for Rob to dump the ice.

“I don’t know. It is up to your mom.”

“Mom. I like that.”

“I do too, bud.” A knock sounded at the door.

“That would be your grandma. Go open the door and let your grandparents in.” Rob finished dumping the ice into the beer cooler.

“It isn’t grandma,” Adam announced, coming back onto the deck. Behind him is a tall man with blond hair and blue eyes.

“Hi, I’m Ricky,” the man said, holding out a hand.

“I’m Rob.” Rob shook his hand and sized up the man he’d seen what felt like a lifetime ago in Marcus’s office asking for protection for Myra.

“Nice to meet you officially as Myra’s mate.” Ricky gave him a smile and Rob nodded.

“Thank you for risking your life to help Myra learn what happened to her.”

“Where is Myra?”

“She is finishing her makeup. Dad and I made her cry,” Adam answered, making Ricky glare at Rob.

“I proposed and Adam asked her to adopt him,” Rob explained, and Ricky’s glare turned into a bright smile.


“Thank you.”

“Ricky!” Myra shouted, running out onto the deck and giving him an enormous hug.

“Hey, baby sister. I hear congratulations are in order. Let me see the ring.” Ricky returned the hug and held her left hand to check out the ring.

“Beautiful and perfect for you. Your tattoos look amazing,” he told her, rubbing her arms that were exposed in a sleeveless dress.

“Thank you. I am so glad you are here. Come, I will show you around.” Myra took his hand, leading him upstairs to start the tour. Rob heard more knocking and went to the door. All their friends and family were coming up the walk. Rob left the door open as people filed in. He saw Jordan and Georgia coming up with their daughter Daisy between them.

“Did you do it?” Jordan asked, clapping him on the shoulder. Rob nodded when Georgia gave him a confused look.

“Georgia, Caroline!” Myra called, rushing down the stairs to greet them. The three women exchange hugs before Myra holds out her hand. Both women scream, hugging her close again.

“It is beautiful! Congratulations,” Caroline held out her hand, admiring the ring.

“You know, Preston still has a thing for you,” Myra whispered, Rob heard thanks to his shifter hearing and looked up to see Preston staring at Caroline across the way. Rob walked over and stood next to Preston.

“When are you going to ask her?” he asked and Preston shook his head.

“She turned me down the first time I asked.”

“When was the last time you asked?”

“A year ago or so. I was helping her finish renovating The Clover Leaf Inn,” Preston replied, not taking his eyes off of Caroline.

“Then ask again. She is settled here in White Valley now. Liam has a friend in Daisy. Take it from me, having a mate is amazing.” Preston laughed and shook his head.

“I’ll try again when the time is right. She is my mate and I won’t give up.”

“Good for you. Come check out the house you helped pull apart,” Rob encouraged motioning to the stairs. Preston nodded and came along for the walkthrough. Rob winked at Myra as she stood with his mother, telling him about the proposal. He couldn’t be happier than he was at that moment. He had a fiancé and his son had a mother. Things were looking up now that Viper was out of the way and they could focus on their future.

And here ends Myra and Rob’s story. I so loved writing about these two. Caroline and Preston are next. It might be a little bit until I get Caroline and Preston’s story up. I want to have enough chapters written to keep ahead. I also have a few other stories I am working on.

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