Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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By bedtime, Myra was extremely worried about her brother. The smell of cleaning supplies lingered, and she’d called Ricky ten times.

“Ricky, you better call me back. I will not drive to Brother’s only to be stood up,” she yelled at his voicemail. Rickey never let her go long without a check-in. She knew it was because he felt guilty. She’d been the one to have the shifter gene, and so their dad used her.

Ding. She snatched her phone and saw it was Rob, not Ricky.

I hope you have a splendid dinner. - Rob

I did. I made myself some taco rice and grilled chicken. Did you?

Yes, we had shepherd’s pie. Adam was happy to hear we are mates. Her heart leaped and sank at the thought of Adam getting dragged into everything.

He told me I was your mate at the library.

He is very intuitive. It took me over six months to get up the nerve to talk to you. Adam told me he knew the moment you spoke to him.

It is amazing how uninhibited children are.

Haha very true. Have you heard from your brother? She paused and thought about telling Rob Everything. Do it! Her lynx urged and Myra knew she was right. Her mother had told her when she met her mate that was it. Her animal wouldn’t leave her be. Her mother had been a mountain lion shifter. She never stopped her father from using Myra because of how in love she was with him. Her mother worried he would leave her because he was human.

Our mate is different. His bear would never let anything bad happen to us, her lynx argued. Myra knew Adam was sweet and children usually reflected their home life. Finally, she caved and typed a reply.

No, and I’m worried about who is after him.

Are you in danger? I know we’ve only just met but you’re my mate and I don’t want anything or anyone to harm you. Reading the text she smiled and felt a warmth infuse her bones. Ricky was the only person in her life who cared for her. Mountain lions were not known for wanting to care for their own after they shifted. Being the only lynx shifter and her brother without an animal they had bonded. She once asked her mother why she was a lynx if her mother was a mountain lion. Her mother replied that there was a lynx somewhere in their genes and she must have gotten it. She remembered before her first shift her father changed jobs regularly. Then she shifted and his research focused on her. To this day she hated sterile rooms and needles.

I am okay for now. I am scheduled to meet him for dinner tomorrow. If he doesn’t show then I’ll worry about my safety. She sent back a text and waited.

Are you sure? I want to see you. She smiled, she wanted to see him too.

Want to go for a run as our animals? He sent as a follow-up text and her lynx pushed against her skin. It would be dark enough he wouldn’t see her scars.

Okay. Meet you on the trail where the blackberry bushes grow. She sent back and grabbed her keys jumping into her car.

See you in ten minutes. She read his response and drove off to the only parking lot shifters were allowed to park in after dark. Myra took a calming breath, her lynx bounced in her skin excited to see her mate again so soon. A dark SUV pulled into the parking lot and Myra’s heart beat frantically, her hands went clammy. A flashback to her escape to college came to mind.

She had just started undergrad at her university. A black van stalked her when she walked back to her dorm after her work-study program. It got so bad she started having campus police escort her back to her dorm. Finally, at the end of her first year, one of Viper’s goons cornered her and told her she better return for the summer. Her dad needed to continue his research. She’d promptly called home and told them she would no longer be a part of her father’s research and wasn’t coming home. She wouldn’t be a part of their family anymore and he had to find a different test subject.

“Myra?” Rob’s voice floated through her window and she relaxed. The SUV was only Rob. Stepping out of her car she smiled up at her mate. His eyes glowed in the moonlight.

“You look beautiful,” he told her, making her blush.

“Amazing what a shower can do for a girl?” she joked, making him chuckle.

“You looked irresistible at the gym,” he replied, she felt her blush spread.

“Thank you. You look good too.” She worked up the nerve to tell him and was rewarded with a bright smile. He bent down and kissed her. Tingles spread through her body, fire erupting in her center. His tongue brushed her lips, she opened to let him in. Their tongues swirled moving together in a sensual dance. A moan gathered in the back of her throat she released it when Rob pushed her against her car. His large hands grabbed her hips squeezing, his large thigh sliding between her legs. Her hands wrapped around his neck, her fingers slipping into his hair. He’d left it down making him look like a pirate from one of her historical romance novels. His hair was silk in her hands, giving in to temptation she tugged. He rewarded her with a moan of his own. Too soon he pulled away. To her embarrassment, a whimper escaped her mouth. Rob gave her a satisfied smile.

“AS much as I want to make love to you tonight, you asked me for a ramble in the woods,” he told her. She nodded breathing through her nose to calm her racing heart.

“Okay, no peeking,” she replied and stepped behind her car to strip and shift. She picked up her clothes and tucked them into a hidden compartment in her tire well. Her lynx took over and once she was fully shifted she stepped around her car. He was a massive grizzly bear with honey-brown fur. Her lynx went crazy and urged her to go over and rub her scent all over him. Purring, she caught his attention making him turn to look at her. He had the same blue eyes as Rob in his human form. Not wanting him to get a full look at her hind legs and all the scars that never healed she raced into the woods. She could hear his bear lumbering after her. Waiting in the shadows she crouched letting him pass her. Once he was ahead and swimming his head around she playfully pounced landing to his left. His bear huffed in surprise and made a lunge at her. She sidestepped and bopped him on the nose. His head reared back and he raced toward her. She ran off and waited, silence met her ears. Where was he? Cautiously she peered out and saw nothing. Curiosity got the best of her and she stepped out of her hiding place. Suddenly his bear pawed her, she whirled around to see he’d snuck up behind her. She let out a purr and butted her head against his. His bear let her rub along his flank leaving her scent behind. Internally she knew they needed to head back to their cars, they’d been in the woods for a few hours. Leading the way back they walked side by side playfully bumping into each other. She slipped behind her car, shifted back, and dressed quickly.

“That was the most fun,” she announced and stopped seeing Rob standing in only a pair of shorts. He had a large tattoo of a dreamcatcher on his right shoulder. He turned and she sucked in a breath. He was ripped! Her mouth salivated and her lynx purred. Their mate was gorgeous.

“I like that look on your face.” Rob walked over to her, catching her lips in a short fiery kiss. She blinked up at him and decided the kiss was much too short. Pulling him down by wrapping her arms around his neck she caught his lips in a lust-filled kiss. He let her dominate the kiss, her tongue explored his mouth twining their tongues. Desire pooled between her legs and she knew her panties were soaked. Tonight she would be spending some quality time with her vibrator.

“Myra let me have you tonight. You know we are mates,” Rob begged, she almost lost her resolve, but Ricky popped into her head.

“I want to, but you have ADam and I need to make sure whatever my brother is up to doesn’t spill into my life here,” she answered, feeling her heart clench. His face fell making her feel worse.

“Promise you won’t take too long. I don’t know how long my bear or I can wait. I want you to know Adam and I are looking for a house. You are my mate and I won’t push for it, but I’d like you to come with us.” Myra’s heart stopped, he wanted her help with a home? All homes she moved to were rental properties. She never had any input on how her space looked. Even her apartment didn’t allow painting of the walls.

“I…” She couldn’t find the words.

“Don’t give me an answer yet. Let me know when you hear from your brother first. We can take this one step at a time,” Rob explained, she nodded.

“Meet me at the gym tomorrow at eight,” she told him, wanting to see him again.

“Done. Sleep well, my mate.” Rob kissed her gently and stepped into his car still shirtless. He opened his car window and tossed her his shirt.

“Now I know you’ll sleep well,” he announced and drove off. Myra brought the shirt to her nose and sniffed. Her lynx purred at the scent of their mate. She climbed into her car and drove home thinking about Rob.

He was house hunting for her, he wanted her and was willing to wait until she got her shit together. He even offered her protection from Viper without knowing the whole story. Fuck it, he was her mate and Adam already felt like her cub. Tomorrow she would say yes to a date even if Rickey hadn’t gotten back to her. It was her life and no one would take it from her.

Pulling into her apartment complex Myra noticed Ricky’s car in a visitor spot. Rushing up to her apartment a note flapped in the wind taped to her door.


I’m sorry you got involved. Viper and his men are not a part of the government like we previously thought. I’ve found documents that will send him to prison for life. I’m working with someone to bring it to light. I’ve left my car with you and am off the grid. Be in touch soon.

Love Ricky

Of course, Viper wasn’t part of the government, she could have told him that after her run-in with him in college. Myra couldn’t believe her brother. He was for certain going to get her attacked by Viper. His car would bring Viper to her door. He was a complete idiot and now she was going to have to involve Rob and his family. Viper was a nasty man who used the guise of the military to do evil. She’d had it done to her first hand by her own father to further research shifters.


Hope you made it home. Can’t wait to see you in the morning. She smiled at Rob’s message and changed into the shirt he gave her earlier.

Crawling into bed wearing your shirt. Can’t wait to see you in the morning. She plugged in her phone and curled up in her indulgently soft bed falling asleep instantly.

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