Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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“My sister lives around here and the man after me won’t hesitate to use her. I’ve heard you’re the best and Peter has been a friend for years. Can you protect her?” The male voice asked. Something about the conversation caught Rob’s attention. He walked over to the office and saw a man with dark hair sitting in a chair.

“Does she know you are asking for her protection?” Marcus asked.

“No, she thinks I’ve left town.”

“Where does she work?”

“The library.” Rob’s heart stopped. He’d bet money this man was Myra’s brother. Opening the door all the way,

“Are you Ricky Juleston?” Rob asked, stepping into the office.

“Do I know you?” Ricky asked, turning in his seat.

“Your sister is my mate,” Rob answered and saw Ricky’s gaze darken.

“I’m sorry,” he said and Rob gave him a confused look.


“Well, I’m about to ruin her world with the information I found,” Ricky replied, Rob could smell the guilt dripping off him in waves.

“I think you need to explain and Myra should be here,” he suggested pulling out his phone.

“I didn’t want to tell her. She had a rough childhood. This will crush her,” Ricky replied.

“All the more reason to have her here with her mate,” Marcus interjected.

“Can you give me a few days to get everything sorted? I want to promise her vengeance,” Ricky countered. It surprised Rob at the tone of conviction in his voice.

“Do you have a copy of the information in case something happens?” Rob asked he didn’t want Ricky killed and whatever information he had lost.

“If I die, a copy of the information is to be sent to Myra, so she knows the truth,” Ricky explained.

“We will give you a few days until next Friday to be exact. I will have Peter trail her, he is my best at being stealthy. She won’t know she is being protected. Rob I am sure will be with her too,” Marcus stated, Tob could tell he wanted control of the conversation again.

“I see Myra tonight and she wanted to talk about Ricky. I’ll suggest using Peter and making sure she is not alone,” Rob announced. Everyone nodded their agreement.

“Good, where is she right now?” Marcus asked.

“At her apartment. She has off today and tomorrow. She works on Sunday,” Rob answered, itching to check on her.

“I’ll go now,” Peter said, slipping out of the room silently. Rob watched, still worried about Myra’s safety. Pulling out his phone, he called her.

“Hi Rob,” her sweet voice answered on the other end.

“Hi, Myra. I forgot to tell you I’ll pick you up at seven for our date.” He couldn’t think of another reason to call her so soon.

“Sure, I’ll text you my address. Is everything okay?” she asked, and Rob froze. No, everything was not okay, but he couldn’t tell her about her brother yet.

“Of course. I’ll text you if Adam and I need help with his school book project,” he replied.

“Okay, have a pleasant afternoon. I’ll see you tonight.”

“Bye.” He hung up and looked at her brother.

“Whatever you know about Myra, she deserves to know. I saw all the scars when we went for a run last night. I didn’t ask because this is her story to tell. She is my mate and I will protect her with my life. I just hope whatever you’re dealing with stays away from her and my son,” Rob told Ricky, then stormed out of the office. He went to find Adam. Adam was sitting at his desk with his homework paper out.

“Hey bud, what is your homework about?” he asked sitting on his bed.

“I need to read a book and create a book jacket with all the information. There is a list for everything I need to do,” Adam explained, handing him the paper. Rob skimmed it and saw there was an approved list of books.

“Did you pick one?” he asked, and Adam shook his head.

“I don’t know any of these.” Adam dropped his head to his desk with a thump.

“Let’s look them up. We can use my computer.” Rob stood, and they went to his room.

“When are we moving?” Adam asked Rob sensed his impatience.

“Soon, I want Myra to move in with us. For that to happen, I need to spend time with her,” he explained.

“You’re seeing her tonight,” Adam pointed out, and Rob nodded.

“First book,” he asked, pulling up a search engine on his computer.

“Charlotte’s Web,” Adam replied, and Rob paused. That was an old one.

“Here,” he said, pulling up the book synopsis. Halfway through, Adam guffawed and said,


“I thought so. Let’s keep going,” Rob replied.

“James and the Giant Peach,” Adam replied, Rob gave him a confused look.

“Anything new on this list?”

“Um, there is more.” Adam handed him the list. He scanned it reading,





“Hmm, there is a spot for your choice, but it has to be approved by following these guidelines.” Rob pointed to the information and Adam smiled.

“Can we ask Miss Myra? She would know,” Adam begged, making Rob sigh.

“Yes.” Adam cheered and sat patiently for Rob to call. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed her number. Her phone went to voicemail, but he left a message.

“Hi Myra, it’s Rob. Adam and I need a recommendation for a book for him to read over the summer. Can you call me and I’ll share the guidelines with you? Thanks, bye.” He hung up and saw Adam’s frown.

“Let’s ask Aunt Ellie since she is the reading teacher at your school,” Rob suggested and Adam frowned further.

“First let me shower and maybe Myra will call me back,” he added, seeing Adam’s disappointment.

“I’ll hold your phone,” Adam offered, making Rob chuckle. He was glad to see Adam readily accepting Myra. Rob handed him the phone and went to shower off the dried sweat from the gym. While in the shower, he thought about Myra.

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