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Lid Meets His Love of His Life

At the beginning of Lid’s 7th grade year of school, a new girl moved into town and was in his class. Her name was Gabby and she had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was short for her age. She preferred being called G since she hated her real name. One day, the biggest bully of the class began to pick on Lid and slapped him hard in the head. Gabby saw this and went to approach the bully. When he saw Gabby, he began to flirt with her but she had a different way of dealing with the situation. The second the bully lifted his arm, Gabby pulled him forward and made him flip over her and onto a desk. She choked him and said to him in an angry tone that if he were to ever bully Lid then he’d never make it out the school in time.

After school Lid thanked Gabby for helping him deal with his bully and she just smiled back, handed him a small piece of paper, then ran for the school bus. Upon getting home, Lid read the piece of paper and it had a phone number. He dialed the phone number and Gabby picked up with a sad tone. Lid asked what’s wrong and she said that her father had just gotten arrested for robbing a local grocery store. Lid asked for her address and raced to her house on his bike. On his way there, he bought a few flowers to give to Gabby. Upon arriving, Gabby ran out in tears and immediately hugged Lid. He slowly walked her to her room and she began to discuss about what happened to her father. When she got done explaining, Lid gave her the flowers he bought her and explained to her how his father was arrest for robbery when Lid was a little kid. He explained how hard it was to adjust to his life without his father and it took a few months for him to be used to his father not being around. When he got done explaining, Gabby hugged Lid and thanked him for what he has done for her and she gave him a kiss. Lid then had the courage to ask her out on a date and to his surprise, she said yes. Gabby gave him one more hug and a kiss before sending him home. Once he got home, he fell asleep in a happy mood and was ready for tomorrow to go on a date with his new girlfriend.

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