Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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Rob arrived fifteen minutes early to the gym. Adam was with him, he would take a child fitness class while Rob worked out with Myra.

“Do you think she’ll be happy to see me?” Adam asked from the back seat. When Rob told him he was seeing Myra today he insisted on coming with him.

“Of course she will,” he assured his son.

“There she is!” Adam shouted, pointing to Myra with her ebony hair up in a ponytail. She was wearing pattern workout capris and a white cotton shirt. Last night, with his ability to see well in the dark, he saw lots of scars on her hips and back. He wondered what could have caused such damage to his mate. When she felt more comfortable around him, he would ask.

“Come on, Dad.” Adam scrambled out of the car and took off. Rob jumped out after him and caught up just as Adam yelled.

“Miss Myra!” She turned, her eyes catching his. A wide smile graced her face when she saw Adam. Adam didn’t hesitate and ran over to give her a tight hug.

“What a lovely surprise,” she said and Rob could see how much she cared for his son in her eyes.

“Dad signed me up for kids’ fitness. Now I can come with you both to work out too,” Adam announced, making Myra laugh.

“That is wonderful news. Are you going to try swim class again?” she asked, walking into the gym, Adam plastered to her side.


“Yes,” Rob replied as Adam said no.

“I promise to find a class time where I can stay,” Rob promised Adam when he glared at him.

“There are sure to be early morning times before work,” Myra shared and Adam relaxed.

“Or you can come too, Miss Myra?” Adam asked, and Rob caught her eye.

“Maybe after your dad and I spend more time together,” she answered. Rob saw the look on Adam’s face and knew a fight was brewing.

“But you are mates,” Adam objected.

“That may be so, but we need to get to know each other. Our animals recognize each other, now our human sides need to bond. Mating is the simple part, making your lives work together is what takes work. Your Aunt Ellie and Uncle Marcus were together for several months before they wed. The same needs to happen for your dad and me,” Myra explained in a soft, calm voice. To Rob’s astonishment, Adam calmed down and nodded his understanding.

“Okay, time for your class. I’ll see you in about an hour.” Rob steered Adam toward the children’s center, getting him settled.

“I’m proud of you for listening to Myra,” he told Adam. Adam beamed and gave him a quick hug before dashing off to join the teachers. Rob walked back over to a waiting Myra. He bent and placed a gentle kiss to her waiting lips.

“I like that you’re tall. I don’t have to bend in two to kiss you,” he told her, and she chuckled.

“Was he okay?” she asked, looking at the children’s class.

“Yes, thank you for explaining everything to him. He is only ten and big for his age. All his life people expected him to be more mature than he is,” Rob explained, hopping onto a treadmill.

“He is such a sweet kid, I couldn’t help but be gentle,” she replied, setting her speed and taking off. For the next forty minutes, the two ran competing to see who could run faster. Myra won by a landslide. She was a cat and therefore had greater speed.

“Cheat,” he joked, stepping off the treadmill laughing.

“I can’t help you being a bear,” she joked back, swatting him with a towel.

“Will you go to dinner with me tonight?” he asked, praying she would say yes this time.

“Yes, I heard from my brother and want to talk to you about everything. I’m afraid you won’t want me when I tell you,” she answered, and he paused, hearing the worry in her voice.

“You are my mate. I’d never leave you. If you’re in danger, I’m going to protect you. I’d be a lousy person if I didn’t,” he replied and saw the look of surprise on her face.

“Thank you. Ricky has been the only family to care about me,” she explained, and he growled.

“That is about to change. Adam and I like you a lot and are dead set on proving we will be an amazing family.” In his heart, he hurt for her. What were her parents like if she didn’t think she was worth protecting?

“Tonight at dinner you can tell me everything,” he assured her, bending down to place a kiss on her frowning lips.

“Thank you, Rob.”

“I’m done!” Adam announced, coming out of his class soaked in sweat.

“Did you have fun?” Myra asked, Adam, nodded emphatically.

“It was fun. They showed us lots of different exercises. I like the kickboxing part,” Adam gushed, excitement shining in his eyes. Rob smiled, it was nice to see Adam showing interest in the world again. He missed his active boy.

“Good to hear but you need a shower,” Rob told him, taking a sniff. Adam smelled like a teenage boy, and Rob could see Myra trying not to breathe too deeply.

“But I want to stay with Miss Myra,” Adam whined.

“I have to go home and shower too,” Myra told him, Adam frowned.

“Are you going to come over for dinner?” Adam asked.

“I’m taking Miss Myra out to dinner. Remember her saying she and I needed time to get to know each other?” Rob reminded him and Adam’s eyes sunk.

“I promise we can do something together next time.” Myra patted Adam on the arm.

“Can we go to a theme park?” he asked, Rob caught Myra’s eyes asking him for the answer.

“What about next time we go to a theme park?” he offered, and she nodded.

“I’ll let you know my next Saturday off. Tomorrow I am having lunch with Georgia Howard and her sister Caroline,” Myra answered and Adam hugged her tightly.

“Perfect, okay kiddo we’ve got to get home and start on your summer reading project,” Rob announced, he watched Myra’s eyes perk at the mention of books.

“Want help?” she offered, and Rob paused, he thought she’d want space.

“If we get stuck, I’ll call,” he promised and bent down to kiss her. Adam made a blech noise, making the two of them laugh.

“See you tonight,” Myra purred and walked off to her car.

“Why can’t she help?” Adam wanted to know, and Rob couldn’t find a ready answer.

“Well for starters, she needed her own shower. I also want to give her space. Just because we are mates doesn’t mean we have to spend all our time together,” he explained, driving them back home.

“But Uncle Marcus spent all his time with Aunt Ellie,” Adam pointed out, and Rob sighed.

“Aunt Ellie was in danger and Uncle Marcus was protecting her in the beginning.” Rob pulled into the driveway and noticed Peter’s car.

“Adam it looks like Uncle Marcus is doing business. Go up and shower. I’ll meet you in your room after my own,” Rob instructed. He didn’t want Adam around sensitive conversations. He was only ten and didn’t know how to keep secrets.

“Okay Dad,” Adam agreed and hopped out of the car. On their way inside, he heard Peter’s voice along with an unknown male.

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