My Pretend Boyfriend

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Allie is at a party when she suddenly sees her ex. She grabs the nearest person and pretends to be dating him, but he just happens to be very attractive.

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Chapter 1

"No please, I really don't want to go. I would rather study," I begged Becka,

"Nope, you are going. Do you want me to go on my own? You wouldn't do that on you bestie, would you?" she smirked.
I wish I could wipe that smirk off her face. I can never win against her.
"Fine, I will go but only under one condition. You won't disappear," I say pointing my index finger at her,
"I won't, I promise," she says, but I already know that she would. She never keeps promises.
"And if I say I want to go, you won't hold me back," I have to make sure she won't. The last time I went to this frat party with her, she disappeared and I found her totally drunk, making out with a guy. I begged her to get out for 10 minutes but she wouldn't budge. I was so annoyed, I pulled her out of the party forcefully, because there was nothing else I could do.
We are on our way to the party and she is driving. I don't like it when she is the driver but it's a good opportunity for her to practice driving before summer ends and our senior year starts. She got her license two years ago when we were sophomores but she was too lazy to practice or drive. I drove us to school every day for two years, but I told her that she would have to take the bus if she doesn't practice, so she started practicing this summer. Next year, we agreed on driving like this. One day I will drive and the next she would. So that basically means, Mondays I drive, Tuesdays she does, Wednesdays I drive, Thursdays she does, and Fridays I drive. So now she is driving.
"You didn't signal!" I practically yell at her. She forgets stuff like signaling before turning left.
"Oops..." she presses her lips together to control herself from laughing. I don't even know what is so funny about this.
We arrive at the party at 10 past 10. The house is giant and filled with a bunch of drunk teenagers, dancing and making out. I stand in front of the house, looking up and down at it. When I look down I notice Becka giving me a 'are you seriously just going to stand there and look at the house' look, so I shrug and follow her in. Maybe I shouldn't have come. Maybe this was a bad ide- before I could even finish my thought, Becka was out of my sight.
"Beck!" I yell in the crowd but no reply. Gosh really Beck, I thought as I make my way to the kitchen to get something to drink. I open the fridge to find beers and sodas and water, but of course, I am going to pick water since someone needs to be sober enough to drive. I grab a bottle of water and make my way out of the kitchen. I push through the crowd making my way upstairs to the balcony. Not long before I see someone that makes memories floor back to my mind. Bad and hurt memories. Him. The one and only.
Arthur Cornelius.
In other words my ex...
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