Cherished by a Bear (Mate Me book 5)

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Myra couldn’t believe her brother Ricky. He left his car parked in a visitor spot and Viper left another note on her door.

If you don’t tell us where Ricky is, we’ll start experimenting on you again. - Viper

She crumpled up the note and threw it against the wall. She was a grown-ass woman. No way would she let Viper near her again. Her phone rang, and she saw it was Rob. Smiling, she answered.

“Hi, Rob.”

“Hi Myra, I forgot to tell you I’ll pick you up at seven for our date.”

“Sure. I’ll text you my address. Is everything okay?” She couldn’t explain how she knew, but Rob was worried about her.

“Of course. I’ll text you if Adam and I need help on his school book project,” he told her. She smiled and turned on her shower.

“Okay, have a pleasant afternoon. I’ll see you tonight.”

“Bye.” She hung up, stepping into the shower she thought about Rob. She desperately wanted to be with him all the time. His long hair intrigued her. She could tell it wasn’t curly like her own, something she envied. The second Virginia became humid, her hair frizzed. Tonight she would straighten her hair and leave it down/ Thinking about what to wear, she paused in washing herself. She’d need a knee-length dress to hide her many scars. Many of her tattoos hid them, but there were a few too deep to ever go away/ She only wore shorts in her home and to bed. Every time she went out, she would put on capris. Stepping out of the shower, she wrapped her hair up in a twisty towel. Then she set about putting lotion on her body. She had a special cream that was supposed to reduce the appearance of scars. Turning to look at herself, she sighed. Tomorrow before her lunch she was scheduled to see Spike about finishing her Mad Hatter tattoo on her left hip and thigh. Taking a minute, she smiled. Each tattoo was a character from a book she loved. Her very first tattoo had been the snowy owl. Her ribs held quotes from Little Women and Pride and Prejudice. She heard her phone ring but ignored it while she straightened her hair. It took her the better part of an hour to finish. When she finished, she smiled at the results.

Walking out of the bathroom, she picked up her phone. To her surprise, she had a missed call from Rob. Listening to her voicemail. She laughed. Shooting him a text to send her the requirements, she waited. Within a minute, she had a picture of the list and requirements.

Do you know what reading level Adam is?

This is Adam, I can read anything. She laughed and sent several suggestions. She knew they had all the books at the library. She also liked to collect books that piqued her interest. One wall of her apartment was all books.

Do you know where we can find a copy of the Chronicles of Prydain? This is Rob, by the way.

I know the library has a copy. I have one too.

Can we borrow yours? -Adam. Smiling, Myra enjoyed talking to them both.

Come on by. She added her address and waited.

Be over in twenty. Can’t wait to see you. -Rob

Looking around her apartment, she nested up and changed into more covering clothes. She knew with Rob being her mate they would become intimate. Tonight she would tell Rob about Viper and her parents. Hopefully, she wouldn’t have to tell about her scars just yet. She’d always made love in the dark so her boyfriends couldn’t see her scars.

Twenty minutes flew by and she was sitting on her couch reading when she heard the knock on her door. Putting a bookmark to mark her place, she stood to open the door. Adam hugged her tightly around the waist as soon as the door was opened wide enough. Rob bent and placed a kiss on her lips.

“Hello, welcome to my humble abode,” she said, returning Adam’s hug and smiling at Rob.

“This is like our apartment in Texas,” Adam commented, letting go of her and walking around.

“I’ve been here for six years,” she answered, taking Rob’s hand. She needed his touch and sensed he needed her touch too.

“How many rooms?” Rob asked, wrapping his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his side.

“Two, I needed a book room,” she explained, leading him to the room.

“Wow,” Adam whispered when she opened her book-room door.

“I know. I own a lot of books. Comes with the job of being a librarian. The one you need is here.” She plucked the book from where she’d kept it on a shelf. This was her sanctuary, where she had her favorite chair to snuggle in with a blanket, cup of tea, and her favorite book.

“This looks like a library,” Adam gushed, running a hand along the spines of her books.

“That was my goal. I’ve always loved books. This is where I unwind at the end of my day,” she explained, watching Adam pause at one shelf.

“You have the Harry Potter books,” Adam pointed out.

“Yes, they are a favorite of mine. Here’s the book you need,” she told him, handing him the book.

“This is amazing,” Rob commented, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Thank you,” she whispered, looking up and seeing the admiration in his eyes.

“Do you spend every evening here?” he asked. They watched Adam curl in her chair and read.

“Most nights I curl up in that chair and read. I go out with Georgia and Caroline once a week. I enjoy having a calming cup of tea and read to settle me.” She moved so Rob could fully enter the room.

“Adam, we should head home so you can start reading,” Rob started and Myra laughed.

“He is already reading,” she pointed out and Adam waved his hand, wanting quiet to read.

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