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First Date with Gabby

Upon waking up, Lid ran to his bathroom and took a long, refreshing shower. Once he got out, he picked his best outfit he had and biked to Gabby’s house. She came out wearing her usual outfit consisting of jeans, white Air Force 1’s, and a light blue jacket. Lid told her to hop on the back of his bike and choose where to go. She wanted to go to Starbucks and then spend time at the park. After getting their drinks and chatting about school at Starbucks, they both went to the park and played around like two children in the playground. They got tired and sat on a bench together and began to look at the sunset. Gabby leaned her head on Lid’s shoulder and gave him a light kiss then held his hand. Lid told her he has never felt loved by someone as much as Gabby. She later explained how she had a crush on him the day she saw him in class. They both exchanged a kiss and rode back to Gabby’s house. They both walked to her front steps, exchanged kisses, and said their goodbyes. Upon getting home, Lid fell asleep and dreamed of marrying Gabby. He has just had the most wonderful time of his life and had the time of his life from there on out.

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