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Roman Salvatore

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You're a young Innocent woman heading to Miami with your best friend. Everything is going great until you meet Roman. He is trouble with a capital T. Will this Mafia boss change your life forever or will you change his?

Romance / Erotica
Elena Knight
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Chapter 1

Life isn't always easy when growing up in a strict Christian family household. There are always rules. No dating until your eighteen. You cannot drink alcohol or the most sacred of them all, a man or woman should not see you in the flesh of lust before marriage. For me I was considered to be to perfect. That all changed the moment I laid eyes on Roman Salvatore.

"Hazel hurry up," she exclaimed as she yelled over her shoulder. The airport was crowded as we made our way to the gates just in time. "Last call for Miami," the voice boomed over the intercoms. Indy tossed her ticket at the attend in a frantic. "Just in time ladies." She took my ticket and gave us a coy smile. "Enjoy your flight."

"Here we are seats two and three." We squeezed past the gentlemen and sat down. I quickly buckled my seatbelt. My hands were shaking as I nervously missed the first few times before finally hearing the click. "Easy Haz. Just relax." Indy gave me a smile of encouragement. I forced a smile back. "Right. Relax,"I tried to reassure myself.

I nervously bit my lip as I closed the blinds. I could not help but scuff at her. How could I relax? I was a young twenty-one year old who had never been on a plane before, let alone someone's who never left the state of Colorado.

"You will love Miami. Spring time is so beautiful and," "and it's full of raging men just for you Indy," I sarcastically said with a devious smile. I knew Indy all to well. If she had it her way we would spend most of the time club hopping to see how many men she could hook up with.

"Oh come on. At least put on a smile. I promise it will be the best two weeks of your life." "You mean your life. I'm going to enjoy the beaches and the food." She rolled her eyes with annoyance. "What is with you and food?"

"What? I just want to step out of my comfort zone. I want to be adventurous." She let out a snort "Yea, you'll definitely be stepping out of the comfort zone. Remember we are on this trip because you lost the bet."

Oh yes. The bet. How could I forget about that. You see two months ago, I had just turned twenty-one. The bet was to get twenty-0ne men to by me a drink. The second step was to drink all those without getting sick. I only made it to one. The down side was I was stupid enough to tell Indy if I lost she could help me lose my...well v card. My parents would have flipped out if they knew the real reason I was going to Miami.

"Please dont remind me," I coyly scuffed. "Hazel Quinn. You are not backing out of this and that's final," she practically yelled, "I will leave no bar or club untouched until we find a man that wants to f.." the last bit of her words became muffled as I frantically threw my hand over her mouth.

The old creepy guy shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he cleared his throat. He lustfully eyed Indy as he had a smug look on his face. A muffled laugh formed as Indy licked my hand. Gross. In a seductive way she placed her hand on his shoulders and licked her lips with lust. "Sorry. You're not her type, but maybe.."

His smile vanished as she ran her hand down the front of his shirt. A lump formed in his throat as he swallowed his pride. I could not blame him. Indy Rouen was a goddess. She had plum lushish lips. Her hair beautiful and blonde, mixed with some light brown. Her eyes big and blue just like the ocean.

I let out a huff knowing I had to stop this before she got us kicked off the plane. "Okay, down girl. Sorry sir. She does not get out much." I pinched her arm to calm her down. There were sometimes I felt like I needed a shock collar or a Chasity belt just so I could keep her under control. She was like a dog who was constantly in heat.

"Oh come on Haz. I was just having some fun," she laughed as she rolled her eyes. "And that is why you don't have a boyfriend," I explained with humor. "No," she scuffed, "I'm just don't think romance is worth it. It's not my thing." She flipped her hair before she continued. "Beside, why would I want to be with one man rest of my life? Boring."

I shook my head with grief as the flight attendant began the speech ef as the flight attendant began the speech. I felt sick to my stomach. I quickly popped a tum as the plane finally took off. 'Okay Hazel. Deep breath. You can do this.'

I looked over to see Indy once again flirting with man. I rolled my eyes. She was never going to change. I pulled out the book that she let me borrow. The book started out okay but then things got real. I quickly slammed the book shut.

'Why do people read this? Is it really a turn on to have a man.. tie you up?' I let out a soft giggle. 'There is no way I would let a man treat me like a sex object' I shuddered at the thought of a dark and Mysterious man even being attractive to me. I was an average girl with thick thighs and long dark brown hair. Most men wanted women with experience anyway.

Knowing we still had a long flight I pulled out my phone and plugged in my head phones. Soft Christian music filled my ears. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. One could only pray that this trip would be life changing for the both of us.

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