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A local boy that goes by the name Lid hasn’t been able to adjust to his normal life after losing his lover. He suffers with depression and hasn’t been to school in over a month. All he can remember are good memories about his ex-girlfriend. Can he move on from his past relationship and start a new one or will he never find love ever again?

Romance / Drama
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Lid’s Life

Its been almost a month after Lid has broken up with his girlfriend. Lid hasn’t been to school since then and his life has been in shambles ever since. His mother has tried her hardest to get Lid to go to school but he won’t budge. He spends most of his day in his room looking at his memory book and crying. If he ever leaves his room it’s to go to the bathroom or get food. His father has been in jail for nearly 8 years now for robbery charges and Lid gets to visit him every year the week before Christmas. Lid hasn’t had such a great life as a child. He was often picked on by other kids for always chewing on the lid of water bottles. From then on he was known as Lid, but his real name was Roy. He may of had the worst childhood a kid could of asked for but his middle school years were what changed him. What happened to his relationship and did he ever recover?

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