My Arctic Mate

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Chapter 6: The Arrival of Uninvited Guests


He’s accepting us as his mate, my wolf was prancing around in excitement inside of me. Don’t get too excited too quickly, we don’t know who he is yet. I cautioned her. “Who are you to make that promise?” I questioned, staring at him with wide eyes.

“My name is Luca.” He said rising, offering me his hand to stand. Hesitating for a moment, I took his hand, the contact of my hand with his igniting sparks that traveled up my fingers and through my arm.

Pulling me to my feet he released my hand, staring at his own in contemplation. I clenched my fingers tight then released the pressure a few times as the sparks ebbed away.

Watching me, he questioned “You felt it too?”

My cheeks reddened and I nodded in recognition.

He chucked, at sound of his laugh, I stared at him in awe. “And here I thought all those stories about a mates touch were exaggeration.” His smile took my breath away.

“I guess not,” he concluded, taking a hold of my hand again. He laced his fingers through mine, pulling me closer. I stumbled forward, my empty hand resting on his chest for support.

Staring into his eyes once more, I found it difficult to breathe. I was going to have to learn how to inhale around him or our encounters would not end well, I chided myself.

Placing his free hand on my chin, he angled my face upwards. “I wonder how this will feel?” He breathed, inching closer to my lips. His cool breath ignited a flame in my core that had me clenching in anticipation.

I closed my eyes, leaning my body into his. Ever so slowly I felt his lips touch mine, and I could see lights flash behind my closed eyes. Our first kiss started slow, my lips melding onto his. I heard a growl deep between us, surprised when I realized it came from my chest. Feeling his smirk, he tilted my face deepening the kiss. I linked my arms around his neck, wanting to pull him closer, needing to feel more of his skin against mine.

Releasing a growl, I felt him draw back. I let out a whimper from the loss of connection. His eyes, blazing had become a deeper blue, closer to the shade of his wolf.

Reaching down, I felt his hands trail down my sides and circle around my back. Lifting me he walked forward until I could feel the cold stone of the rock face against my back. Strong hands lifted me until his lips found mine again, curling my legs around him I drew his hips closer. Pressing his body firmly against mine, I moaned into his mouth. Tightening my grip on his neck, I ground my hips forward, surprised by my own forward actions. A deep chuckle resonated from his chest. His lips broke from mine, trailing their way down my neck, nipping at the tender flesh he found there. I cried out from the sudden sensation, a shudder running through my body. “Luca –“ I breathed. His movements stilled, fearing I had done something to upset him, I moved my hands around to his shoulders. “Say it again,” he breathed cool breath against the searing skin of my shoulder. I shuddered. “Luca.” I said again with as much strength I could muster. He growled into my skin, “Mine.” He breathed heavily. Grinding his hips forward, I cried out. Intertwining my hands in his hair, I held on for dear life.

Shouting in the distance drew our attention. We both stilled trying to hear the voices clearer. It was not shouts of excitement, but of fear. His eyes glazed over, I could tell he was mind linking with someone. He cursed under his breath, setting me on the ground. “Stay close.” He commanded, grabbing my hand, racing toward the footpath that led us here.


Goddamn commotion. “This better be good.” I said aggravated through mind link with Jarrod. He did not know what was happening either, as the front wooden gates had been closed in the commotion.

Don’t worry, I’ll find a way out to you, why are you outside anyway?” He questioned. “Did you find who you were looking for?” I shut off the mind link, my blood was already boiling without all of his prying questions.

Approaching the end of the footpath, we could hear several voices speaking in aggressive tones just ahead. I glanced back at her, her cheeks were flushed with the excitement, giving her skin a lovely pink hue.

We need to make sure she’s safe, my wolf growled. Agreed, I replied.

Crouching we neared the voices, overhearing the tail end of a conversation. “Like I said, I don’t have you on the list of those invited, so you and your men are going to have to leave.”

“I am not leaving until I speak to Alpha Atlas directly.” A cold voice responded, the hint of an accent in his tone.

I recognized that voice, my wolf growling deep inside my chest, he knew it too.

Turning to Red, I took her face in my hands. “Listen my Beta, Jarrod, will be here soon to guard you, I need to go find Orion and Atlas.”

She shook her head forcefully. “No,” she whispered. “I need to go find my siblings to make sure they are ok.”

I growled lowly, her eyes set in a stubborn look as she clenched her features.

“I am not some defenseless female that needs an Alpha to take care of her.” She seethed. If this had been any other situation I would have reveled in the way she taunted my wolfs dominance, but this was not the time for games.

Jarrod probed at my mind link, “Where are you and why did you shut me out?” his voice rang in my head, annoyed.

We’re to the left of the main gate, I need a favor.”

We?” he questioned. I growled in response. “I’m rushing, be there in 30 seconds” he concluded.

Groaning, I conceded, “Fine, I will have Jarrod take you inside the arena, but you must wait for me to come find you.” Thinking for a moment, she nodded in acceptance. Jarrod arrived, a noticeable smirk on his face when he saw Red was who I was with. Upon seeing her hand in mine and my protective stance over her, he stared at me wide eyed “Wait Alpha, is she your –

We don’t have time for this Jarrod, get her inside and guard over her until I return.”

I will protect her with my life.” He promised, nudging her away from our hiding place. Before leaving, she lunged into my arms, her lips finding mine.

“Do not get hurt, promise me.” She breathed.

“I swear” I promised, meeting her eyes.

She nodded, accepting me at my word. They both silently made their way through the underbrush as I could feel a tug on my chest tighten, the further she went away from me.

Shaking my head, I needed to focus on this uninvited guest. Nicholai, I growled. What are you doing here?

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